BTS: Final Space "Change is Gonna Come" (S3E6) | Inside the Episode | adult swim

17 t. näkymät18

    The team talks about transforming some of our favorite characters this season.

    Final Space continues on Saturdays at 10:30pm on Adult Swim.


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      What animation software is this?

    2. ur mom

      I seriously can’t be the one that thought that this was about bts.

    3. raibow Wolf Chan•-•


    4. irregulargamer13

      Nice to see a show that keeps itself focused instead of memeing itself into the ground.

    5. Tewodros Wodajo

      When will it come to Netflix?

    6. MysticForce09

      When will final spaces new season be realised to Australia’s netflix

    7. Nick Stoltz

      This show is fine and all, certainly a step in a better direction, but it's still not 10 seasons of Smiling Friends that the viewers truly want.


        I love this show

    8. PhamBoiXDTVYT

      (Question) Where can I find a website that shows ratings for programs, because I want to look at the recent ratings of this magnificent show

      1. PhamBoiXDTVYT

        @Nas T not bad.

      2. Nas T

        @PhamBoiXDTVYT The show has an 8.3/10 on iMDB.😁

      3. PhamBoiXDTVYT

        @Katherine Rose other than that and imdb please.

      4. Katherine Rose

        Rotten Tomatoes

    9. luna vondeling

      i love his smile 😍

    10. José Wemerson da Silva

      I can't believe the season is coming to the end, it is so good

    11. KIM HAK BX

      Hello everyone how are you today 😊😊

    12. Russ Hurst

      The absolute best science fiction animation on tv right now. I love it! Gwen possibly becoming nightfox after medical treatment scars her and forces her to wear an implant? I don't know, just a guess is all.

    13. MaKaI Miller

      There is new info on dogs and the alpha male thing called no your dog doesn't think you're the alpha sci show on FIblock also look up skins and vox explained series it's on FIblock

    14. ODST Gundam

      Wait season 3 is airing?

      1. Carbuncle from Puyo Puyo

        @ODST Gundam It’s airing on Adult Swim US, not Adult Swim UK. TBS and Cartoon Network were both created by Turner Broadcasting, so CN is allowed to air Final Space during Adult Swim but the show is still owned by TBS.

      2. ODST Gundam

        @Carbuncle from Puyo Puyo I'm from the UK wasn't even aware that this aired on adultswim

      3. Carbuncle from Puyo Puyo

        @Nas T Yes, but none of the seasons were produced by Cartoon Network. So, it’s a pseudo-original. Much like The Boondocks was produced by Sony Pictures, so it was allowed to be on other streaming services like Netflix because it’s not fully an Adult Swim original.

      4. Nas T

        @Carbuncle from Puyo Puyo Yes, Turner owns the show, but it moved to Adult Swim back in 2019 and it became an original AS series. The series nowadays syndicates on TBS once every Monday night at 10:30pm. Back in 2015, Rick and Morty is an Adult Swim series and it syndicated on TBS and so did Robot Chicken.

      5. Carbuncle from Puyo Puyo

        Yes, on Cartoon Network (Adult Swim) and TBS. TBS owns the series, Netflix only carries the international license.

    15. Cesar Victoriano

      Invicitus: I can give you sight. What I hear: I can give you depth perception.

    16. Vulpes Ailurus

      Is Ash aging up why she and Little Cato are supposedly not getting together?

      1. Fran D

        they were never getting together because they see each other as family. that was. pretty obvious

    17. Noah Brinkman

      When on netflix?

      1. Carbuncle from Puyo Puyo

        Probably June or July

    18. JustJoshin'

      goddamn ash is even cuter now...

    19. Vickie McCoy

      I hope I am win the $5k. My IG is @vickiemccoy

    20. Izzy Halverson

      was it just me, or were yall sweating hardcore when Gary was taking Quin's pain.

    21. Chombey

      I didn't realize Ash was aged up, I thought she just unlocked a new form or something. Becoming Nightfall is brilliant.

      1. Portal master7

        I knew something was wrong with ash when her voice was deeper

      2. Leslie Fisher

        I thought she unlocked a new form too

    22. Cococrash11

      Awesome Final Space Video.

    23. digunder14

      is weird she regrew an eye that she never had in the canon of the show from all that has been reveled so far

      1. Katherine Rose

        She had an eye. It was sacrificed to the snake God when she was a little girl. It was given back by Invictus since that is where her powers come from.

      2. Jason o

        It gave it to her?

    24. Patrick McConaughey


    25. The Art & Adventures of Timothy Wright

      reality check: 5m subs, 200 likes... why would you keep producing stuff nobody watches?

    26. Let's Chat

      Black person nearly dying, white person carying the black person. White Creator: "We find White Person at a very vulnerable time..." Me: Yup. Internet (mostly white kids): How dare you say "Yup!"


        What da fuck.....

      2. Vulpes Ailurus

        Um... What?

      3. Nas T

        Dude. That's racist don't ya think?

    27. caro

      Awesome episode 🥺✨✨

    28. SK4K

      no way

    29. Francis Witcher Plays

      Man, I'm really worried what's gonna happen to Ash. I mean, it's obvious that Invictus is manipulating her, but I'm more concerned that if Gary would make a mistake or something, it would convince Ash to join Invictus. Though I can see that eventually, she will join on Gary's side when she learns that Gary almost sacrificed himself to save Quinn, her mother figure, and probably Little Cato or someone will motivate her to fight against Invictus. I really hope Ash will make the right decision because she's my favorite character, and GOOD LORD I LOVE HER REDESIGN! It's official, she's my waifu now! :D

      1. Nas T

        @Francis Witcher Plays I hope so too.

      2. Francis Witcher Plays

        @Nas T I really hope so, cause I'd be broken if I see Ash snapping at Gary and say "I shouldn't have trusted you!" or something.

      3. Nas T

        Ash will never turn herself into the dark side, she will always be there for Gary, Little Cato and the others no matter what.

    30. tristan lifshitz

      when will Season 3 be released outside of the us?

      1. LONGCAUSE

        Whens that? Summers already passed for me

      2. Carbuncle from Puyo Puyo

        In the summer, very likely

    31. Georgie porgie pudding pie

      Gary literally would sacrifice himself for his lover. Both ash and gary have opposite destinies

    32. Jordyin Ashcroft

      Love This !!!!!

      1. Tonnia Linnen

        So cool! ✌🏾

    33. OreskisVR

      Awesome Episode

      1. Tonnia Linnen

        Super cool! ✌🏾

    34. Nas T

      Seriously, the ratings of this show is getting higher and higher and that is a fantastic thing!

      1. Richard Matteo

        @Dwayne Mateo definitely, have been using InstaFlixxer for since december myself :)

      2. Dwayne Mateo

        dunno if anyone gives a shit but if you guys are stoned like me atm you can watch all the new series on InstaFlixxer. Been streaming with my girlfriend during the lockdown =)

      3. Tonnia Linnen

        @PHYRAK Morm-ចៅចិត្រ 😄😁😆

      4. PHYRAK Morm-ចៅចិត្រ


      5. Nas T

        @lisa sandeline Also, it's bizarre? How come Birdgirl's ratings are getting a little higher. A few people aren't watching that show. Some people call that show garbage and some people like me call that show mediocre. Some people are not gonna watch Birdgirl.

    35. Tonnia Linnen

      Bunnies! 🐇🐰 1:01-1:05

    36. brandon heaton

      Great ep! I love how ash gets a new look!

      1. Tonnia Linnen

        Awesome! ✌🏾

      2. Nas T

        Me too.

    37. RoyaLP

      I thought its BTS the Band 🤣 singing the soundtrack for final space

      1. Tonnia Linnen

        @Demian Aw, thanks for the kind words! 😉😘

      2. Demian

        @Tonnia Linnen Don't worry about it, you were just trying to help :)

      3. monstersinthecity

        Ugh kpop stans are the worst

      4. Tonnia Linnen

        @Demian Sorry. 😔

      5. Demian

        @Tonnia Linnen I know, I was just replying to the guy who mentioned he thought it was the korean boyband BTS.

    38. Just another black & white mickey Mouse

      I need this NOW, but I cant watch it anywhere :(


        Eh I got sites better then Kim overly ads cartoons



      3. xx3rockstarxx3

        get popcorn time on your computer its on there

    39. DRUŻYNA R

      42 like

    40. Neon games NL

      Is it going to be on netflix? I don't know anywhere else where I can watch this.

      1. Carbuncle from Puyo Puyo

        @Katherine Rose HBO Max hasn’t gone internationally, yet.

      2. Katherine Rose

        You can buy it on FIblock or watch it on Cartoon Network Adult Swim App. It is also on HBOMax and Netflix for viewers outside of the US.

      3. Jason o

        Buy it on your console so it's not cancelled

      4. Ricardo Rosalez

        HBO max

      5. Carbuncle from Puyo Puyo

        @Marshmallow-with-a-sweater The person making the comment is not from the US, Final Space was licensed to Netflix in international regions because TBS does not exist outside of the Americas.

    41. Axel The Wolf



        @Axel The Wolf huh?

      2. Carbuncle from Puyo Puyo


      3. Axel The Wolf

        @Nas T grow down

      4. Nas T

        Grow up.

    42. 16 000 abonnés sans vidéos?

      Congrat being early and found this comment

      1. Tonnia Linnen

        I'm so proud! ✌🏾

    43. Vincent Ly


      1. Tonnia Linnen

        Indeed! ✌🏾

    44. - Amos C. Presley -

      *2nd of All*

    45. Auto Hunter

      Congrats to anybody who is early and who found this comment useful 🤝💯❤️gh

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        Thanks! ✌🏾