Inside the Episode: Until the Sky Falls | Final Space | adult swim

12 t. näkymät14

    Everything culminates in episode 10 and the team discusses the story behind it.


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    Julkaistu 27 päivää sitten


    1. CrimsonReaper

      For me its ok if its 4 season as long as long as invictus is dead and no cliffhangers

    2. Vultur

      RIP Kevin

    3. maxime beaulieu

      Why would you fucking spoil me?!? Those episodes are not on Netflix yet

    4. cartoonobsessedSTAR1

      If this whole season doesn’t help give us a season 4, I don’t know what will

    5. caro

      amazing job! can't wait for the next episode

      1. Tonnia Linnen

        Me too! 😉😘

    6. Mauro Collado

      I dont know but i have the bad feeling that gary is gonna die making a sacrify at the end of this season

    7. Byron_fan24

      why does titan lord commander from the side looks like beavis from beavis and butthead lol

    8. DBD DamnBoyD

      This episode actually shocked me so hard 🤯🤯🤯

      1. Tonnia Linnen

        Me too! 🤯🤯🤯

    9. Cococrash11

      Awesome Final Space Video.

    10. Kevin Clay

      Where does the zombie come from?

      1. Carbuncle from Puyo Puyo

        They’re corpses of Garies from other dimensions, possessed by Invictus.

    11. Utsav Agarwal

      I love this series, but I feel lord commander's design as a titan could've been much better. Seems too simplified, maybe if it was more akin to bolo's while keeping recognisable aspects like the head and arm bracelets.

      1. DB Carib

        well they have time to fix

    12. Vulpes Ailurus

      I freaked out. I was not expecting them to do Steven Universe meets Walking Dead. Definitely made up for last episode.

    13. Nick Abrahamowicz


    14. Calvin Boucher

      Lord Commander’s titan form is one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever seen in animation

      1. Ryan Purdum

        Ikr that thing is more terrifying than Invictus in his like bull form

    15. killswitch7469

      I think this episode was the first time I was actually on the edge of my seat going NUTS!

    16. DannyStitz

      This show has been everything! No animation has me laughing and then Crying within one episode! please don’t let this be it!

    17. Blue Speck

      We don't care! Gief Rick and Morty nou!

      1. Nas T

        @killswitch7469 👍🏾

      2. killswitch7469

        @Nas T 👍

      3. Nas T

        Yeah, idiot. Let us enjoy this amazing-ass show.

      4. Nas T

        @killswitch7469 Thanks.👍🏾

      5. killswitch7469

        No dude, only you don't care. You can wait untill June 20th for more rick and morty. Let us enjoy this awsome show

    18. Chombey

      This show is at its best when the good guys fail. This episode will forever stand out to me.

      1. Mr_McPillow YT

        What makes a character good is their weaknesses, same goes for the entire show, I fn loved this episode...

    19. brandon heaton

      Holy crap this ep It’s outstanding and also The Keven Net didn’t work and Lord commander is now a TITAN! There screwed!

      1. Animezilla 44

        @TheyCallMeScifi that leaves the question of what is Gary and the crew are going to do now we saw the preview of The Next Episode that it tried to escape

      2. TheyCallMeScifi

        Seconding! Nobody really expected the KVN-net to actually work (come on, they're KVN's...) but Lord Commander going full Titan mode? Damnnnnn I think shit has officially gotten maximum real. At least until Invictus breaks out...

    20. Silvia Camacho

      Hola adult swin sabe si ya salió final space temporada 3 en Netflix ? Porque no salió la temporada 3 en Netflix porfa plus la quiero ver porfavor

    21. Georgie porgie pudding pie

      it was a rush, can't wait for the next episode

      1. Tonnia Linnen

        Ditto! 😆😆😆

    22. Juan pedro Mello medina

      Alan diko que tiene ideas para 6 temporadas mas contando la 3

    23. Abbey Road 04

      That there is a good thought on this episode 👌

      1. Tonnia Linnen

        A-Okay! 👌🏾

    24. mr eyeons

      OMG i just binged every promo on this chanel and im so hiped i like this show more and more each trailer

      1. Tonnia Linnen

        Ditto, I did the same thing with the episodes and promos! 😉😘

    25. RX Slime

      like the show but seems like they are taking story shit from nowhere

      1. Nas T

        I understand your opinion on the story. I won't blame or even hate you for it. But the story was never taken out of nowhere. It still connects to the previous plots of last two seasons of the show and made this season more dark. Hell, I mean look at Samurai Jack Season 5. The fifth season of Samurai Jack has a story has more intense themes and it was never taken out of nowhere. Final Space and Samurai Jack Season 5 have made their own stories.

    26. Pedro Animações

      Lord Commander's titan looks so cool, it really fits in this dimension full of horrors

    27. IWantDie

      Rip earth.

      1. Tonnia Linnen

        @Nas T So sad! 😭

      2. Nas T

        @Tonnia Linnen Me too.

      3. Tonnia Linnen

        @Nas T I miss the planet Earth! :(

      4. Nas T

        @Tonnia Linnen I don't know.

      5. Tonnia Linnen

        I wonder how they're going to bring back Earth! :(

    28. Portal master7

      But how is a titan in the earth Was the titan that grabbed the earth Was it pregnant and it injected its egg In there?

      1. Adrian Constantin

        "I f*cked a planet, Morty."

      2. Portal master7

        @TrayZone (TrayZone) that's fucking gross But it makes sense

      3. TrayZone (TrayZone)

        he just came in the earth

    29. Francis Witcher Plays

      This is by far the best episode not only in Season 3, but in the whole series as well. And since this episode was a huge success, I really hope this will gain more people's attention to check out this show. Everyone who worked at this show deserves a lot of credit for creating something more than just an adult animated show and we have to give them more support so they could finish their story with a proper ending.

      1. Nas T

        True dat. I want Adult Swim to make more adult cartoons like Final Space and Primal or course, I want them to just focus on making adult cartoons with dark, mature, serious, dramatic tones with action instead of constantly making silly, raunchy, cynical, ugly, gross or boring animated sitcoms. Oh, and Adult Swim needs to make action themed and dark themed live-action shows too.

    30. OK

      Fuuu. Should have said “spoilers”

    31. Only_ brazan


    32. Nas T

      I am so overjoyed that this episode has 9.6 stars on IMDb! This really proves that Final Space Season 3 is the best season ever in 2021! Final Space is truly one of the best Adult Swim cartoons ever! I hope this show gets nominated or at least win an emmy!👍🏾

      1. Tonnia Linnen

        @Nas T I mean I've started watching it this year! 😉😘

      2. Nas T

        @Tonnia Linnen Me too.

      3. Tonnia Linnen

        @Nas T I've started watching it since the end of March! :)

      4. Nas T

        @Tonnia Linnen Yeah. You know it is.

      5. Tonnia Linnen

        So awesome! XD

    33. JAI BOOHOO!!

      It's time to end the lord commander! But I'm predicting the team isn't going to let that happen so easy. I'm just in love with this series. 🖤🖤🔥

      1. Tonnia Linnen

        Ditto! >:(

    34. Enzo Movies

      This episode is the definitive proof that Final Space CANNOT END IN THIS SEASON

      1. Tonnia Linnen

        Agreed! 😉

      2. Nas T

        @brandon heaton Yeah.

      3. brandon heaton

        I think what will happen is that after s03! Is done there gonna renew it for s04 just like when s03 was announced

      4. Done it

        I think Olan said he wanted 5-6 seasons

      5. Nas T

        @Fox killer animation Hello.

    35. Mr. Fish

      This series is pretty good, I recommend it to anyone wanting to watch a new show

      1. Swagatron


      2. Swagatron

        it looks really goof

    36. The Cosmic Freeway - Story & Animation

      Will we ever get a character voiced by Jordan Schlansky??

      1. The Cosmic Freeway - Story & Animation

        @Nas T 👍

      2. Nas T

        @The Cosmic Freeway - Story & Animation Oh snap. Cool. Thanks for telling me that.

      3. The Cosmic Freeway - Story & Animation

        ​@Nas T He's Conan O'Brien's producer. There are a lot of hilarious videos of the two of them interacting.

      4. Nas T

        I don't know who that is, but he sounds like a good person.

    37. coFFee

      What is that do you think?

      1. Nas T

        We all think it's an amazing episode.😁

    38. Ned Flanders

      This is amazing

      1. Tonnia Linnen

        It's awesome! XD

    39. ezquiso


      1. Tonnia Linnen

        Cool! XD

      2. Nas T

        I know right? This show rocks.

    40. FUTOGUN

      Yay let’s gooooo

      1. Tonnia Linnen

        Good job! XD