DANCE AWAY THE PAIN | adult swim smalls

25 t. näkymät75

    Created by Sanjay Jit

    Sanjay Jit is a filmmaker, digital artist and musician working in Vancouver, Canada. The other day he made eye contact with a sea lion.

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    1. Çağlar TOPCU

      İts shit

    2. Character Collaboration Studios Fan 2021

      It says I got me! The only way violence cannot its own business and the grasping attitude!.... I know that the catchy voice acting, by the way she's been there and is the dominant part, and the bunny voice is all over city but fun fact: the water tower, city buildings, the calorie bar logo (Powered-Up) I like this first part in the party dancers!......

    3. Character Collaboration Studios Fan 2021

      Mexican of gods complained the Characters were in CG Animators in Vancouver, Canada in a few studio collections in a first time!.....

    4. Character Collaboration Studios Fan 2021

      The Flintstones Theme Song be like.

    5. Denis Lew

      " Hey ! You loose yo job o smthin " i felt that...

    6. Troy Disu

      please make a part 2😭😭

    7. lamps and moths

      Why is this so good

    8. Lane Poo

      The heck is wrong with people

      1. StupidSanj

        No kidding ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    9. Evil meme man

      What the fuck is going on

    10. 彡kawaiigaythug

      wow just wow

    11. Francesc X. Tormo

      Oh oh, did someone spill their beans?


      This shit looks so good it must have cost like 1/4 of a million and taken like half a year to render

    13. Bobo Smash

      Clapham Junction night out

    14. D Negs

      love it

    15. Glen Lee Ray

      So that dude shaking his ass i inspired him to push harder and knock that guy out ? Lol what is this

    16. Dilara aaa

      im in love with this

    17. Gul Eyy

      Wtf did i just watched

    18. Max Mason

      It's like you've plucked my dreams from my head and made it into a video

    19. Mr. Chü

      I wanna play this video game

    20. Rude Valve

      Certified Gold!!!!! 😎

    21. self discarded king of ruin 72

      The other day he made eye contact with a sea lion.

    22. 3kojimbles

      basically curly brace from cave story on the right side of the screen at 0:59

    23. fossmonz

      I don't know how to feel about drag and dop mixamo animations. So many self-proclaimed digital artists dump in pre-made mo-cap into their animations and pass it off as their own, relying on the benefit of the doubt. It just seems lazy.

    24. superbadisfunny

      Please make this a show !

    25. Lars Rsr

      So... the Adults Swim Creative Artists finaly overdosed ?!

    26. HiLo

      Murdoc Niccals' alter ego

    27. James Barrett

      Harder next time

    28. Hardened Spirit

      What the hell is this

    29. Austin Bernard

      I need a part 2

    30. NuclearExpertWB -


    31. Kasumi

      I...what have I just watched, what was this acid trip

    32. sugarsnap1000

      Hope there’s more of this 👍

    33. KC Winacott

      Jack and the beans talk

    34. Liam Rickards


    35. MoneyBark


    36. Paul Dunkirk-Greenbaum

      Dear God more of this please

    37. UncleBibby


    38. Patrick McConaughey


    39. Rasta Pasta

      I dont know what just happened BUT I LOVE IT.

    40. stephen crawford (Blackzeus23)

      Wtf 😂😂is this

    41. cell718

      I want Adult Swim Drugs 💊💊💊💉💉💉

    42. Chris Spaghetti

      This felt like a fever dream

      1. mystical【̲҉ vibe【‎】

        A goddamn nightmare 0:43 😂😂

    43. Sniper Joe

      I'm a runaway train and I'm on fiya baby and I'm all burnt up inside and runnin out of track

    44. Laundry Toddz

      The fuking googly eyes are fantastic! That and the north eastern accents are hilarious

    45. short stACK


    46. Gabriel Qatto

      Whata waist of my life....

    47. Satoku

      I love this in so many ways that i cant describe

    48. John Vance

      Well this is...original

    49. The Art & Adventures of Timothy Wright

      This looks like you found some kids playing in the alley to improvise over really old, really bad stop motion you had just laying around.

    50. MrBreast Gaming

      *Bruh, what happened to Mudroc Niccals?*

    51. Great Heights

      Oh my god the reveal to the job, lost it.

    52. Silver Surfer

      Hmm ok

    53. Mr. ShawnMarvel

      I know a thing or 2 maybe even 3...

    54. The Duke Of Dorks

      Watch out Sanjay sea lions never forget a face.

      1. The Duke Of Dorks

        @StupidSanj I shall chant and throat sing for your victory. Be well brother.

      2. StupidSanj

        I hear them singing my name over the gales of wind even now. pls help.

    55. Aflay

      That booty shakin’ put the belief in God back into that man.

    56. Filium

      Wtf. Adult Swim at it again

    57. Steph S

      OMG I just want to dance

    58. UmaFinleyOpal

      Oh my 😂

    59. KIM HAK BX

      Hello everyone how are you today

    60. RIXRADvidz

      now THAT'S What I've come to expect from RobotChicken. brain fried medium rare

    61. John Miller

      What the hell did I just watch? More importantly, why do I like it?

    62. Jonathan Thompson

      What in the actual fuck did I just consume with my two working eyeballs?

    63. bloodking Bk

      Motion capture at its finest

    64. HammSampsonTV

      What the hell is even that?

    65. PAYME HOE

      I want more

    66. dragonlover3


    67. Jack of All Treys

      Just do the fuckin dance.

    68. Insert Account Name Here

      0:58 I've seen that dance animation 1000 times lol

    69. Ambar

      So this is how 80s people talked.

      1. StupidSanj

        do you pick your feet in poughkeepsie?

    70. GUN SHO

      haha, this is great!

    71. Zombie Dude

      Ima fein for da beans

      1. StupidSanj

        Im the man with the jeans.

    72. Listen to MORE MUSIC

      Dance the night A W A Y . . .

    73. Theron Hayden


    74. TheSupremeMan

      This reminded me of a PS1/ PS2 game. The dialogue, style and characters. All off and chaotic... it’s perfect

      1. CharlesThaDancer

        @Retr0denT exactly!

      2. Retr0denT

        It reminds me of Oddworld.

      3. StupidSanj

        nu uh, its ps5 grphics. You don't knuw what ur talking bout. I was leed devloper. ps5 graphics rttx i made it myself.

      4. Марина Дмитриевна

        Neverhood? 🧡

    75. Frank Tapia

      This is beyond art, this is ART+

    76. Jacob Cochran


    77. Nick. C


    78. Comical Realm Animations

      I love how the mouths look and feel like the Gingerbread man from Shrek

      1. StupidSanj

        Taste like gingerbread as well.

    79. Everyone is Brainwashed

      What kind of fever dream is this?

    80. Oh No

      wtf is this?!? Cause I love it!

    81. Kyle Robinson

      What the hell was that‽

    82. Innocuous

      standing ovation*

    83. dank meme

      is the animation supposed to be bad

    84. not sure

      I want my 2:34 back

    85. leo sulat


    86. Mask13_

      This is scary


      Better than most anime. 🔥

      1. Vavia Cramon

        You can't diss anime😥😢

    88. Agent W

      this feels like if Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared and Robot Chicken had a baby

      1. sarah moore

        That is a FANTASTIC description of this. Thank you!

      2. Mr. Spy Guy

        Because that's what happened

    89. carington rainford

      The art and the voices 😂😂😂 and what did I just watch

      1. Laundry Toddz

        The best god damn thing ever!!!

      2. StupidSanj

        too late. it watched you.

    90. Chuyinplay 09

      Jajajaja XD

    91. Plaguex Plagueboizz


    92. RogueSamurai


    93. BrewieForever

      1 MINUTE EARLY WOO!!!!

    94. Agent W

      i’m confused about what the heck i just watched

      1. Naphaster Jones

        A Rebel Without a Cause with too big a mouth - and an even bigger booty - makes his way through the School of Hard Rockellers; grasping for as many beans as he can get his hands on.

      2. Game boi 20

        two word's aludt swim

    95. Moths Deserve Love Too


    96. ImaFrickinChecker

      Pretty cool

      1. Mask13_

        Yes u are

      2. ImaFrickinChecker

        @negativE nobody asked for you to ask

      3. negativE

        Nobody ask