Birdteam Costumes | Birdgirl | adult swim

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    1. Trantor The Troll

      This is like an SJW got ahold of something else i loved as a kid, and shit ALL over it. which is probably also their Kink. and im probably "Shaming" them by bitching about it.

    2. pinky rosey

      It's rude and ugly think stouped idea andd nasty video

    3. mad 666

      0:04 ok i have a feeling this is what happen at adult swim when they suggest making Birdgirl

    4. Leif

      Still trying to push this garbage huh? What's the saying again? Get woke, go broke. I seriously don't understand why these companies even bother pandering to this miniscule audience. They never watched the original Birdman and can only say "I WATCH BIRDGIRL, I'M SO QUIRKY" so many times before it doesn't net them any more attention and they drop it altogether if they ever watched it in the first place.

      1. Leif

        @shindean Can you provide any other examples? I have no idea who/what you are talking about.

      2. shindean

        Actually, many programs and channels are thriving because they've gone woke, like Dan LeBatard leaving ESPN for freedumb*. This show, is just bad writing.

    5. Moist Envelopes

      Nerds still mad about this not being exactly like HBAaL

      1. Trantor The Troll

        Nope. we're Mad at the wasted Opportunity and worst of all, Blandness. the Jokes don't land at all, and its clearly more Woke Garbage.

    6. Insanely Speak


    7. Waifu is Laifu

      this is garbage

    8. GibranKG

      Show is mediocre lol

    9. Aldrick Ex Gladius

      Who gives a shit?! More ATHF, Metalocalypse, and SeaLab 2021.

    10. Chad Lancer

      So are there any returning characters or is it just Judy?

      1. The Christian's Watchtower

        Nope just Judy

    11. samspotz8r8s

      Lol not gonna lie, I like the show. it works for what it is, and I dont need to compare it to anything else. a lot of adult swim shows are hit and miss and not wildly appealing to everybody, so I'm not surprised this doesn't hit home for some, especially if you compare it to shows you do like

      1. shindean

        There are plenty of spinoffs in CN and AS history that did well on their own. But the legitimate critique is that this show isn't accomplishing anything that hasn't been done better elsewhere.

      2. Nas T

        What a strong, reasonable comment. I dislike this show but I can respect your opinion. You can like this show all you want, I refuse to blame you. Yes, some AS shows are a hit and miss but I think that most modern AS shows are entertaining. Like for example, Rick and Morty, Final Space, Primal, Lazor Wulf, The Jellies!, YOLO: Crystal Fantasy, JJ Villard's Fairy Tales, Tender Touches, Ballmastrz: 9009, Tigtone and The Shivering Truth. Sure these shows are not for everyone, but to a plenty of folks find some of these shows (Rick and Morty, Ballmastrz: 9009, Final Space and Primal) are mildly entertaining. And I can't wait for Tuca & Bertie which is coming to Adult Swim this June.

    12. Daniel Watson

      Im Gonna Be Watching all The Episodes While I Do a Live Stream Podcast on My Microsoft Surface When I Get It in Late or Early June Every Friday That's My Message

    13. 林淳彥

      Not sure why but I absolutely love Judy's expression. It seems so genuine that you can almost feel hurt when she found out her teammates were embarrassed by these costumes.

    14. Jackson Dale

      I liked the first episode. This clip sucks though.

      1. Jackson Dale

        @Nas T its not respecting my opinion if you feel the need to correct it

      2. Nas T

        Correction: This clip and the entire show sucks. But I respect your opinion.

    15. Date Masamune

      If you wanted to hurt us, you could have just thrown a brick.

    16. SUPERBOOTLEG Archive

      Adult Swim did not get that thing I sencha

      1. Nas T

        This show stinks.

    17. Rimuru


    18. Dr. Eggscout

      So they cancel a good show like venture bros for this Then lose all their good shows to HBO max LOL

      1. Nas T

        Yo, Dr. Egghead. There is an update that Adult Swim is bringing back Venture Bros but as a Venture Bros movie. They're also bring back Aqua Teen and Metalocalypse. It's all true. Look it up and Google and tell me if I'm right.😎

    19. geek kid

      Thanks for hawkgirl In the Marvel version

    20. Sonic Z TH

      Everyone just dislikes thid show because it is different from birdman, but I like.

    21. suvman1

      Rest in peace birdman. They butchered you well.

    22. tyger branco

      Cartoon Network turned to children

      1. Nas T

        Cartoon Network is not just for children, Cartoon Network is for everyone.

    23. 921athletics

      Unfortunately I'm not feelin this show, it lost its main theme

    24. Superchromatic

      Why is this serious? Why choose this franchise for a comedy drama spin off that isn't trying to just make heaps of gags? Just make an original show.

      1. Nas T

        Harvey Birdman has no drama in it and so does this show. No drama.

    25. Darth Vapor

      wow.... this really sucks.

      1. Nas T

        I know, Rick and Morty, Final Space and Primal are far more better shows than this garbage.

    26. Nick Jackson

      I feel they should have called this show something else because we keep comparing this to Harvey and this show is doing it’s own thing.

      1. samspotz8r8s

        Yeah I'll risk the hate for saying this, but while Harvey birdman got some laughs from me...It just wasn't my thing and I would usually change the channel. this show works for me because I find Judy’s manic character really endearing and fun. I like this show for what it is, and that's probably thanks to me not ever feeling invested in it's parent series.

      2. Nick Jackson

        ​@Javier Veliz The reasons why Birdman works because of the HannaBarbara eastereggs and the comedic situations characters we grew up with are put in.

      3. Javier Veliz

        I feel the same, the show barely connects with Harvey Birdman, they should have just made a new show all together and make judy just another super hero parody

    27. Daniel Daniel

      Whata waste of money on this series. Make Smiling Friends

      1. Nas T

        Forget about Smiling Friends! What matters is that Adult Swim is bringing back The Venture Bros, Aqua Teen and Metalocalypse! It's true!

    28. Ryan Downes

      So after going back and rewatching HB: Attorney at Law, it’s not just the Hanna Barbera characters that made that show what it is (those jokes only make up such a small percentage of the jokes season 2 onward), it was the speed/rapid fire gags. The speed in this show feels so slow and they seem to love to dwell on jokes, whereas HB could get 6 jokes in within the time Birdgirl uses to tell one joke. 3 second jokes in HB can get tens of thousands of views alone on FIblock.

    29. StrangeStrongs

      Okay I'm dumb why is Murdoch's the mind takers daughter or cousin or clone whatever she is I really don't know what she is to him yet why is she wearing the bra on the outside is that thing or is that something else please explain

    30. Chris K (OverSalted)

      This is to animation what Fan4stic was for superhero movies.

    31. Doze Apples

      Yikes... it's like magic school bus went and studied everything wrong with today's entertainment and made a PSA over it...

      1. Rimuru

        seen the reboot of magic school bus? it's not terrible.. just missing it's charm. kinda like the CGI reboot of inspector gadget. but this show is worse then that even.

    32. jish55

      Its like the creators forgot why the original Harvey Birdman was so popular. Like I love Judy, she's hilarious and keeps her old humor, but the rest just don't feel solid, like they're trying to be down to earth in a follow up series to a show that was about going as over the type psychotic as possible. We enjoyed it because Harvey Birdman tried being the straight man while everyone else was being a douche and screwing him over, yet even then he still remained a suck up. Here, the fact Judy is the only good thing is not good, where those around her are all trying to play the straight person while she's the only chaotic entity.

    33. Archie Flanagan

      This is what my dad watch’s

    34. Bryce Taylor

      Harp pass I fell asleep in my chair

    35. Endrance88

      merideth reminds me of ivy from the harley quinn show.

      1. Nas T

        @Stink Man Harley Quinn is better than Birdgirl.

      2. Stink Man

        a lot of things in birdgirl should remind you of harley quinn

      3. Nas T

        Except that Poison Ivy is more of a better character than Meredith.

    36. dreaminginnoother

      This will be sure to connect to AS's large female demographic... oh wait....

    37. Ralph Malph

      More like Bird S***. Cancelled Venture Bros, fired Unknown Hinson, and now desecrating the corpse of Harvey Birdman. Enjoy being woke-broke.

      1. Ralph Malph

        @Nas T Well, with everything being racist now, especially at AS, it was only a matter of time.

      2. Nas T

        They fired Unknown Hinson because he made a racist comment. Remember?

    38. Tara Schumacker

      This show is bad and you should feel bad..

      1. Nas T

        @Tara Schumacker But at least it's popular by it's fans. And Final Space has plenty of fans and I mean *PLENTY*

      2. Tara Schumacker

        @Nas T Final Space is amazing! I’m just surprised it’s not more popular in the U.S.

      3. Nas T

        Yeah. I tried to like this show, but I see how dumb and boring this is. I say that Final Space is way more better show than this useless piece of mediocrity. And besides, I absolutely LOVE Final Space as much as you do.😉

      4. BluJean6692


    39. The Juiciest Lemon

      God these new character designs suck. Even Judy looks awful compared to Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law design.

      1. Nas T

        These new characters designs...are just weak.

    40. Anne Nestberg when we getting the shivering truth season 3?

    41. Fredrich Fernando

      Everybody here is doomposting about Smiling Friends not being picked up, when that is obviously not true. Everybody thinks it's cancelled because of that extremely fake 4chan "leak" that said Chris Chan was gonna be in the show. We may have still not heard anything yet, but just hang in there, people. I'm sure Adult Swim is aware of how much fan demand SF has.

      1. Nas T

        Oh yeah. I'm deeply sure.

    42. James Burke

      I don't want this show to fail but at the same time i really am salty that it wasnt birdman. I think everyone has the same opinion. Birdgirl worked so well because she was the opposite of birdman now i feel they have ruined the character. and the artwork isnt right.


        @BluJean6692 truer words have never been spoken, sincerely an afab teenager. ps i really wanted to like this show too??? like ugh it was just such a let down

      2. BluJean6692

        That's the real tragedy: these hack writers butchered the original's one strong female character and they're going to blame sexist trolls for their own incompetence...

      3. Nas T

        Nice comment. But I'm deeply sorry, this show failed already.

    43. Chris Fonte

      Mfw this video 😒

    44. Mat Turner

      THIS is what you replace Venture Bros. with? *FUCKING T H I S* ?!!?!?!?! Instead of Smiling Friends, we get TTTTHHIIIISSS??!?!?!!?!?

      1. Nas T

        The Venture Bros is coming back! Adult Swim making a Venture Bros movie! The are also making an Aqua Teen movie and a Metalocalypse movie! It's a miracle!

    45. Marx14

      Stop posting clips of this shitty excuse of a show, not even nearly as good as the original. Like Judy doesn’t even seem like the same person

    46. R D

      remember when the people around him were wacky cartoon characters acting normal and awkward. This just LOOKS like regular people for the most part. there is no comedic contrast.

    47. Sabo Productions

      The beginning was basically As Seen On Adult Swim

    48. Cococrash11

      Awesome Birdgirl Video.

      1. Stink Man


    49. Casper Bosman

      look this just sucks... sorry

    50. Patrick McConaughey


      1. Nas T

        @Patrick McConaughey Finally.😌

      2. Patrick McConaughey

        @Nas T Then my work here is done

      3. Nas T

        Yo, they are bringing back Venture Bros by making a Venture Bros movie. It's true so you can stop posting the same comment over and over again.

    51. Mr. Lister

      Venture Bros. died for this

      1. Scope Shooter

        Venture bros didn’t get canceled in favor of any show

      2. Nas T

        @Tara Schumacker Well, here's a news update. Adult Swim made an announcement that they are making a Venture Bros movie.

      3. Quimbyrbg


      4. Tara Schumacker

        I know right?!? Sacrilege!!

    52. SemperFidelisTyrannosaurus

      This show is painfully unfunny. It represents modern tv perfectly.

    53. Spencer “Mags” Manganiello

      Its unfortunate, obviously the show can still find its footing, but yeah I think most people have come to a general consensus. It doesn't really utilize the world as efficiently as Harvey Birdman did. Its odd seeing the world without ANY Hanna Barbara characters. I get maybe wanting to do your own thing, but then why even set this in the same world? It's also definitely less wacky. The animation is technically great though, if only they used it to expand on the old formula. This show has the potential to be the funniest thing on tv, but instead I can't help but feel like its a Harley Quinn knockoff. Shit she even has a green friend/potential love interest.

      1. BluJean6692

        It so thoroughly excised the original characters that it almost seems actively hostile to the original series, and like at that point why bother with a reboot?

    54. James Cox

      I don't care what the rest of you think, I don't care if the writing stinks and the jokes aren't funny, it's inclusive!

    55. BluJean6692

      This scene technically features a grown man undressing in front of a little girl. Let that sink in: the writers were so busy patting themselves on the back to notice this utter perversity. I'd like to chalk it up to accident/incompetence but I think they genuinely may not see the problem...

    56. Nick Holt

      What happened???? The pilot was pretty good, this isn't nearly as snappy

    57. Spencer Noffke

      Wokeish as fuck.

      1. Jordan Loux

        That word is totally meaningless.

    58. timsas

      Women aren't funny, period.

      1. Nas T

        Okay, that's just downright sexist.

    59. lecke fausto

      is peanut going to be is the series at some point blink twice if yes

      1. lecke fausto

        @Bolívar Torres i think they could find a way to adapt peanut to birdgirl while keeping him the same sick bastard he was in the original. i could see him being a foil to gillian (open book assistant/closed door assistant respectively), and i think he’d have an interesting “you’ll never be me”-type rivalry with brian since they’re kind of similar (horny, intimidating, impulsive). plus, i saw once someone suggest peanut being porn industry veteran and that would definitely work as a post-birdman pre-birdgirl “origin story”. tl;dr peanut should come back bc hes sexy and insane

      2. Bolívar Torres

        I don't think that any of the lazy writers of this show will know what to do with any character of the original show, or they will probaly put him in but taking out his identity to fit into this boring show, can you imagine the real peanut shooting randomly for fun or sniffing some hot girl whithout getting anyone offended on this? Poor birgirl, I will always love the intense and crazy version of the original.

    60. NoobNota

      these characters are offensively ugly

      1. Nas T

        Yeah, the characters from Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law (the original show) are not ugly. But this...has some of the most ugliest character designs I have ever seen, just looking at these characters makes me want to throw up, like seriously. Hell, the animation looks ugly. Everything about this show is ugly. Why does Adult Swim make some shows with ugly animation?

    61. Hipster Elephant

      I miss Lazzo

    62. Piotrek Suwiński

      Just cancel this show already, it's trash and its vievcount is going down rapidly.

    63. BluJean6692

      1:10 "No we don't, we really don't like the show. And not for the reasons you think, it's just not working and we all feel a bit let-down. I'm sorry."

      1. Tara Schumacker

        @Piotrek Suwiński Get woke, go broke.

      2. Piotrek Suwiński

        @Tara Schumacker exactly

      3. Tara Schumacker

        It’s woke trash and it’s not funny. All the old charm is gone.

      4. Piotrek Suwiński

        So I'm not the only one that knew this show is trash ever since the pilot episode.

    64. Fawp


      1. Tara Schumacker

        How exactly?

    65. crazzywhiteguy1

      These clips do *not* sell the show

      1. Juarez LA

        @Nas T so terrible in regards of being run by a comedy network

      2. Nas T

        @Tara Schumacker Well, in my opinion. This show isn't that terrible, it's just painfully mediocre and totally unfunny.

      3. Tara Schumacker

        The show doesn’t sell the show. It’s absolutely terrible

    66. MarioMadness

      This show is alright.. but birdman was warner bros !! so would see scooby,scrappy,wally gator,yogi bear,blue falcon,etc

    67. OmegaValwin

      Where is the joke?

    68. GrimShock

      Why is his the only unique one?

    69. True Critique

      Notice how so many comments decry this show being bad or unfunny, yet don't explain HOW it's unfunny or anything. They just claim the script is "bad" without saying how or why. Hm... wonder why...?

      1. Greasy Granpapy

        @BluJean6692 I'm indifferent to the show. I just noticed that a lot of the comments are really, _really_ upset at this show's existence, without really explaining why. I saw this comment and agreed with it. There's some deeper "anti-sjw" type hatred to most of the negative comments here and any disagreement to that narrative is met with hostility. Honestly, your reply is _exactly_ the type of reply I expected here. Instead of just not watching or caring about this show, the fanboys feel like this show is a threat to them or something, and feel the need to rally against it.

      2. BluJean6692

        @Greasy Granpapy Nobody likes it. Do you? Leave a positive comment if you do. Seriously, because for some strange reason I've only seen 2-3 positive comments and 1 of them sounds like a bot...

      3. BluJean6692

        @True Critique For the first time in history people can react directly to ads, the overwhelming majority of bad reviews on here are cogent if brief. You're using vagary to imply it's being done out of bad faith or bigotry, and while there are certainly some sexist weirdos in these comments I am sick and tired of bad writing being excused just because of 1 bad apple in 1,000 disapprovals. It's a marketing damage-control strategy that's been used recently by sony and cbs to undermine any and all critiques, the former has even gone as far as deleting non-sexist negative comments to create the illusion that all detractors are Trump-supporting fascists. I can't speak for everyone but I really just wanted this show to be good, just like I wanted Star Trek Discovery to be good. But Hollywood and big networks don't take risks on genuine new-talent anymore and they will. Not. Do. So. Until we compel them too. For the first time in history the crowd can boo at an ad. Deal with it. Embrace it.

      4. 2UNIEK

        Probably because it's been thoroughly detailed why it's bad by others already here, other videos and audience review sites.

      5. Greasy Granpapy

        @True Critique You're totally right. Scrolling the comments had me wondering what I missed that had all the adult swim fanboys so triggered about this show... I even see people claiming that anyone who _dares_ to like this show must have been paid to like like it. Also seeing the word "woke" thrown about in a negative way.

    70. nota bene

      Yall haters; bet no one here caught the courtroom sight gag in ep. 3, shit even ep. 1 had a call back with the stated commas. FIblock commenters don't know shit. Like shit, when's the last time yall watch the old show anyway. Ignant.

    71. Jason Stimac

      This show had a lot of potential, and then wasted it all.

      1. Nas T

        Yep. All of that potential wasted...

      2. BluJean6692

        I was excited too, if anything I wouldn't be mad if I didn't care...

    72. Karensimp

      This show is annoying

      1. Karensimp

        @Nas T yes

      2. Nas T

        Yeah. Annoying, boring, ugly and unfunny.

    73. Eli Kubrick

      Smiling Friends should've been greenlit, not this trash.

      1. Eli Kubrick

        @YippYo it's been greenlit

      2. YippYo

        Seriously. I would have absolutely loved that!

      3. Fredrich Fernando

        I don't think Smiling Friends has been dropped completely. Just hang in there.

    74. Roderick Mendoza

      wow, this suckd

      1. Nas T

        Tell me about it.

    75. Mulp

      This was so terrible. I didn't laugh or smile once. Ugh. I'll pirate the original.

      1. Stink Man

        you could pay for it

    76. Risebell

      I saw the thumbnail and thought it was venture brothers. Sad...

      1. lecke fausto

        @Nas T literally was not talking to you

      2. Nas T

        @lecke fausto I didn't say it's the same art style.

      3. lecke fausto

        not even the same art style

      4. Nas T

        This thumbnail looks gross and crude. And yeah, Venture Bros is a lot more better than Birdgirl.

    77. DEATHatRISE

      What ever happen to the crest on birdman helmet

    78. El Breado

      thank god this show is already dead

      1. Nas T

        We all don't know if Adult Swim cancels this show or not. So this show isn't dead....yet.

    79. ColinFox

      I'm trying to figure out who this show is aimed at, can anyone explain? Fans of the original show (myself included) hate it because where are the jokes and the Hanna Barbara characters? Do young people even know about the original series? Does Adult Swim think that this will get younger audiences to watch the original? WTF is going on here? Why did they ruin Birdgirl? She was such an awesome character! These writers couldn't write themselves out of a paper bag!

      1. dingus mcgee

        @ColinFox maybe they are trying to widen their fan base? maybe they see the power the sjws have in hollywood in the current cancel culture climate and they are scared they will be canceled? all i know is it certainly isn't aimed at their regular demographic.

      2. ColinFox

        @dingus mcgee That can't be it... I refuse to believe that a company like this would prefer wokeness over profits. How can they think that this is better? I just don't get it!.

      3. dingus mcgee

        third wave feminists.

      4. harizotoh7

        It's written by and aimed at woke women.

    80. Kaliwalipoo

      Get in contact with the Creators of Hellbenders, give them a good ass deal and full creative control, then you’ll obtain an audience unlike any other.

      1. Burritos

        They pitched hellbenders to adult swim like 10 years ago and got laughed out of the office

      2. failsrus96

        Zach Hadel, one of the co creators of Smiling Friends, is also the co creator of Hellbenders. If he's already getting screwed with Smiling Friends, I doubt Hellbenders would get any better treatment

    81. Jordi Murillo

      I keep coming back to watch these clips because the animation is so gorgeous but god this show is unfortunately not what I keep hoping it could be.

      1. Eli Kubrick

        The animation is alright.

      2. Alexander Scott

        Animation looks like dogshit as well lol.

    82. Ottawa Nuck604

      They keep getting rid of good shows and somehow giving the green light to shows like this smdh

    83. Chris Alamilla

      So that was... unfunny

    84. johnny44937

      Such a disgrace to birdman smh

    85. Brad ley

      absolutel shit,literally changed the channel

      1. Nas T

        Yeah, Birdgirl is mediocre as hell. Rick and Morty, The Boondocks, Final Space, Primal, Superjail, Aqua Teen, Home Moves, The Venture Bros, Black Dynamite, Squidbillies, Robot Chicken and Ballmastrz: 9009 are far more better shows than this mediocre mess.

    86. Xipe Totec

      Paul is the worst character ever.

      1. Nas T

        I'm not gonna defend Paul, but why is he the worst?

    87. Life Is My Opportunity

      Namaste 🙏🏾 🧘🏾‍♂️ After losing my job in the pandemic😷. I created my channel believing for MYSELF, YOU and the rest of the WORLD🌍🔥.

    88. game likes26 Team

      Can we renew the second season, [adult swim]?

    89. Oleg Cherni

      Fail.The whole idea of making all the central characters women

    90. Lee Stu

      adult swim, this sucks. please go back to making surreal, mind bending, creative and well..funny shows. pretty please? thanks.

      1. dingus mcgee

        @Kalien Username that show is trash too.

      2. Nas T

        @Kalien Username I am totally excited for Tuca & Bertie Season 2 on Adult Swim.

      3. Kalien Username

        Tuca & Bertie season 2 is coming up. I'm not much for raunchy humor, but its pretty hilarious and has good characters

      4. Nas T

        Adult Swim is also making mature and dark themed shows with action and drama nowadays, like Final Space and Primal for example.

    91. Showercreeper of all the showers

      So instead of smiling friends and more venture bros.. we get this?.. kinda disappointed to be honest

      1. Showercreeper of all the showers

        @harizotoh7 i can definitely agree with that hands down. It's still a bummer regarding the shows i talked about earlier. But cie la vie and all that.

      2. harizotoh7

        This looks like it's animated very cheaply, so it makes business sense.

    92. The Duke Of Dorks

      Ngl kinda dissapointed by this series. Gonna go watch birdman attorney at law.

      1. The Duke Of Dorks

        @Nas T at least we can agree on your point here. :)

      2. Nas T

        Oh this horseshit of a spin-off series is far more disappointing, it's cringworthy as hell. Definitely stick to Harvey Birdman!

    93. Dorkymations #

      I finally figured out why this show doesn't work compared to the original. The original took advantage of the fact that it was animated and added nonsensical jokes( for example having bumper cars inside the office) and references that you couldn't do in live action in almost every scene.The paving was always fast paced and the characters would do and say crazy shit. They could make a live action version of this show and literally nothing would have changed.

      1. shindean

        There are more than just a few reasons, but, you could have an entire episode of Birdman with just Stephen Colbert and it would work. Paget Brewster is a funny woman, but the writing is taking itself too seriously and it kills any comedy.

      2. Nas T

        @Pinstoice I hated the foreskin subplot. It felt so out of place, the foreskin subplot would honestly work in Big Mouth (P.S. I honestly liked Big Mouth in my opinion)

      3. Dorkymations #

        @Pinstoice I've watched all of them so far

      4. Pinstoice

        @harizotoh7 I mean, it’s pretty fast paced and wacky. The newest episode has a murderous mystical foreskin running rampant.

      5. harizotoh7

        @Pinstoice Based on the clips shown, the show feels like it's written like a live action sitcom not by animation writers. It also lacks the fast paced gags and absurdism of the original.

    94. Nas T

      Bruh, this show kinda stinks, renew Final Space for a fourth season.

    95. W T

      What the fuck actually is this? Is this supposed to be intentionally unfunny?

    96. Lynch85

      This show remind me the worst seasons of Archer.

      1. BluJean6692

        Honestly that would explain a lot, they might be going for that style...except artlessly...

      2. Nas T

        Expect that Archer is a better show than this.

    97. NoNoseProduction

      Is this a drama?

      1. NoNoseProduction

        @Nas T I thought maybe that was what they were going for and I just need more context to get the humor

      2. Nas T

        @NoNoseProduction BoJack Horseman is a way better show than this. Birdgirl is just a generic comedy with crappy writing, weak characters and unfunny humor.

      3. NoNoseProduction

        @Nas T oh. I was hoping it was like that horse depressing show.

      4. Nas T

        Are you joking? No.

    98. Emma Peel

      watched it. had potential. even some good set-ups but then just deflates. the secretary going to Japan for tea was good but the ONLY joke is delivered at the very end. and it's an old joke.

    99. Alex

      There’s billions of people in the world, and there have to be at least a handful of people that are funny and smart enough to write an entire screenplay. Somehow, in the recent years, it seems like most show writers have never told a good joke in their life, and can’t write a story unless they follow a pre-made premise from wikihow. Where did all of the good writers go?

      1. harizotoh7

        @BluJean6692 It's not a conspiracy, just that certain BA degrees are heavily led by professors with certain strong ideological viewpoints. If all you get is that viewpoint for 4 years, you are then going to bring that with you. And they are never taught how to actually write, just analyze media. Almost all of the are awful writers because of this and because they lack nuance.

      2. BluJean6692

        @harizotoh7 No, it's just that access to network resources is usually limited to mediocre/safe writers and very few at that. Even movie studios don't take risks like they used to, there's no need to imply a conspiracy: bad writing is bad writing regardless of politics.

      3. stave

        There’re more Einstein’s in patent offices than research labs, more great artists in gas stations than studios, all too poor to produce anything and too broken from 60 hour work weeks to even try.

      4. harizotoh7

        This is the new crop of writers that universities are spitting out. They're not even taught how to write, merely analyze media from a critical left perspective. So they know all how to subvert media, but no clue how to write jokes or characters.

      5. Vice Rick

        Lost in the grate reboot fires of 2000s. When all new ideas were burned for greater and greater box's office sells.

    100. T master 2005

      I don't get why some people don't like the show I think its interesting. It's not like Harvey birdman but it's interesting

      1. Nas T

        @damageprone14 BoJack Horseman was a great show.

      2. damageprone14

        Did you not just watch this clip. It's not funny, it's not really out there crazy, it's not ridiculous, it's like a boring bojack horseman which is hard to do. No soul.

      3. T master 2005

        @Nas T that's fine I just wanted to know thank you for answering my question

      4. Nas T

        A lot of people don't like this show is because of how mediocre and unfunny it is. Another reason why people don't like this show is because it's not like Harvey Birdman. Like and defend this show all you want, but it's my opinion and it's also everyone else's opinions.