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  1. Lola Erotica

    Morty is gonna crash omg

  2. bezalel ganam

    1 day left!!! To sesone 5!!!😱😱😱😱

  3. Bingo Bango


  4. Arditeider 28

    Why the auto-generated caption is in Spanish lmao

  5. Fernando Martinez

    Rick and Morty is kinda fucking weird and not really entertaining

  6. Spooked VR

    Bro they were blades in that one that’s fucking tight 😳😳📸📸

  7. Juan Lopez

    Damn, guess the new season of Steins;Gate got a new animation studio

  8. TyTy Vang21

    I remember seeing the animatic for this

  9. Paulous

    I saw that the other day


    😎😎😎 Pinche Rick y Morty

  11. Spych0

    Shout out to the editor for keeping the modern flair on the irl segment

  12. Meshell

    It will be cool if theres a new plant in rick and morty city

  13. Chris Jordan

    Lol morty is so random i love this show so much xD

  14. rukmangadan dhevadoss

    The ritzy step-daughter fourthly saw because owner compatibly paste beside a subdued slime. alike, somber step-brother

  15. PauseStompers

    "A true athlete folks"

  16. Your Brudda

    Wait rick from fortnite is dead :(

  17. JOE Vandeleur

    That looks unique.

  18. thomas mabbott

    Morty is always obsessed with Jessica? Her hot slutty best friend seems to be the more viable option......I really don't know why Morty just doesn't go for her?

  19. Jacob Jara

    I thought it was going to be pirates

  20. Ninja Timida

    Omg amazing!

  21. Richard L Rousey

    That music tho

  22. layladystay

    @2:31 stavy baby!

  23. John Casor

    jack hole... Haha... just rebuild it... Haha...

  24. work E

    Sublo and Tangy mustard is what we want!! Tell Arron to get his ass out here.

  25. Ayanle Yusuf

    Am I the only one who thought he’d call his parents and tell them he loves them

  26. The Devil

    Nimbus like the cloud from dragon balls?

  27. Puppy Puppington

    Blade IS fucking tight.

  28. marilyn


  29. Provenuser 101

    0:07 doc and Marty in the background makes me happy

  30. Galaxy Person

    Is that a Tokyo Ghoul reference 0:01

  31. Pablito Clavito

    Lamest guest ever

  32. antonio gendebien

    God bless you, Joe. God bless you.

  33. Sir Heccwad

    Ah yes, Rick’s nemesis! Knockoff Namor!

  34. Gavin53zane

    What were the voices

  35. depressed cockroach

    god that music is SO FUCKING GOOD please spend your time as much as possible Uzumaki crew this looks incredible

  36. Archfiend AMVs

    Understandable, Have a Great Day!

  37. depressed cockroach

    this man is so kind <3

  38. Azura Topic

    Woah fortnite got a show?

  39. Nonya Bidness

    The art style is amazing! Like the panels of the book just started moving on their own! This will surely be worth the wait!

  40. Caveman Spongbob #swaggymanager

    I remember when we had to wait forever for season 4 and thought we might never got it.

  41. applejuice76

    I just love how they kept it in black and white. It feels like the manga has come to life

  42. DhExploiterWatchlist


  43. Dani Palmi

    If I don’t see Rick and Morty as blades in this season I might die

  44. nick

    lets hope it doesnt suck like season 4

  45. Connor Luetkenhaus

    At least shredder is human and not a god dam turtle

  46. Cloudburst Sapphire

    2 things: 1.) Take your time~! Rushed products always end up being bad, so delaying is what we genuinely want ; v ; and 2.) I’m scared what was the zooming in on the zipper supposed to mean LOL-

  47. HARRY 2BT

    Morty really landed in the water to get a girl what a legend

  48. scoremat

    I wonder if this guy still has those diapers

  49. Unveiling End3

    Stolen from fortnite

  50. Rich Mitchell

    Not gonna lie; I hoped this was some kind of joke about Cato the younger from Roman history. "Little Cato" lol. So, what's this show? Anything good?

  51. Bill M

    Sooo this episode is a knock off of the anime kamisama kiss

  52. Skeboop Bawp


  53. Ramiro Silva

    This is supposed to be a Captain America reference, right?

  54. s p a w n .

    it’s the guy from Fortnite

  55. Chesapeake & Seaboard Productions

    The Real Cost can go fuck off. They care about 5 deaths caused by human error instead of the thousands more that die over cigarette use.

  56. Andrea Perry

    Rolly looks fairly accurate to the model in the show & that scares me.

  57. Vexan

    Oh my god guys it’s the guy from fortnite he got his own show

    1. Javier Venegas


    2. Vexan

      Now we wait

  58. Nacho Pighin

    It's the final countdown! XD

  59. yashira1449

    XD this reminds me of a scene in kamisama kiss

  60. TheArchangel

    When is it coming out on Netflix!!???

  61. Daniel

    I don't want Jessica, I want the girl from the acid vat



  63. Mishkin

    The patience is on the side of your greatness.. We are just happy to witness it. ⏰🌳🌄


    Morty sounds a bit older and looks like it as well 🤔

  65. fml1233

    Ahh so happy and psyched for season 2, love this show xx

  66. Andy T

    Yo is that the guy from fortnite

  67. flamingstal

    1:41 lasagna cat laugh

  68. asoingbob

    Where is the funny

  69. Jamil Peralta

    This best describes Gordon Ramsay

  70. Surhaj Blake

    Can we get one of these for berserk please?

  71. Drip Thug


  72. Hodon Yassin

    Tuca is my spirit animal!! 😁😄

  73. dein Anführer


  74. H20 __

    Dang it man gotta wait a whole year dude aaaaaaa 🥱

  75. Santino Aldaba


  76. Mistakes Were Made

    How is rick dying but then ends up better than before

  77. 4th_Infinite

    That guy is real! Its a Marine spirits are what you call water spirits/Mermaids, that are in the pacific and Indian Ocean in the spiritual realm. if you are discerned you know what happens in the spirit carries on into the physical.God mirrored the physical plane after the spiritual in the beginning there was darkness and God's spirit hovered over the face of the deep, water is a spiritual element this element was used to create everything and so these spirits are under the sea which are led by the defeat of lucifer and his angel before the creation of man. They produce food, makeup, as well as clothing articles, and hair that they have made from people on the earth. There are also human demons made through and by brothels whore house's and by sleeping with them(mermaid and incubus and Succubus) and masturbation your ejaculated sperm is used to make Nephilim as well as half animal-human creature as well as in labs.