Little Cato Learns the Truth | Final Space | adult swim

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    Little Cato learns the truth about his parents. Watch the season 3 finale of Final Space this Sunday at 12:30am.


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    Julkaistu 12 päivää sitten


    1. Fxre Error

      Gg lil Cato gg

    2. gogeta

      Woah I didn't even notice there was a season 3 of this

    3. smiyly


    4. Rich Mitchell

      Not gonna lie; I hoped this was some kind of joke about Cato the younger from Roman history. "Little Cato" lol. So, what's this show? Anything good?

    5. RandomStuff YT

      That “No I don’t wanna go Ash” gave me strong infinity war Spider-Man vibes...

    6. AngeLico swaggy jones


    7. T-rex Gamer101

      Ok so. I have no clue what this show is or what's happening. I have 0 context on the situation and no background info. I watched this by accident and my god what has tv become. This sounds absolutely stupid and dumb on so many levels.

    8. kimmikat420

      ngl i fucking hate this twist

    9. Sadiq Abbaszade

      Wow. Just wow. I have never seen this series and now I wanna watch it.

    10. STARBOY_

      I like how I stop watching this show because the next season wasn't fucking coming out and in my absence they maybe 2 MORE FUCKING SEASONS

    11. Scooby Doo


    12. Levi Gutierrez

      damn idk ths show but im cryng

    13. Juan Espino

      I have seen none of this series, never ever heard of it, but this was recommended to me, probably because I watch Rick And Morty. Holy hell

    14. Nature Imposter

      Wow ash is totally being played for a fool and she thinks shes cool. She is cool tho. Lol 😅 She's actually my favorite character. She was my new favorite character That was introduced. but now she's my favorite villain I guess. Or she anti-hero? 🤔 Poor lil-cato 😿

    15. Cøyøte

      I don't know what this show is....but it looks awesome...

    16. Asstro A

      the fuc is this show

    17. Christopher k

      Wait final space has a season three??!?!?

    18. Zemist 11:11

      Man, I wish I was able to watch the third season. It's a shame it was put onto cable.

    19. leapoffaithninja

      0 to 💯 real quick

    20. Shump pump

      Fuck Ashe her betrayal slash twist villain this was dumb as hell and uncalled for they just did it for shock 😡

    21. Dante Sasaki

      I'm not crying you're Crying!!

    22. TheDeadCobra

      So what if he killed them he did not killed you he raised you maybe not Father by blood but neither is Garry and you had him adopt you Why must she has such a hairstyle full set was better

    23. ♡︎Tqmmy♡︎

      I cant... this so sad😭

    24. Earl Jackson

      ash is starting to become nishki from yakuza a sibling who begins to spiral into madness with out the other

    25. Onuralp Tanyeri

      This scene reminded me The Walking Dead scene

    26. sfimnoid

      Man's that's crazy but I don't care

    27. Atabak Fartash


    28. the fazbear king


    29. Darius Fuckmore

      Is it to much to ask for the creators of this series to kill off ash cause honestly she sucks

    30. hamburgerdog25

      What the fuck did I miss with Final Space

    31. Mirrame Beech

      I wonder when season 3 is coming to Netflix can you answer this because some people I different countries can’t watch it


      Wow i should probably fi d this on netflix now.

    33. Haily Knight

      This was really hard to watch

    34. Louis Hendriks

      When this shit coming to netflix

    35. Just a pink guy who's here for pusi

      I regret clicking

    36. Felix Isaac


    37. cosmic hype

      hmm i'll tak eit as a vital statistical sign 0:40 that invitus really tooken over ash i mean ash donning that veronica lake hairdo already knew avocato's past n gary's new too it all 1:32 oh now this is wut i's call from the time of blackbeard a mutany

    38. LXW arts

      Little cat is sad

    39. revampted

      will final space get a new season?

    40. Hunter Brown

      How'd she get a second eye? 😂

      1. marija marcelić

        There was litearly episode And scene about it

      2. Dagon Dreamer

        Invictus changed her and "grew" her I guess... Back a few episodes...

    41. Çetin Büyükkayaer

      Başında spoiler yedim

    42. Ali Aksoy

      /tw GORE . . . . What If in that scene where quinn came ash pulled out her implamt and said you need this more than her

      1. Ali Aksoy

        @Dagon Dreamer i saw it on teitter but i cant remember the og creator when i do ill comment their user

      2. Dagon Dreamer

        JEBUS Y-... You.... *WHY CAN I SEE THIS HAPPENING!?* You have a wonderfully twisted thought of the possibilities and I admire you for sharing.

    43. Sam Bro

      Yeah ash can die at this point I really don’t care about the series anymore because lord commander is two over powered I lose interest in series when the villain becomes this op

      1. marija marcelić

        Lord commander wasnt in this episode And probably wont be in finale,Main story is now just lil cado,Ash And invictus

    44. partytimer 17

      This is so sad to me but right now I'm kind of confused, I thought little cato knew because of what happened in episode three, So why is he really shocked here?

      1. Dagon Dreamer

        Here's the answer you're looking for... When Lord Commander forced Avocato to tell his story, Avocato purposely left out the fact that the King and Queen had a child... Avocato still trying to hide it from Little Cato, but the memories brought up put him in a bad place... That story was ment to tell *us* that bombshell of a truth... T·T

    45. Cassandra

      Please renew final space for a season 4. I love this show so much.

    46. Corey Stephens

      I missed a few episodes....I thought he already knew avacato killed his parents?

      1. Dagon Dreamer

        And if you are talking about season 3 episode 3 "The Ventrexian", then yes/no. Avocato couldn't get out of telling his story, but he managed to avoid mentioning the King and Queen's child. Thus, Avocat trying to protect Little Cato and no one knows until se 3 ep 8 "Forgiveness" where Gary is the 1st one to know... Se 3 ep12 (this episode)is when they get back around to it, but at a bad time-... Ash now finds out and that's the last straw for her...

      2. marija marcelić

        No,he didnt,there was a whole episode where avocado tells Gary And they get in a fight beacouse Gary wanted him to tell lil cado

    47. Rivet the Tomboy Lombax

      Ash: You're doing this for nothing. Being apart of Invictus will make the Universe better than it ever was.

    48. Emmmmm zhen

      I have no idea what this show is or who these characters r but i side w the purple girl even tho she scares me 💀

      1. marija marcelić

        U should watch it,its Great deep story with interesting characters And her name is ash

    49. Tish Smiddy

      Thank you .

    50. Piotr Dawid Jaworski

      I fucking Love This Show!!!

    51. Stephen Byrne

      LC ie a prince?

    52. Gracekim22

      I really hope we get more seasons

      1. cosmic hype

        possible the rick n morty way cause im pretty sure he left too another timeline after season 3 uh conspiracy n lets not forget 1 time era jerry told beth where the kids were then she asked rick where the kids were uh uh

    53. Gracekim22

      Um guys, I don’t see this season having a happy ending. To be honest I had a feeling she would leave but never the kidnapping thing!😑

      1. Mona Teasley

        But as far as we know, it's not the end of the series!

    54. Spykid Gaming

      Is there an episode where ash isn’t having a temper tantrum?

      1. Dagon Dreamer

        Is there an episode where KVN isn't annoying?

    55. devilpupbear09

      It's always the ones closest to us that hurt us most

    56. darksideoftoast

      I don't watch this show but every time I see it on Adult Swim or TBS there's a character crying

      1. Dagon Dreamer

        The story gets heavy... If you are interested, this show stated off comedy, lil but of romance, but boy does it teach a lot of stuff about parenting, family, and relationships. ^·^

    57. FyahLion D

      Isnt it little cado as in after avacado my god adult swim cant even get your own chatacter right.

      1. marija marcelić

        Dude,u only watched this clip,lil cado is that Orange cat And avocado is his father And black cat idiot


        Little Cato is the son Advocato is the dad

    58. Thomas West

      I don't know why she took him.Little Cato can't stay there with her the Final Space poison will kill him even if Invictus spares him. They need to get more ore for those implants the poison looks real bad I don't think they can handle much more time in Final Space it looks like the poison is getting too bad

      1. frankie lovejoy

        I actually hope that's the direction they take: Ash realizes that LC only has so much time left, she wants to cure him, one thing leads to another, and Ash is forced to come to the realization that she's been horribly manipulated and is hurting LC more than helping.

    59. William Dale

      Welp. ASH; YOU GOTS TA GO.

    60. A A

      Hi TikTok

    61. Rosario Figueroa

      ahora están todos con esto en tik tok

    62. G0AT x GAMING

      Im surprised that KVN,mooncake, and especially HUE didnt jump on the case and how did Sheryl not escape isnt she like the best at it?

      1. G0AT x GAMING

        @Dagon Dreamer yeah the only people who know about it is avacato gary and HUE

      2. Dagon Dreamer

        I'm lowkey hoping that in the next episode, before the showdown, H.U.E. plays a recording of Ash and Little Cato's conversation... Up until Little Cato says "No.. I don't wanna go Ash-... That's my *home* ... Emotional as it may be... Qinn and Cheryl/Sheryl (maybe even Biscuit idk) will probably want to know what Ash and Little Cato were talking about with answers from Avocato...

      3. G0AT x GAMING

        @MANTIS SHRIMP yeah but wb HUE he’s the ai of the ship he could’ve told ash what happened and help understand


        They most likely didn't hear the breach in the hull of the ship from before

    63. Derp Donnelly

      Nobody dropped the chief yet

    64. Reacted Panda


    65. Rob G

      Well it seems this show is falling into, “ Let’s see how far we can stretch it”

      1. Dagon Dreamer

        She's still a little blinded by sadness and rage... We should.probably expect her to make some more bad decisions... :/ I see what you mean though-

      2. Rob G

        Also, she was the one her saw first hand Invictus in avacato, she knows that it’s something that happens, she saw her brother get turned, she knew he was left behind, she just has too much information to be making the choices she’s making.

      3. Rob G

        @Dagon Dreamer I just feel like, if they wanted to go that route, maybe hash it out a little more. She doesn’t even know Lil Catos parents. It felt rushed/forced. I’m a fan of the show by the way.

      4. Dagon Dreamer

        Idk man... This seems like some *pretty important* topics... I'm learning a lot about family and good choices from this so I think it's very nice

    66. Kauany

      Só eu q vim ver oq é [as] por causa do ttk?

    67. Fitterbin231

      Ash 'your the only one who cared about me'. If only she knew what clarance did for her in the end to help get her home. To think her foster farther and adopted brother have been killed this season, poor ash.

      1. marija marcelić

        Maybe there will be a scene in finale where she sees clerances dead body And realize that hes good person And beacomes good guy

    68. Muhd Shah Hidayat

      I was screaming inside while watching this

    69. xTomekBP

      Rick And Morty? next season ? pls ?

      1. Nas T

        Shut up. Stop asking about Rick and Morty. That show went downhill now.

    70. Jessica Jacob Leite

      I think what's ironic is that Ash is acting like the people that took Fox's dreams and hand. Without realizing it, because she is not letting Little Cato have a choice.



    72. Anthony Yow

      DANMMIT ASH!!! *angrily screaming* why!?

    73. bigpapazo

      anyone else think this season has been nothing but one giant downer? I mean just hear me out, what I loved about this show was it was a comedy first with bits and pieces of crazy action and deep impactful emotional moments that were all the more meaningful because of how rare they were. I was shocked when avocado died, I got choked up at the scene when gary reunited with his father, and when we learned how gary's mother treated him and how he was raised... it hit me hard. Those moments were great because they were surrounded by upbeat crazy and sometimes dark comedy. This season has been one tragedy after another with little to no comedy to the point that when fox died I felt nothing. Lets talk about ash now I loved her character from the beginning. I liked her personality she had this shy happiness but had flashes of darkness and anger very funny, but for some reason they decided to age her up, change her form. and change her personality basically everything about her to the point that's not ash anymore. don't get me wrong I'm all for character growth and development, but they did it in like ten seconds for no reason that I can see. It is so jarring that if I had missed the first five episodes I would have thought this was a brand new character. With nightfall yes she was her own different character but we could see hints of young quin's personality and could tell this was an older version of the same person. Anyway rant over I loved this show but its almost to the point I'm forcing myself to watch it (getting some bad RWBY flashbacks) and I just wish that wasn't the case. Bring back the comedy

    74. Vedji

      Honestly this was completely out of nowhere from Ash. She had this weird saviour complex and it seems completely out of character

      1. Dagon Dreamer

        @Vedji "small saviour complex for Little Cato" yes I believe in that, but she does it more for protecting him from the people *she* doesn't trust... But Little Cato has a different opinion... Ash's reaction like this is actually... Kinda supported... With all these factors pressuring her, all she can look to now is her closest pal... Little Cato... And Ash probably sees Little Cato as a brother like Fox... Ash doesn't want to lose another brother...

      2. Vedji

        @Gracekim22 Ash has always kept to herself and just wanted to protect those she loved. She blames fox’s death on Gary at first but then calmed down and thought things through an episode later. This entire scene came from nowhere and made it look like she had some saviour complex over Lil Cato.

      3. Gracekim22

        It’s not out of nowhere

    75. Dr Phot

      Can someone please create a cartoon that has black male and female leads that are love interest with one another this diversity and interracial relationships are getting old and feel forced

    76. bkbj8282

      Entertainment for idiots.

      1. Nas T

        What kind of a person are you?

    77. Joseph Agar

      Gonna be real... how does Ash fall for Invictus' lies so easily? Yes, it is manipulative as hell, but like, the voice and appearance alone make it obvious it is evil.

      1. Dagon Dreamer

        It isn't evil to Ash... She thinks the lies and "murders" from the Team Squad is the evil here... This is why she thinks she has to "save" Little Cato from them...

    78. Valeria Alca

      Este momento de mi vida se llama tristeza 😭😭

    79. Lil Exile

      Gua kesini gara gara tiktok.byee

    80. Banana Bread

      Wait I’m new here. DID avacado kill lil cado’s parents?

      1. marija marcelić

        They said it at season 3 episode 3 go watch it

      2. A E

        Yes, he did, but it was thanks to Lord Commander, who was under Invictus orders.

    81. Andrew Matheson

      Ive been thinking of picking up this show, should I?

    82. xCamarox56


    83. Forrest Kerns

      ehhh I kind of just want Ash to die and her story be over at this point. I know they've written for her character to be important to the narrative of the story but damn she's a buzz kill. She's just so emo it's hard to watch her.

    84. Lieke De Graef

      Still confused about all this adult swim things

    85. Phil Crownz

      Well aleast he with a girl that love him ever since the first episode of season 2

    86. Toffeehammer does Ash come back from this? Is she a dead woman walking or is there a chance she could be saved? If she does die then what the heck was the point of Evra? What the heck was the point of ANYTHING between Ash's transformation and now?

      1. Dagon Dreamer

        Well... We'll find out soon... Q.Q;

    87. Frans Loskin

      Didnt ash only have 1 eye?


        She got her second eye back from invictus

    88. weamalaweamala

      la rosa de guadalupe vibes

    89. El Fantasma de Xibalbá

      Es la hora sad:'( Pasen el cloro (〒﹏〒)

    90. Peppe Bonomo

      I wanna see this show in Italy pleaaaase

    91. Richy

      Jesus loves you 👍🤓

    92. noobmaster 69

      POV ur here because u didnt get the trend

    93. THE ONE

      Anyone else kinda confused how ash new his mother and father were the king and queen. I mean no one ever really said that.

      1. Gracekim22

        I think the fact that she heard the story about him killing the king and Queen and then hearing him say ‘I killed his parents’ she figured out they’re the same

    94. God of Evil

      You wanna know what’s really messed up? Remember that episode in season 2 where he was trapped in that Time trap and spent 60 years on his own to the point where he was insane and hallucinated all the others being there with him? And remember how he had that kind of ghost communicator where he could talk to his dad? Little Cato spent basically and entire lifetime talking to him. And believing that his Dad was proud of him. Not to mention all the joy he felt this episode hearing about his Mom for the first time. And after this he realised that his parents died and their killer mind warped him. And yet despite all that he wanted to stay on the ship… his “home” Damn… I never knew a series about a little green space ball that says “Chookity.” Would bring me more emotion than I’ve ever felt for a cartoon show. I mean this is pretty messed up.

      1. Dagon Dreamer

        @cosmic hype little confused on what you are trying to say... But seeing how Ventrexians (Avocato and Little Cato) are closely resembled as "cat people/humans"... Both humans and cats as we know it are mammals and live-born... Neither would hatch from eggs or spawn from robots (?)... Not sure what I "mucked up" here?

      2. cosmic hype

        @Dagon Dreamer it consist upon itself i mean this show was anything like animal cartoons that used them as hyrbids they will had specified lil cato also as an alien he well aliens are not robots their hyrbids of aliens due toot eh eggs they lay so upon age why go wit common house pets huh n also gary going upon lil cato as his son n that literal i mean guardian works too no reason too muck it up dude

      3. Dagon Dreamer

        @God of Evil yeah! If they don't deal with Invictus *and* the Lord Commander... We gonna have a start to the 4th season (hopefully)

      4. God of Evil

        @Dagon Dreamer I know! And then let's not forget that the L.C is coming for them. So yes very very exciting.

      5. Dagon Dreamer

        @God of Evil Ohoo~ i like that but he might then get in trouble because he's gonna be infront of a very emotionally unstable yet OP Ash... And Invictus... ^·^;

    95. Tora

      Le but de cette serie est de briser des coeurs encore et encore?

    96. Matthew Tilley

      Remember when this show was just supposed to be a comedy.

      1. Dagon Dreamer

        Ahaaahhhh.... Yeah... The pain in our guts we though was from all the laughing-... Yeah no... It's from the show punching us in our gut feelings... T^T

      2. cosmic hype

        hmm yeah though the funny is gone as well as the adult content oh n thanks for cutting that part olan as if skins unseen on this now

      3. marija marcelić

        This was creators Vision all along

      4. Gracekim22

        It’s NOT just a comedy

    97. Psalma Elisha Grande

      What will happen to Ash taken to Little Cato to a different place to the devil's den? Will Ash become so powerful of darkness, corruption and cross her own path or will she and Little Cato join forces with Invictus from the dark side of evil after what he did and blaming, confronted Avocato's murdered his own parents? What's they're own path to go back there own new family once again and never be the same forever??...😢😤😈👸🤴👑🐱🍊🧡☠️

    98. Ezekiel Raven

      Yo wtf i pressed on the video because i thought i finished the series but it seems to be a new season

    99. Boruto Shippuden

      is it still on netflix?

      1. marija marcelić

        It is,just not this season,but its on hbomax And adultswim

    100. Niewyspany

      Ah yes spoilers