Final Space | S3E11 Sneak Peek: Invictus Is Back | adult swim

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    Invictus is back, forcing Ash and Sheryl to prepare for a ship-wide invasion. Watch Final Space S3E11 this Saturday at 10:30pm on Adult Swim - and don't miss the final two episodes the next two Sundays at 12.30am!


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    Julkaistu 23 päivää sitten


    1. Termites C. Aardwolf


    2. Brandon

      Really wish adult swim would actually fucking promote final space. It's a great show

    3. Quinton Sloan (Quintonimor115)

      It would be fucking nice if we could access Final Space S3 on Netflix Canada. I've been waiting for YEARS

    4. ItzElement

      When's it coming to Netflix?

    5. Grape Boi

      Since there's a multiple earth that appeared why didn't they try to activate Kevin network again, since it was interrupted when lord commander became a titan and didn't able to activate properly.

    6. Vu Huy

      What happen to her eyes? I thought she had only 1

      1. Alviscerator The Ultimate

        Invictus evolved Ash and gave her two eyes.

    7. Kyle Osborne

      Renew for season 4. I stumbled across this show by accident and season 3 grappled my interest. This show can't be canceled... the story is fantastic...

    8. Агата Dark [Канал мёртв]

      Я знала что Боло умрёт! Так-же думаю что финал будет не утешительным... Боло мёртв. (Но я думаю что он как-то воскреснет, уж быстро Лорд Командующий его убил, этот синий титан даже сопротивляться не стал!)

    9. Carlitos Ponce

      Seems like a fortnite refference their

    10. IceWølfPhantøm _Animations

      Call of Duty + Left 4 Dead Hordes be like: 1:24

    11. Julian Marco

      I feel like Ash will stay behind because Invictus can sense her power and follows it wherever she goes.

    12. Joseph Johnston

      The show is just constant sadness...WTF

    13. Zong Lee

      Yes finaly and btw when will this go to netflix?

      1. Nas T

        This summer.

    14. Kyo

      How is there gravity in space

    15. Niko beastman

      Man she out here snitchin

    16. Billy193

      So excited to see this

    17. b1njjj95

      I'm so glad that Sheryl turned over a new leaf and is an active member of the crew now.

    18. Veronica Piccinini

      Why am i having a REALLY bad feeling about Sheryl?

      1. Dino rider27

        What you mean

    19. ThePolishArtist

      I mean, with Ash Graven ending up being corrupted, possessed, poisoned, or however you want to put it by Invictus, does that really make her qualified to have any sort of villain arc at all? It doesn't make any lick of sense to me.

    20. Paola García

      This will be amazing ⚠️

    21. Joshua Summers

      Invictus better not harm Ash.. I’m gonna be pissed if something happens to my favorite character

    22. Lauren Skinner

      I really really hope we get season 4. This show is great and there’s not a lot of other shows like it. It’s the one show I stay up late to watch premiere live lol

      1. Nas T

        Yep. This show proves that Final Space (and Primal) are more superior compare to other Adult Swim shows. We all need a fourth season and then maybe a fifth season!😀

    23. Syrprince Jordan

      Bro ash invictus is playing games with u he’s trying to trick u

    24. Chaos Elite

      I want more Smiling Friends!

      1. Nas T

        Dude, stop it. Just wait. Final Space is better anyways.

    25. Georgie porgie pudding pie

      this is the reason why woman are better with talking about their emotions then men

      1. Portal master7

        Dont look untill uve seen the episode RIP bolo

    26. Spinxoid

      How do i watch season 3 i cant find it on netflix

      1. James Howe

        because it not over

    27. Dariana DBZ

      Esto se va a poner feo 😰

      1. X D

        @lazy trash 😂😂 Voy a verlo

      2. Dariana DBZ

        @lazy trash nada de spoilers porfavor

      3. lazy trash

        Banda ya salió el episodio. Si se puso feo a😭

      4. lazy trash

        @Dariana DBZ en cuevana los suben subtitulados poco después de que estrenan.

      5. X D

        @Dariana DBZ Haber dimela ♥️😳

    28. Omni Man899


    29. aderose

      Man the crew just can’t catch a break...

    30. voltrzx

      dude its the amogus imposter spaceship

    31. Thêodøra 4k

      I love this show so much

      1. Nas T

        Me too. This show is so much better than other Adult Swim shows.

    32. Squidfizzy “Squidfizzy”

      How has Invictus killed Gary THOUSANDS of times? how many times have they gone through this in Final Space? Poor Ash is alone in the universe and thinks that Invictus is the only one that can do something for her.

      1. Squidfizzy “Squidfizzy”

        @FlowZacInfinite yeah I guess so cuz Nightfall said she’s killed the Lord Commander hundreds of times

      2. FlowZacInfinite

        According to Nightfall. She has watched Gary go into the breach 100s of times.

    33. Monkeyboy 1002

      I'm really glad that people working on finals space know what they doing with ash character. she really been thought a lot.

      1. Monkeyboy 1002

        @Jacob Pena shit just happen and idea that are thrown at the wall really do sticks but again shit happens

      2. Jacob Pena

        I know, its crasy because Olan didnt even want the lgbtq character to be Ash but the rest of the studio wanted it to be her. It shouldve been Lil Cato tbh

      3. Monkeyboy 1002

        @Jacob Pena Oh I see what you mean about ash character. when I was watching behind the scenes stuff they had much stuff from show they want different direction for her

      4. Jacob Pena

        I dont have a problem with her character at all, I just dont think that she was a good choice for the LGBTQ rep for the season, they way they went about it to was very cliche

      5. Monkeyboy 1002

        @Jacob Pena I understand what you are coming from but ash character was just in backaround character in season 2 while we focus on little avocado and his problems. I don't see much problem with her story. if anything that come out left field was that little avocado has two dad but that was best part in season 2

    34. luna vondeling

      she felt so intense 🌑🌘

    35. River Torres

      I'm getting pretty nervous about this...😨 I'm especially worried about Ash.

      1. Joseph Mcginley

        I hope she turns back to her young original self

      2. Soul Crossing

        ... I hope *he* doesn't get out of *his* prison.

    36. Chombey

      Are we going to lose someone in this fight?

      1. Nas T

        I hope not.

    37. RexSparx

      Time for more heartbreak and tragedy....Ash might actually turn if she's having doubts now.

      1. Animezilla 44

        I was thinking the same thing now I appreciate Gary's mom trying to talk to her even though I feel that Sheryl's Redemption was too quick I wonder how Ash it's going to feel when she finds out what happened to Clarence

    38. Henrÿ TM

      Gary's mom HOT af

    39. Ange VG


    40. Shaun Sheep

      I only just noticed that ash has 2 eyes now

      1. Shaun Sheep

        @Portal master7 haven't seen the season, just a few sneak peaks

      2. Portal master7

        Really episode 6 invictus gave her the new eye

    41. Rory Goodspeed

      ᴿᴱᴺᴱᵂ ᶠᴵᴺᴬᴸ ˢᴾᴬᶜᴱ!!

    42. Nathan Quinton 14 (STUDENT)

      How does Final space do it the show gives me a feeling like no other and the graphics are literally movie quality perfection!!!

    43. GPJ Great Producer Jaylen (The Green Diamond Warrior)

      I guess that makes Sheryl a “Grandspeed “ or “Momspeed” What are you guys think?

      1. Lane Pebsworth

        Well she's already a momspeed and a grandspeed, momspeed to Gary and grandspeed to Little Cato but with that said I think she's a momspeed to Ash

      2. Martina Vedejo olivares


      3. Portal master7

        Grand speed to mooncake And momspeed the ash and gary

    44. Viky Gutierrez

      Una tormenta espacial de garys zombies ok oficialmente esto es épico!!

      1. sofia Lopez

        Desde el capítulo pasado con Lord Commander eclosionando en un titán a la vez que destruía la tierra👀

    45. rocky.slush༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

      I'm gonna fuckin lose my shit

    46. robert rivero

      la segunda noche de los gary zombies esto estara emocionante

    47. Matt McCarthy

      I like it 👍

    48. Kervin Massicott

      I hope that final space character don't die

    49. Nas T

      Renew Final Space for a fourth season please! This show is so great.

      1. jajajajja

        @OnideusMadHatter ñ

      2. OnideusMadHatter

        Nah, instead of renewing it, they could just keep making rando "sneak peeks"... you know, as a way of continually reminding everyone how BAD American animation is so we don't ever make the mistake of wasting our time with garbage.

    50. Isaiah Naegi

      Idk why, but I personally feel like Fox hasn't been used Enough in general

    51. John Hogan

      It has really baffled me to see this cheap derivative of Rick and Morty continue to escape cancellation

      1. NoelistAvenger

        @Nothat0therguy99 Let's hope we're chill enough not to become toxic, but not *too* chill so the network decides the show is worth renewing for a 4th season.

      2. Nothat0therguy99

        @NoelistAvenger Yeah that so awful even Justin Roiland cringed at it. I can't say I encountered a lot of Final Space fans, but from my experience the community seems pretty chill

      3. NoelistAvenger

        @Nothat0therguy99 I really hope Final Space won't end up like Rick and Morty when it comes to the fanbase. I mean, remember that whole szechuan sauce thing ? Now imagine dozens of Final Space fanboys cosplaying as Gary, assaulting a bakery while screaming "COOKIE!!!" That would suck.

      4. rocky.slush༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

        @Nothat0therguy99 YES THIS 100%

      5. MundoJuanci

        I know why you're hurting We're all waiting for season 4 😔 (of FS)

    52. Jake Power

      why is there an argument on season 4 this show is awesome

    53. Will Mill

      God they keep teasing back and forth with the mind set of ash and that will she betray them...

    54. Bizarre Sport


    55. Is Swampus

      Never watched this show, but every clip is melodramatic and moody, yet the art style looks like some Nick Jr. shit. What the fuck are they going for?

      1. Is Swampus

        @Nas T just adorable

      2. Nas T

        @Is Swampus Then I guess you don't have a soul. Goodbye.

      3. Is Swampus

        @Nas T awwww what an adorable attempt at a response. Truly the comeback of a final space fan

      4. Nas T

        @Is Swampus Then I guess you are just asking gay as Rick and Morty and Mr. Pickles. Boy, you’re about as important as a white crayon.

      5. Is Swampus

        @Nas T lol imagine being this upset over someone dissing something as gay as final space😂

    56. Kahlil

      Bruh the emo shit too much pleeeeeaase😭

    57. brandon heaton

      This show continues to be amazing Btw S04 needs to happen

    58. Wes Syde

      ash gets More edgy

      1. River Torres

        I've noticed that too. Ash was never like this back in Season 2, even when she's with Little Cato.

    59. Trial_With_An_Error

      Are they serious? Ash is really about to turn to Invictus...after all of that fucking development they're just gonna make her turn?

      1. C LT

        @River Torres Little Kato is a kid. Ash need a adult: a father or a mother.

      2. River Torres

        @cheesecake why not Little Cato?

      3. CDAGaming

        @cheesecake That was Gary who was making amends with Ash. Ash hasn't done anything *yet*.

      4. CDAGaming

        @pyrolee17 Indeed, at the end of the day, she was a kid who was *forced* to grow up, with a power she still does not fully understand. That's quite a lot of inner torment, without the fact that *she can hear invictus within her very being* as well. It was pretty much a question of time once Invictus tapped into Ash.

      5. cheesecake

        @pyrolee17 yeah she needs someone to support her and no one else is doing it which makes me so sad :[[

    60. cheesecake

      honestly i’m really happy that sheryl is growing to care more. especially for ash because she’s really in need for someone caring about her right now and only sheryl is doing it which makes me happy :]]

      1. Willy Tepes

        @jajajajja Because by escaping into a fantasy world you will never feel the need to change what is broken about society, thus you are actually living a meaningless existence and not contributing anything. Why do you think all this entertainment is provided to you for free? It is to pacify you.

      2. jajajajja

        @Willy Tepes Hey the actual world sucks and for me a lot more since i live in a third world country what's wrong with trying to escape reality?

      3. Okardare

        @Willy Tepes "Because I find it amusing that people prefer to live in a fantasy world when there is a real world out there that is much more exiting." So you are piss of because people like a serie and their characters, rather than walk on the street? You really sound like that right now "but with words you can get millions of people to follow you." What the? You sound like a cult leader "There is not a fictional story in existence that can match the drama of real life" Have you ever watch Avatar, or Shape of a Voice? Something tells me that it only bothers you that people can enjoy series that you don't. "Yeah, I hear that when you have become used to the hard drugs, simple weed don't work anymore." Imagine comparing fantasy series with drugs XD You follow the same logic as those who believe that the anime was made by demons or is equivalent to getting high XD "Seriously Dude, we are headed for world war 3 and you are gonna get a rude awakening." Ok, doomer.

      4. Willy Tepes

        @Prince Floof Yeah, I hear that when you have become used to the hard drugs, simple weed don't work anymore. Have fun in your fantasy universe while we change the world around you. Seriously Dude, we are headed for world war 3 and you are gonna get a rude awakening.

      5. Prince Floof

        @Willy Tepes Sounds boring

    61. The Emo gamer

      Lets goo

    62. Will Higgins

      I keep thinking that Invictus using a army of zombie Garys is gonna be reviled to have some significance? Like, is there some bond between Invictus and Gary and we don’t know about yet?

      1. Liam Jacques

        I'm just going to say I have two theories, one is that it's a Gary, one that survived the trip and had found himself in an Earth where he melded and realizing a F#&KED UP secret we don't know, became Invictus, or it could go a Twelve Monkeys route and Invictus can be the future or Parallel child of Gary who had been transported back and there is still a F#&$KED UP secret we don't know about

      2. darth diabolus

        @Flying Stars but, why just the gary's ? Why not ussing the rest of people who were in the earth when this one got sucked ?

      3. Veronica Piccinini

        @CDAGaming if Gary is an annoyance for Invictus, then why keeping all those dead Garys? Wouldn’t it be inconsistent?

      4. CDAGaming

        @Furion Max The events we see in Final Space Season One pretty much play out in some form for every gary. As time goes on however, thats when the timeline gets finner, in a survival of the fittest type way. Gary is by no means the *only* Gary to get this far, mainly one of a significantly lower population of Garys that Invictus is trying to extinguish one by one.

      5. CDAGaming

        @Veronica Piccinini It isnt so much hatred more of just Gary being a persistent annoyance to Invictus, prompting it over time to want to take out Gary as quick as possible so that he doesnt continue to be an annoyance. This is compounded by the fact that Invictus is becoming more aggressive as its paitience for Gary is wearing thin.


      Ash Don't pull a SASHA.

      1. Jazmín Peñaloza

        @International Soup and who is Sasha?

      2. International Soup

        @Jazmín Peñaloza Both Ash and Sasha

      3. Jazmín Peñaloza

        @International Soup ok Who are we talking about

      4. International Soup

        @Jazmín Peñaloza Ash's real name is Ash and Sasha's real name is Sasha

      5. Jazmín Peñaloza

        @International Soup ah yeah, but the real Name of Ash y Sasha

    64. sonicdihedgehog1

      You know, this is Great. It's About Frigging Time Sheryl had to do Something Important. I mean, I guess you could count why she hasn't said or done much as an excuse especially with the situations Gary was in. But, Man! Does it Feel Good that we're FINALLY getting something with her. And it feels like they are building up more to her regrets. Hope she keeps on regretting the things she tries to do to Gary and the things she said to him. Especially the part where she Nearly Kills Quinn to hurt Gary. Hope to see her feel more guilty about this. I also hope that she would feel more conflicted in killing an army if her zombified estranged son. I also Really Hope she faces iff against Jack The Lord Commander since they Could have history with each other since she had been with John. Possibly manipulate her. Make her feel bad. Whatever it is, I Really Hope we get something out of this and I Am REALLY GLAD WE GOT SONETHING OUT OF SHERYL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. sonicdihedgehog1

        @Francis Witcher Plays Yeah, Really Hope he realizes something about her. I mean,Really Wish he would have earlier because not only if he Might known her a long time ago. But, she bears a Striking Resemblence to Gary. To, you'd think he might find her familiar and torment her. Hope the two Finally Clash, though.

      2. sonicdihedgehog1

        @cheesecake Indeed. Nice seeing her play the motherly role this time. Especially she has ALOT to make up for. Hopefully she tries to interact and hang out with Quinn just to impress her and make her look good in front of her son as her Future Mother-In-Law.

      3. Hackie Puffs

        Couldn’t have said it better myself

      4. Francis Witcher Plays

        OH! I forgot about the detail but that would be insane if LC would say something about John to sheryl.

      5. cheesecake

        SAME!!!! her development as a character is so real and fleshed out it feels so nice to see her caring not just about gary but ash as well!!!!!

    65. Supersonicmcroy

      Shit is about to go down!

    66. caro

      Amazing show!! Waiting Season 4

      1. caro

        @Portal master7 I know but there's a lot of things that aren't in this season and they don't confirm the next yet

      2. Portal master7

        But season 3 isn't done yet

    67. The Terbear

      I was kinda disappointed in this season but still love this show. I hope for a season 4.

      1. TheyCallMeScifi

        @ConcernedAlien11780 a fair and well written criticism? Friend, are you aware you are on FIblock? In all seriousness though, those are good points. Have a thumbs up.

      2. River Torres

        I personally prefer Season 2.

      3. ConcernedAlien11780

        I don't think Season 3 got good until Episode 9. I feel like almost none of the dramatic moments in the first eight episodes of the season landed like they were supposed to, either because of them being undermined by rather dumb jokes, those moments having questionable logic making characters involved in them either unintentionally sympathetic or unintentionally unsympathetic, or because of poor placement in the episodes. I guess the issue is how that was the "slog," and many shows have an underwritten first eight episodes in a thirteen-episode season before picking up in quality for the last five episodes, but I was tying it back to the season having no writers other than Olan Rogers, David Sacks, and Ben Bjeljac, the last of which is also a producer and the director of most of the show's most dramatic and/or visually daring episodes, and I was left feeling like I should finish the season but not watch future seasons unless they have other writers. I felt like Olan's origins in lighthearted internet comedy and commitment to making Final Space full of heart and not have as much crass or mean-spirited humor compared to a lot of other adult-oriented animated comedies had gone from things that helped the show stand out to things that were holding the show back. This season was marketed as the darkest season yet now that the gang's in the thick of it with being trapped in the titular location and struggling to fight Invictus, with the initial trailers completely lacking in jokes, yet once the show started to air, it seemed like Olan couldn't commit to that. I think that the jokes in the dramatic moments would've worked better if they were a little darker and more like the kinds of jokes in Rick and Morty, or if the jokes were more dry and flat, rather than just standard zany and goofy jokes, because those jokes had the effect of even making the dramatic moments that weren't directly undercut by them, like Fox's death, not as emotionally affecting as they were supposed to be, because they make those moments come off as insincere. I think that they should've either done those bits differently, or keep them like they were but make the rest of the show not take itself fully seriously either, not even the threats posed by Lord Commander, the Titans, or Invictus, because then Final Space could have a Venture Bros.-esque tone. But then "The Hypertransdimensional Bridge" seemed to be a return to form, with none of the jokes, not even the KVN and Tribore jokes, detracting from the narrative this time, plus the fact that it finally started to feel like something was happening in the show. Maybe it was because that episode aired the same weekend as Castlevania Season 4, which ended that show on a surprisingly uplifting and satisfying note, and that season kind of bookended the pandemic, as the previous season aired in March 2020, when the pandemic started, and this season aired just as the pandemic was starting to truly end, all of which put me in a good mood, but other shows that aired this spring put me in a good mood too, yet none of those made me happy enough to not mind Final Space's flaws, so I'm pretty sure it's because the show actually is starting to come together at the end of the season. There are still some issues, like Lord Commander being more sympathetic than he's supposed to be due to the possibility of him not being in control of his own actions, and Sheryl being less sympathetic than she's supposed to be due to her redemption coming too easily since, unlike Lord Commander, she was never possessed by Invictus to become more evil, but the improvements the show has started to make in Episodes 9 and 10 of Season 3 make me think that there's a better chance of them addressing such things in the future. Final Space is one of the best animated TV shows ever made in all of the technical departments- music, animation, visual effects, sound design, voice acting- and if Olan could just find a way to become more consistent with the writing, or maybe get help from some writers of something else that is known for tight plotting and effective comedy-drama balance, it could become the perfect TV show.

      4. Francis Witcher Plays

        Why you're dissappointed for this season?

    68. Jacob B

      I really hope Ash doesn’t turn bad

      1. Chipping Pixels

        @BigBoiLettuce indeed

      2. BigBoiLettuce

        Things that have aged poorly

      3. Jared Sull8

        @Veronica Piccinini if she does lose her other eye, why do I get the feeling that what's left will be a hole, almost like the eye was torn out?

      4. Veronica Piccinini

        Or killed

      5. Joseph Mcginley

        @Jacob B The second eye is invictus doing and ash probably she going to lose that to if she screws over invictus

    69. Piper Hoag

      I can’t believe something that looks like this is played over Venture Bros :||| bring it back adult swim

      1. Nas T

        @Piper Hoag So? Who cares. The Venture Bros are getting a movie to end the story for good.

      2. Piper Hoag

        @Nas T I was informed of that, the show still ends regardless.

      3. Nas T

        Piper, Hoag, you fool! They are making a Venture Bros movie! Don't you pay attention to anything?! Also Finally Space premiered on Adult Swim in 2019!

      4. Nas T

        @Sergio 223 Shut up.

      5. cheesecake


    70. fran


    71. darkprincess1366

      Final space would make a good video game

      1. NoelistAvenger

        Borderlands is pretty much as close as you can get to a Final Space game when you think about it

      2. Portal master7

        @Kean a 3 hour movie 1 for each season I like it

      3. Kean

        Not really as proven time and time again that what makes a good movie/show doesn't make a good game and vice versa and like anything it could work but would have to be executed smartly.

      4. Portal master7

        @darkprincess1366 dawg I loves those images the light fold being a Fast travel

      5. darkprincess1366

        Sometimes the episodes be feeling like some high quality cut scenes.

    72. satanic pickle God

      Have yall noticed how the animation changed over time

      1. Georgie porgie pudding pie

        @Adam Ujhelyi that explains the differnts in Gary's digsign a bit and animation from the frist season

      2. Adam Ujhelyi

        @Georgie porgie pudding pie nahh jam filled worked on both seasons 2 and 3

      3. Jojo ly

        @Georgie porgie pudding pie I know, TBS to adult swim.

      4. satanic pickle God

        @Adam Ujhelyi thats good

      5. Georgie porgie pudding pie

        differant animation company

    73. The Cosmic Freeway - Story & Animation

      Ash is a great character! I wanna know more about her back story.

      1. Joshua Summers

        Definitely my favorite character

      2. Portal master7

        What we know Was born and raised on serapentus Where ash and her sister harp where being sacrificed to a snake (sorry forgot the name) harp get eaten first and ash gets her powers from invictus and ash killed her. Parents She ran off and met fox and clarence after they made a pit stop on serapentus to restock on stuff

      3. cheesecake

        same!! even tho we know everything i can’t help but wanna know more!!!

      4. The Cosmic Freeway - Story & Animation

        @Francis Witcher Plays all caught up. Big fan. Just adore the character and design

      5. Francis Witcher Plays

        You should watch Season 2.

    74. The Raging Gamer on PS4

      Gary? Hue?

    75. Just some other Fox

      Man I feel like these mfs are gonna die before they even try to leave final space. Just kill Invictus and the titans already! damn

    76. BoredBrother

      I can’t wait for this series to be out 😁😁😁👌👌👌👍👍⭐️

      1. XxDxisnJayXx

        It’s been 3 years

      2. XxDxisnJayXx

        5 years?

      3. cheesecake

        it’s been out already. these are just clips for the episodes lmao

      4. bittyb0t

        it’s been out. this episode literally airs tomorrow. it’s season 3!

      5. James Howe

        it been out for like 5 years go watch it

    77. Quantiss

      let’s go

    78. Ashen Knight

      Night of the living Gary 2

    79. Gustavo Borda

      Primer español en comentar

    80. Dessu


      1. cheesecake

        same LMFAO

      2. satanic pickle God


    81. leònidas herencia avila卐

      hey the next video :v

    82. tevyees

      Who the f are these characters. It was stupid to introduce a whole cast and everything then have them all die in the end of the season. Where the hell is the little green ball thing also

      1. Portal master7

        Burh final space is the bomb You got captain gary Quinn Gary's girlfriend Mooncake technology a cat Avocato and little coto cat people Kvn the deep space insanity avoidance companion Ash a small titan Sheryl Gary's mom H.u.e the galaxy 1 (you will be missed rip galaxy 1,) and 2s ai Ava (rip) the ai of the crimson light Clarence ,(rip) a lieing cheating con Fox (rip) a tough but REALLY sensitive guy Keven van nutan (rip) constuted the hyper trans demenchanel bridge, the kvns and the kvns net, The lord commander (now a titan) a wangdangler Bolo the only good titan left Invictus the strongest and most dangerous titan Biskit was van nutan assistant for 30 YEARS nightfall (rip) from the future and is quinn John (rip) Gary's dad And Todd (rip) tryed to stop clarence from activating the hyper trans demancal bridge

      2. cheesecake

        @James Howe exactly like how the hell can you complain about something you haven’t even watched like Bruh

      3. James Howe

        dont complain about new characters if you only seen season 1

      4. cheesecake

        @tevyees well then that’s your problem. no one needs to hear your complaining. just keep your rude comments to yourself man. it’s not that hard.

      5. Jacob B

        @tevyees did you watch season 2?

    83. •- ÆłƏx -•

      Oh no

    84. Riley Janis

      Good video adult swim

    85. Агата Dark [Канал мёртв]

      10 Seconds

    86. T3CH D3CK.3


      1. Максим Мешков

        In line for castration