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  1. J D

    a n i e b o b a n i e

  2. Abstract0ne Videos

    It drops on my birthday! Dope

  3. Ryan Chin

    Between this and Samurai Jack’s final season, will you guys make revivals of Dexters Lab and ATHF?

  4. maha77

    I put my eggs under Jan's roast beef

  5. jimmies rustled

    I like how you can tell it's Seth even when he's just grunting

  6. Tyranus Xaviar

    Like the characters; hope for more Hanna Barbara character just the animation and intro and ending song are no for me.

  7. F. B. I

    That must be a damn good teacher if every person with blue hair has 700iq

  8. Lana_ Manga

    Best Jop ever!

  9. Anomalocaris the Abnormal Shrimp


  10. Alainish

    hi I’m waiting please release it I’m waiting pls

  11. Matthew

    God, Rick and Morty is such an amazing show. The amount of detail is so much better than any other show put there.

  12. Mr. Raccoon

    What is this show about?

  13. Angry Noob

    ohhhh shiiiiittttttt

  14. Taylor Bagnell


  15. Atomi MerKid

    I love this show 😍

  16. Zakiya Bambozzle

    What you wearing???!!! These pants! And these shoes 🥴

  17. Andrey Medina

    this whole show is a cursed image

  18. Taylor Bagnell

    Makes me want to be a voice actor. So funny ahmed

  19. KiIowatt

    I like it but it feels like its trying to reproduce the dry wit of HBAL and failing at it. Not enough awkward silences and definitely not dry enough.

  20. Tyler Kennedy

    Don’t take the Lord’s name in vain, please repent for it’s a sin

  21. Andrey Medina

    And a star was born!

  22. Jensi Oquendo

    Honestly, I love TOM's design here, but that is somewhat attributed to it being based on Gen 3.5 TOM, which I always thought was great.

  23. Amber Kent-Zell

    I like the choice of music :)

  24. Neurot1c Studios

    There's an unreasonable amount of hate for this... It's actually fairly good. Not everything that's released with a female version is a God damn -Ghostbusters- reboot LMAO God that was awful, I suppose anything will seem good in comparison to that... Now I have to wonder, is this good? Or has the bar been lowered so far we can't tell anymore?

  25. Mike Tacos

    We got a tons of bugs here...

  26. Ed moved channel lol

    This was posted on my birthday... Nithe

  27. Ed moved channel lol

    The 90th most popular dog name is Lexi Gus is the 55th most popular dog name Oreo isnt even in top 100 Things change after 6 years

  28. Mark Braley

    It looks like that stripy bag's on the Rebel's side.

  29. Mauricio Berlanga

    hmm, human music, I like it

  30. Dead Body Man

    Hu hu hu hu haaa the chronic

  31. TSD beamy

    I'm pickle rick

  32. Jimmy

    0:07 anybody got the link to the video on the dingleblop??

  33. Dead Body Man

    "Y'all spin around like ballas, seething with jealousy I am"

  34. Dead Body Man

    His face when he feeding scary spice funyuns lol.

  35. AmishParadise27 (AKA: Tyler)

    Dinosaur shame, on the dinosaur train

  36. Fabian Vasquez Jr

    Don't touch the trim!!!

  37. Dead Body Man


  38. Dead Body Man

    just eat it...

  39. Dead Body Man

    I got yelled at by everyone when I asked if you can eat penguins in the comments of a video about cute penguins.

  40. Arthur Fortes

    To be honest, this is absolutely something Nicolas Cage would star.

  41. Dead Body Man

    Hannibal is like 46% of what made this show great.

  42. Emily Crow


  43. Dead Body Man

    When's he going to Japan?

  44. pb 511

    Hailey from american dad

  45. Bowman Drums

    Zach Hadel and Mike Stoklasa in the same show. I'm in.

  46. The Man On The Mountain

    You can have positive in a drug test just for watching this video.

  47. C B

    This is so meta I love it

  48. Innocence

    They took horsing around to a whole new level.

  49. ??????

    It's on a napkin

  50. Lengen 1

    Couldn't Morty use a memory transfer from mortys mind blowers to show her the life they had... Also WTF JERRY

  51. Bradford Chadwell

    Being an animator for a big show just sounds like you work in a high end sweatshop

  52. Michelle Alzo

    It's because he didn't pray.

  53. Nand0

    So, they don't kill the baby alien, they just grow him, beat him and make him young again. Basic Devil worshipper to Satanist, I think everyone's ready to be young again.

  54. Kunzite Zyaire


  55. ANAS Mohsen

    Rick and Morty

  56. Aztecelotl

    Where is Captain Planet?

  57. Draw Anything

    I don't completely hate Jerry to be honest. He is a coward at times, and can be annoying sometimes, but when needed he mostly is able to do what it takes to stand up for the ones he loves. He really truly loves Beth and his children, and its hard to hate a man who cares for and protects his family. C-137 Jerry is probably Jerry at his truest form in my opinion, and the Jerry most other Jerry's dream of being. A Jerry that's the knight in shining armor for his wife and kids, and one who can protect them from monsters of the world.

  58. The Perfect Business

    that sounds like mark hamil

  59. Danilo F. Martins

    I love the smell of it

  60. Isaiah.

    We're getting close to a movie... i can feel it!

  61. kory stephens

    Why do I have the feeling the "G" in Hamilton G Fantomas is George like George Hamilton?? Both dudes are tanned af

  62. Some random guy on the internet

    that jillian barbarie song lives in my head rent-free

  63. habibnsouro

    Wait wait is based on Harvey birdman?!?!

  64. Naz Turney

    Who let the frogs out huh?

  65. 01narrator

    I was really hoping they could re-capture the energy of the old show but this isn't it. Its just an average show. Not that bad, but not that good.

  66. TheOrangeneck

    yo I love the interviews but I honestly feel really bad for the land surveyor and other people getting pranked

  67. deathcrow

    Hey remember when tick made snowball smart witha helmet why couldn't he just do that but make it invite for school purposes

  68. redskinsboy09

    He’s not god but Zeus would of been better

  69. Saiki's Coffee Jelly

    That wasn't even funny, that was just sad 🙁

  70. The Evan

    I want to like this show, and it's not bad it's just not especially good it feels really average. Like this doesn't feel like a show I'd see on adult swim it feels more like a show I'd see in the time slot of Archer during an off season. it doesn't have really any of the spirit of birdman nor does it feel like it at all so I don't really see why this show had to be a birdman continuation/spin-off. It feels really Archer inspired as previously stated and I feel like it misses the interesting part of birdman which is you're just taking all these classic Hanna Barbera superhero characters and putting them in these average situations. I feel like all the characters are trying too hard to be funny, it just feels like the delivery of lines and what people are doing just they don't feel natural but they also don't feel exaggerated enough to be cartoony. Now there is some good parts this show despite what I said it does have a nice bounce to it and I really love the animation, not the biggest fan of the art style however the actual movement in the show is beautiful whoever they got to do the key frames and inbetweeners for this were really talented. Overall it's decent ish but if this is the caliber of show we're going to be getting after the merger I'd be pretty upset, if you guys are going to make new shows I would recommend either giving them a brand new feel like you did with samurai Jack and primal leaning more towards the toonami block. And if you guys are doing traditional comedies maybe stick to that adult swim feeling, I don't know maybe it's just nostalgia but I do miss the older original shows, while this what seems to be a new wave happening I'm not so sure about, but you make some of the most Avant guard stuff in adult animation so I look forward to more. I hope alongside bird girl maybe we get something that's more to my tastes

  71. BDNeon

    I kinda have to wonder, wouldn't the vacuum of space suck the venom immediately back out as soon as the fangs left the holes?

  72. Lindsey P

    Kevin: You better not follow me up these stairs! Heads up! *Michael does, and takes a bucket of paint like a boss* Kevin: Oh. *beep*

  73. sophia


  74. Dank Ducks

    what episode is this?

  75. Josué Ortega

    0:54 im the lower right screen you can see that the survivors of the "heist" are now floating in the air cuz the planet has lost a big chunk of its gravitational pull after being drilled, broken, fragmented and having its core ripped out. What a detail.

  76. Edward Jewett

    Adult swim really needs to start making more dramatic shows

  77. Not Ramesses

    Two homeless guys giving each other wha?!?!

  78. Andika Zaffar Ahmad

    the only reason to drink at work

  79. MaskedMarvyl

    This episode was equal parts funny and sad. Which is what made it such a classic.....