Funeral Time (Sneak Peek) | Final Space | adult swim

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    Final Space continues Saturdays at 10:30pm on Adult Swim.


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    1. TheRedRubyGaming

      Why does kvn sound different

    2. Marcus Perez

      R.i.p. Fox goodbye big guy.

    3. RavensNation52 !

      Can someone tell me the name of the song that's playing in the background

    4. TwoМаков

      Кто из Рашки, все сюда.

    5. Aldrick Ex Gladius

      Who gives a shit?! More ATHF, Metalocalypse, and SeaLab 2021.

    6. Devonte The Dog

      Alternative Title: Yay Gary Dies!

    7. Ravmex plus

      Question for when will final space the third season appear in Spanish?

    8. Blufoxgaming

      Me who only watched 2 seasons of final space 👁👄👁

    9. SHADE

      Who died? Your cousin

      1. James Howe

        watch the show

    10. Snow axe

      This show is just best, it's better then Rick and Morty,

      1. Nas T

        In my opinion, Final Space is way more better than Rick and Morty.

    11. Envy the homunculus & mard geer

      Gary mom is hot I'm sorry but it's true

    12. Britt Whatever

      Awwwww this season is going to pull our hearts in ways we are not ready for 🥺

    13. najmikamargaming

      As you can see, before her, the exactly same things before goes to gary's dad funeral to Sheryl goodspeed

    14. Starcloak Starside

      Uncertain. Why does Ash have 2 eyes now?

      1. Har[V]eyProductions

        Invictus gave her a second eye when she became her “true self”

      2. James Howe

        watch the show

    15. Dan

      Anybody else feeling more annoyed than sad about this? I mean, she LITERALLY SAW HIM TRYING TO RESIST THE CONTROL FROM INVICTUS! If anything, it just makes more mad about the situation than sad.

      1. Nas T

        Hey man. It's a cartoon.

    16. Wasted Shin

      This still come on?

      1. James Howe


    17. Hannah Doris

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      1. Har[V]eyProductions

        holy shit i’ve never seen this many bots in one reply section

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      5. Mark Avalos

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    18. Bryan Ever Pérez Huanca

      Quien murio

    19. Misanola

      They finally jumped with shark with this episode.

      1. Misanola

        @James Howe Terrible writing and plot devices. The entire episode is dedicated to wallowing in half baked emotions.

      2. James Howe


    20. There 4 You

      Poor Fox.

    21. Ben Jennings

      what is this

      1. James Howe

        you tell me you clicked on it

    22. Glenn Byrnes

      Keven even vannoying at funerals.

    23. sasha sasha


    24. Adam

      Canadian Netflix only has S1 and S2 :/

    25. Franco Aedo

      Quien murio

    26. Vinculus

      Pasen contexto

    27. Dolari GD

      I do not remembers what happend

      1. James Howe

        then watch the show

    28. Alexis Williams

      Gary did not Kent to kill fox Ash dosnt understand

    29. Danial Wilker

      I thought ash only had one eye

      1. Danial Wilker

        @Nas T lol yeah I figured there was an explanation, and not just an early gag

      2. Nas T

        Invictus gave her two eyes. Just watch the rest of Season 3, my friend.

    30. Oyacomova

      Press F to pay respect

      1. Nas T


    31. James Swearengin

      I wonder is Fox going to be dead for real? Like Ash have power that are similar to Invictus. And lets not forget that guy brought back the Lord Commander from death like three time. Two just in season 3 and one of them he saw shot like 10 time in head body arms and he is still a alive. So I can see Ash bring him back and I would love to see that cause come on Ron Funches is just a peach we can't never get enough of his joyful attitude.

    32. Jack Armstrong

      I got so close to cry also when did she get the other fucking eye

      1. Har[V]eyProductions

        in Season 3 Episode 6

    33. EmilioSuperEmilio 2.0

      Oh no spoilers

      1. James Howe

        it not if you watch the show

    34. Nikola Obrenic

      People don’t really understand character arcs? Do ya lol

    35. Frostbite

      i know this is a sad moment but can we just appreciate the new ash design like damn

    36. Mark346533243

      She's going to go nuclear before all is said and done.

    37. Dark & Twisted

      I will have to check this out!

      1. Atticus Colten

        @Rylan Kody definitely, I've been using instaflixxer for months myself :D

      2. Grant Owen

        @Rylan Kody Yup, I've been using InstaFlixxer for months myself :)

      3. Rylan Kody

        dunno if you guys gives a shit but if you guys are stoned like me during the covid times then you can stream pretty much all the latest series on InstaFlixxer. Have been watching with my gf for the last few months =)

      4. Nas T

        Of course, check this show out. This show is really great. Everybody loves this show, even me.

    38. Amanda Reed

      Yea I hate when they have fake drama. I mean she knew who they were fighting and knew her brother was under invictus control. And so was Gary. Yet it's Gary's fault he died? Gotta say she ruins the show completely to be honest. Especially with how they're trying to turn her to being with invictus. It wasn't Gary's fault anyone could see that. Anyone with a brain mean. Really fucking up with that writing there Olan maybe you should rethink things like this.

    39. Johnnybish 420

      Why does Kevin sound so weird

    40. Jeff Winfrey

      Los 13

    41. Reach For The Stars 10919

      I am waiting for this season to came up, so I'm so confused, didn't Ash had only one eye? :v

      1. James Howe

        it already out

    42. Vinícius r


    43. Weekly Memes

      Even KVN cried.

    44. Jäger Meister_175

      Ashy got a 2nd eye?

    45. devilpupbear09

      May Fox spirit find it's way in the walls of Valhalla where the brave shall live forever nor shall we mourn but rejoice for those who have died a glorious death.

    46. Mark Whitelegge

      Hope this comes to Netflix soon…..

      1. James Howe

        it will when this season is over

    47. K, Jetix's Successor

      I can't believe this idiot actually believes Garry killed him.

    48. Josh DeGroot

      After this episode, Ash went from Carrie White to Regina Mills (once upon a time tv show) to Elsa. we now know She is officially GAY. Oh God, that fight with Gary and avo and him revealing his secret and them making a promise to provide a better future for Little Cato. God FREAKING ANGST

    49. Husnain Naeem


    50. Santino Pacheco

      I don't like the new ash

    51. Westkane11

      This is a really dum plot. Final space you were doing so well until now.

      1. Nas T

        That's on you, you pissant.🤣

    52. Shadowclan2009 vlogs

      Does this mean season 3 is coming out soon

      1. James Howe

        it already out in the usa then the world

    53. LudaChez

      I don't mind spoilers so I've seen some other shit like this , but I only watched Season One. Then maybe episode one of season 2. How is everyone liking this show? Is it definitely worth picking back up? Or are you watching just because you're invested? Thank you for any feedback

    54. PillowTalk

      Haven’t seen the how, but is Gary still annoying sounding, or they toned it down?

      1. James Howe

        yes it you watch no if you dont

    55. ozan koray doganay

      this scenario is sooo dumb, not even any meaning anymore.

    56. Dylan Doxey

      Is this actually the end? If so im sad disappointed and out right mad they killed off a beloved character fox didn't deserve this

    57. Nathan Jones

      Didn't Ash only have one eye?

    58. camramaster

      What time is it?! ... ... ... Funeral Time! Yay!

    59. Robo Blue

      I got recommended this randomly and thought it was going to be a funny meme video.

    60. spaghetti with a salty sauce

      I'm kinda confused? Didn't Fox literally had glowing purple eyes and Invictus voice? Ash also saw how in pain Gary was and how he screamed no, stop this, please? I don't understand why is Gary to be blamed here, this is so forced.

      1. James Howe

        watch the show and all your question will be answered

    61. PinkiePool GamerBrony30

      DAM That hits me right in the feels

    62. player one

      This is the worst

      1. James Howe


    63. Frost Soul7755

      JESUS CHRIST what part of Invictus does she not get ? MIND CONTROL his hobby/Main power ....

    64. Alec Aquino

      This show is so LAME!

      1. Alec Aquino

        @Nas T I'm usually very positive in my comments. I don't know what it is about this show that rubs me the wrong way. I just really don't like it. I hope that isn't enough to label me an unlikable troll though :(

      2. Nas T

        @Alec Aquino Oh thank you, I didn't realize that unlikable trolls like you can be so good at making compliments.🤣

      3. Alec Aquino

        @Nas T Not really. I have a lot of great things in my life to be thankful for. You, on the other hand are butt hurt over my accurate comment about a crappy show. Sounds like your life is much more meaningless Nas T.

      4. Nas T

        You have a meaningless life, Alex Aquino.

      5. Alec Aquino

        @James Howe So... Go on. Finish your thought now.

    65. agus gamer

      I think this was the most humane moment Kevin had this season

    66. Sir Stan

      I was trying to spread the good word of detentionaire. Not feel sad after seeing this episode today. But anyway If you like final space you’ll like this show, it’s called *detentionaire* I recently saw a reddit post while searching for news about a season 5 for a show called *detentionaire* which you should DEFINITELY watch. It reminds me a lot of gravity falls and honestly drags you in within the first episode or the first three if you’re not open minded but just give it a go. If enough of us do the work we could get the show back! Please give it a go for me and yourself, i really want a season 5 and beyond and you’ll love the show. Spread the word about this. The more attention we draw the higher our chances of getting it back

    67. KIM HAK BX

      What is the title of this movie? I want to watch the full story, it looks like the action is really good

      1. James Howe

        this is a tv show not a movie

    68. Jaydenexeralltheway 1

      I’m not sure if Kevin ruined the moment but fox actually liked Kevin

    69. Ismadib

      Bring back the game Day off the vikings please!

    70. Tom Burrows

      Just wondering, is Biskit still on Final Space?

      1. Nas T

        I bet he is.

    71. MR. Pinguin

      Who died

      1. James Howe

        watch the show

    72. Micah Lawrence

      What is this shit

      1. James Howe

        you tell me you clicked on it

    73. real

      i farted from this

      1. Nas T

        You have a small brain.

    74. Sven K

      i hope adult swim buries this shit show

      1. Nas T

        You suck at life, Sven K.

      2. James Howe

        why would they

    75. Merie Wanderer

      I can't blame my baby really. To her, if Gary didn't come Fox would have been 'fine'.

    76. Tay Chin Peng

      You do understand that with how poorly each episode is written for this season, this preview is as good as knowing what the whole episode is about already.

      1. Nas T

        Maybe that's one you.

    77. XxZombieGorilla

      wait where can i watch more? iv only seen season 2 on netflix

      1. James Howe

        adult swim

    78. AnonymousMan 557

      I love how this scene shows a lot to KVN's character. Even though he could be annoying, he really cared about Fox

    79. neat stance

      You guys please release session 3 there so much we don't know

    80. Metallization OFFICIAL

      I rather watch Rick and Morty

      1. Nas T

        @Jason J "WAHH! THIS IS NOT RICK AND MORTY! I HATE IT! WAAAH!" That's you. You're toxic. Toxic, toxic, toxic.

      2. Nas T

        @Jason J One day, you never gonna get married, have kids, and get a job because you're a toxic person.

      3. Nas T

        @Jason J Okay well how about this: You are making the Rick and Morty fanbase toxic which is ruining Rick and Morty! And that is true. Most people gave up on Rick and Morty. I gave up on Rick and Morty. Unlikable Rick and Morty fans like you are ruining the show and you should be a shamed of yourself for your toxic behavior towards everything else that isn't Rick and Morty. Either change or just suffer in Hell with your toxic behavior. That's the truth, people are sick of the toxic Rick and Morty fanbase. Look it up on Google, you troll.

      4. Nas T

        Final Space is better than Rick and Morty.

    81. Don Of the dead

      they better pull some type of crap and revive fox

      1. Zerr0

        @Don Of the dead it's like hating ben 10 because he was a bad character and then hating Spider-Man because they share the same voice actor. That point makes no sense I'm allowed to like one portrayal of a character but not like the actors other characters

      2. Zerr0

        @Don Of the dead kingshark is a wholesome guy with good line delivery. Fox can be wholesome but says some very stupid things all the time to the point were it frustrates me

      3. Zerr0

        @Don Of the dead but kingshark was actually funny. fox isnt funny. If you think it matters About the voice and not the character you must be stupid and or 12. Fox's character isn't funny and it's made clear in the first ep of season 3. We're little Cato says don't make a sound and fox does the opposite and yells. Writers really think it's funny when a character is asked not to do something but do it anyway

      4. Don Of the dead

        @Zerr0 hell u talking about fox was funny saying he is annoying is like saying kingshark is annoying from Harley Quinn

      5. Zerr0

        @Don Of the dead if they bring him back they should make him less annoying. We don't need another season 1 gary

    82. Sean Mcelhiney

      Oh ash? I hope you realize Gary was not responsible for what happened.

    83. Sean Williams

      Sneaky peaky

    84. Syrprince Jordan

      Ash is angry at Gary but who she should really be angry at is invictus

    85. Dariel Chavez

      Ash: You are a robot HUE: Shut the truck up i have More character evolution you deadass...

    86. Abi Marzipan

      This story is following night fall’s story line. It’s going to become a never ending loop

    87. MetraSightseerRailfan

      Maybe Fox might come back. He was one of my favorite characters, including Ash.

      1. Nas T

        I wanted him to come back.

    88. Joey Finch

      This show sucks

      1. Nas T

        Then that means you think everything else sucks. You hate everything. You hate children, you hate women, you hate everyone in general. You must be the most miserable person on Earth.🤣🤣🤣

    89. shaj ali

      Wait wot is the 3rd season out

    90. Nicholas Severino

      I wonder how clarence would react to this

      1. Nas T

        I don't know...he would feel pretty bad I think.

    91. SureelaSuwar

      This was predictable

      1. James Howe


    92. Dan Welsh

      Hmmm I'm not sold on this space drama thing

    93. Micheal Popplewell

      Can’t believe this pile of shit got made and smiling friends didnt.

      1. Ryan


    94. Max Schwartz

      Wait, final space season 3??!!

      1. James Howe

        yes in the usa

    95. Vocisoffaun shaw

      shes clouded by sadness and anger. She'll understand that it was invictus who did killed fox by controlling what had happened

    96. Fillipe Tomaz

      After 3 episodes, he will return

      1. Nas T

        He'll return or not. Who knows.

    97. Nei'keir TheBadger 62

      Unrelated Question: Anyone notice Little Cato's voice change a bit. No? Just me?

    98. Matthew Cheung

      Dammit Fox you better do a Joseph Joestar and come back

    99. BroAnarchy

      Jesus Christ, This show is tugging at my heart strings more harder than a Class K Supergiant being pulled into an Event Horizon inside a Black Hole 💔

    100. Holy Mage

      adult swim absolutely has turned into a corporate shill, fuckin garbage shows you been putting out, get back to your roots, finish The Shivering Truth, give us more anything thats the REAL Adult swim not this fruity kid bullshit keep this wack turd goblin show on disney plus

      1. Holy Mage

        @Luke Woodburn yea cuz this shouldn’t be on ADULT swim ...which should be for ADULTS keep this kindergarten bullshit on Disney

      2. Luke Woodburn

        Jesus fuck you dont like the show we got it. but you dont have to shit all over it and its not even kid friendly.