My Hero Academia: Season 5 Trailer | May 8 | Toonami

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    Training is in session! Don't miss the season 5 premiere of My Hero Academia, happening this Saturday night at 12:30am on Toonami.


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    1. ¿análisis?


    2. Likelymemecast 2798

      *Bakudeku simps have joined the chat* But seriously, good start for a Toonami lineup👌👌👌👌👌

    3. Kota _Zuzuki

      I have never watched Bnha in english, this is so weird😂

    4. PhantomEagle

      The way they pronounce “academia” 💀

    5. c ron

      tbh this is the type of commercial id see on adult swim at night as a kid and feel uncomfortable cause it wasnt family guy

    6. Minty Marty

      Ok I had honestly no freaking idea that My hero was actually on adult swim

    7. Noel

      How is this adultswim?..

    8. the scary horror channel

      This show sucks

    9. guivoida

      how MHA is of adult swim? lman

    10. Kaleb Stigall

      Well we’ll well if it isn’t 1a our rival on the sport court or soon to be I won’t give much away I’ll just say this hope you pass this test with 1b and then see you on doom island

    11. RED ALERT


    12. King Nosam

      Tfw when you've been watching season 5 for 2 months already

    13. PrincessJupiter.

      Why does the beast look like a Sasquatch

    14. Alistair THE GaYmer

      When for French ?

    15. prrsxshit

      Adult swim? K wea

    16. Aldrick Ex Gladius

      Who gives a shit?! More ATHF, Metalocalypse, and SeaLab 2021.

      1. Nas T

        Wow, another toxic, crigworthy nostalgia nerd? Wow, you're the worst.

    17. Michaêl98

      El primer comentario de un latino

    18. Kill_Me_Pls

      Ok but adult swim 👀

    19. sonicballartist

      Dare I ask, how was the Opening edited?

    20. Federico Morales Gómez

      Poor tamaki

    21. • sqυεεshεε •

      Oh Uh Yeah I Have A Huge Crush On ✨BAKUGO KATSUKI✨

    22. All Time

      This arc in the manga is fun and interesting towards the end, but it's the next two arcs that are absolutely insane! They're so good it's going to make this season look like filler.

      1. Tim Tam

        Yeah but this is probably the last school related arc we're ever going to get.

    23. Towfat


    24. Cαρρy Я

      My Hero on Adult Swim??? Im just gonna stick with Hulu anyway

    25. Andrew Ba11ard

      Damn, adult swim is really advertising my hero? Wack.

    26. Cody Laliberte

      Ep was great loved evil Nejires cute pout ^^

    27. Markdiepie

      My hero academy is from adult swim???

      1. Nas T

        This anime aired on Adult Swim since 2018.

    28. Mxdnxght Gacha

      IM CONFUSEDD is it stay up on friday to watch it saturday morning 12AM or stay up saturday to watch it sunday morning 12AM I NEED ANSWERSSS LMAO

    29. predsfan4life

      This is the best! I love all the old Dragonball Z and Gundam Wing Toonami commercials and now with My Hero Academia, it just sounds great!

    30. Hunky Monkey 69

      Will you be able to watch Mia season 5 on toonami

    31. LuckyCharmsColin

      Lies. Toonami is on sunday's.

      1. edtifa

        Cartoon Network has always operated on a the day starts at 6AM philosophy since Day 1. And with Adult Swim ending at 6AM when it switches back to Cartoon Network, they have really been enforcing the day begins at 6AM even more so than before.

    32. Ethan Chu

      That’s tommorow

      1. XD :P

        Its today for me

    33. maybethisis art

      Whats the song here?

      1. edtifa

        Confrontation by El-P from Run The Jewels.

    34. Alp Demir Güçlü

      Did you buy my hero academy

    35. Gumball Watterson

      What's so "adult" about this anime

    36. Vanessa Mayoral

      Are u kidding I’m 8 years old and my hero is in adult swim?! No wonder deku and todoroki are gay.

      1. edtifa

        They are not Gay. I’m guessing you spotted the Fan-Fiction Artwork which is not real.

    37. Finch3R

      Editor and VA are godlike.

    38. Eye Ball

      How's that for adults

    39. Seiko The  *Simp*son

      WoOoOoo HGGHHhhshshdhdhddhne i want more mina ashidoooooooooo

    40. Y̶u̶k̶a̶ G̶o̶t̶o̶.

      "Hey look at that you saved me, yay"

    41. marehawk

      hly dhstiy i think i jsy shit muydsegl

    42. rufino

      Because the toonami and the adult swim of Brazil is not the same as that of the United States

    43. Chief Denis (Chief.Denis)

      After watching subbed for so long, this shit sounds wrong as fuck dubbed

    44. ItsSlush


    45. hot superheroine fight MARVELvsDC

      very cool!!!


      Thank you for your app but I can't stay late

    47. David

      Class A : *Fights major villains who can go face to face with some of the most powerful heroes* Class B : "yOu AiNt BeTtEr ThAn Us"

      1. Chief Denis (Chief.Denis)

        😂can't make this shit up

    48. Karl Gerg

      Bakugo dies saving Deku later in the manga

    49. 雪鷹魚 | 英語培訓的領航者

      The music, editing, and narrator of this video feel very much like the Toonami I grew up with and loved.

    50. 池田好弘

      ヒーローアカデミア シーズン5を早くも海外でやるのか!? 反りゃ、行けないと思います。

    51. Nick Arrasmith

      As much as I like Toonami being the only place in the U.S showing anime on TV, I am not much of a fan of waiting week to week for a new episode to come out. So I'm Just sticking to Funimation so I can watch the entire season all at once. I here its pretty good though.

      1. edtifa

        Disney XD also airs Anime. I know Nicktoons used to but I haven’t been following them since my Satellite service put that on a higher package to obtain that channel. But unless you wait for the season to end before watching it, you will still be watching it on a weekly basis because that is how it is when it airs in Japan. Plus with the Pandemic the Dub is being recorded in the Actor’s homes to maintain Social Distancing which sometimes delays the Dub.

    52. Benjamin Yn

      I perfer this over those stupid dragon ball franchise reruns on adult swim

    53. SpicyShakes

      MHA would be one of the last shows that I would expect to be on Adult Swim. Man, 10 year olds watch this.

      1. 40link

        @edtifa I know in Japan it's met for that age I talking about the rate in us it's tv 14 and it's air at 12:30 am on Sunday its not meant for kids

      2. edtifa

        40link Well in Japan they have a lower demographic on Anime. Like something that is TV-14 here is probably like TV-PG rated there. (Not that Japan uses those kind of ratings but just trying to give the basic idea). But like it is a Shonen Jump title so it is marketed for kids about 10 to 15. America is more strict on these things.

      3. 40link

        Also if u let your kids stay up at 1230 am on a Sunday to watch tv 14 show and they are not 14 u are not good mom or dad

      4. edtifa

        It is TV-14-DLSV rated and Adult Swim has been airing it for 3 years.

    54. Drew Blair

      so weird watching it dubbed

    55. Asher Tye


    56. Depressed Coffee

      0:30 this needs to be a meme

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    58. Ashley playz

      Eri in the back: 🤔

    59. Lusty World Get MoRe NAUGHTY : Live

      Manga reader here. Anime only people are in for a treat. Thiis season is good😂 😍

      1. Nite Spike

        Yes, we know.

      2. Tay K's Case

        @Expand Dong he’s not wrong tho tbf

      3. Expand Dong

        As a manga reader, I'm tired of seeing these same ass comments over and over bruh

      4. SHARKTITS


    60. Patty

      Oh... Sorry I already watched half of it...

    61. EL H

      Who's ready for the my villain academia arc in season 5

      1. AniTube

        @40link That's the war arc.

      2. sensei sensei


      3. sensei sensei

        Oi no spoilers manga reader

      4. Astronomy456

        @40link you mean the war arc

      5. 40link

        The villain attack will be season 6

    62. CaptainJunebug99

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    63. wtf less

      Not cool my man Not cool

    64. Hugo Solisfraire


    65. Cococrash11

      Awesome My Hero Academia Season 5 Trailer.

    66. Snowcone Guy

      Uahrg, pass.

    67. Marlo Ramirez

      Are they over 18 yet?

      1. edtifa


    68. Endragunawan Saputra

      Mampir kesini teman

    69. zato atte 2

      No tenía idea de pasarán muy hero academia 😐

    70. Casual Woomy

      Why are bad guys such a problem, just kill the enemy lol

      1. The Ink Demon

        YA DON'T SAY?!

    71. Joe Ferri

      Next Saturday night Dr. stone season two is coming

      1. Joe Ferri

        @Karensimp You are very welcome good sir

      2. Karensimp

        Yay thanks for telling me

    72. Karensimp

      Yay can’t wait!

    73. The Rguy

      Funny enough this is my favorite anime of all time and it's coming out on my birthday happy fucking birthday to me apparently

    74. President Ralph

      Is this a joke 🤢🤢🤮🤮

      1. Nas T

        No it's not. Get use to it.

    75. No other Like my own skin

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    76. Bri10

      Imagine being the slow reader who has to watch anime dubbed

    77. Small Moon

      What? Adult Swim?

      1. edtifa

        Yeah but not really surprising since they already aired Seasons 1, 2, 3 & 4.

    78. Him

      toonami should be a daily program like in latin america

    79. Him

      why should i watch 1 episode per week(with delay) if can watch simulcast in funimation/crunchyroll?

      1. edtifa

        Him The problem with that is with Simul-Dubbing is slow with this Pandemic. Like in Season 4 towards the end, Toonami was having constant delays in MHA because even just 1 episode a week was too much since Toonami had several weeks where they were not able to obtain the episode before Saturday. So 2 episodes a week can’t be done if Toonami is going to air it pretty close to the Japanese Broadcast. As for Naruto Shippuden, it is on 6 days a week. But the Weekdays are just reruns of episodes Toonami already aired and it on at 5AM. Naruto Shippuden is like 500 episodes.

      2. Him

        @edtifa like naruto shippuden that still in line up since 2014, they should broadcast it daily

      3. Him

        @edtifa i know but i think they should broadcast like 2 episodes a week at least.

      4. edtifa

        Because if you already have Cable, Satellite, or some way to watch Toonami, watching it on Funimation or Crunchyroll costs extra. Whereas if you watch it on Toonami it is free. Once Toonami catches up with the Simul-Dub, you would be paying extra money just to watch it like a couple of days before Toonami. Though if you watch the Sub version, then yeah there is a slightly longer gap.

    80. therageboygaming

      nooooooooooooooooo WHY

    81. Jicor Lawrence

      Season 5 is on Funimation

    82. Walter Johnson

      Mid Hero Academia

    83. Blah Bleh

      and this si where I stopped reading in the manga, such a boring arc

      1. #1 YouTube Fan

        from I've watched so far, the fights seem kinda interesting. they're not super crazy hype or anything but it's a nice reminder that these kids are still students and not pro heroes.

    84. Marcpl19

      wait what

    85. Patrick McConaughey


    86. Leeroy Jenkins

      Hasn’t 1A fought like the toughest bad guys and won? How is 1B even a challenge?

      1. 40link

        They never went fight class 1b so that's how

    87. Michelle Kimberly

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      1. Gide Cocobun

        Lmao, you guys in the comments must be a team

      2. Mechanic_ Man2005

        Wait my hero academia belongs in Adult Swim.

      3. Yordanka Falcón sir.

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      4. Shalom Azubuike

        @Ernesto Ponce Thanks

      5. Shalom Azubuike

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    88. Alejandro

      Manga reader here. Anime only people are in for a treat. This season is goooooood

      1. Wadud Khan

        They say that every season to be fair

      2. Juston Johnson

        @Ian G Yep. It did get kinda slow. I never rely on manga readers to determine if I'll watch a show or not. I just stay committed to it and wait on it to pick back up.

      3. Ian G

        For real? My partner and I are about three episodes into season 5 and the pacing of this season has bored us considerably and I really want to believe it gets good soon.

    89. the killer sandvich

      did they just put the bad filler episode in the trailer

    90. TheHamburman

      I thought this show was good, until I started watching AoT.

    91. E.H.R

      Vale verga

    92. 22 DON

      Even tho I watch sub Toonami still have a place in my heart

      1. Luis Murillo

        So what? They'll still be premiering Original series you know so you better check them out!

    93. Mikey Sali

      Maybe 2021 wasn't so bad after all!

    94. Chat with me - Go to my channel

      Since when My Hero Acdamiica on Adult Swim but ok!😯😅🙄

      1. edtifa

        Dreggy 9 It is just a bot who copied what Hero Sensei Kid posted.

      2. Lloyd

        @Dreggy 9 They are copying comments to appear authentic.

      3. Dreggy 9

        Lol same. I also thought account like yours are just bots

    95. EmmaZone

      7,777 views the perfect number 👌

    96. Aw hell yea brother

      "WHO YOU GOT" He should have also said "DAMN SON WHERE'D YA FIND THIS"

    97. Fire Pitch

      I always get hyped for the premiere then remember the first bunch of episodes are soooo boring every season lol

    98. Jaydenexeralltheway 1

      Lets goooooo

    99. Vitalijus D.

      why does this sounds like shitting on some good anime