OFFICIAL TRAILER: Rick and Morty Season 5 | adult swim

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    Now you can start asking us about season 6. Rick and Morty return for season 5 on Sunday, June 20 at 11pm ET/PT on Adult Swim.
    Stream seasons 1-4 on HBO Max.
    For more Rick and Morty, visit
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    1. Adult Swim

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      1. Mario Zambarov

        Could you please make it without the bleeps.

      2. join xd

        Gracias 😁😊 por subir la temporada 5 2022 la temporada 6 saludo desde Colombia 😸🇦🇲🙏 su mejor fan del todo el universo saludo a la voz del Rick sachaz animación también serie favorita del toda mi vida ya Dios Lo bendiga 🙏😁 amén 🙏😇

      3. THEMaNIsWOrTHit


      4. Kenneth Clements

        This just makes me miss Venture Bros.

      5. Gutierrez Ryland

        13:07 holy fuck the aimbot 2:36 we get our5,000𝗩𝗯ucks I only from : 𝐟𝐧𝐛𝐨𝐱.𝐮𝐬 🔥 ପାଇଁ

    2. Arnav Kaushik

      Just hope they soon bring a community movie as well

    3. brace face mir


    4. Κωνσταντίνος Παπαναστασίου

      Where is the other Beth?

    5. RÉD X

      Oh yea oh yea

    6. Michael Ols

      This makes it look generic and dumb as hell. Why not do a creative trailer??

    7. Ojou


    8. SSD

      this rick is not the old rick

      1. Emily An

        For the love of god please make an evil morty episode or something

    9. S2 EVOK

      i wonder what happenrd to the other beth

      1. S2 EVOK

        @Emily An YESSIR

      2. Emily An

        Shut up and take my money already

    10. Naz Turney

      I better see more gravity falls references in this season

    11. AuroraWoods

      Huh. Rick sounds a lot softer in this trailer. Not a single burp either.

    12. Lucious Morningstar


      1. Emily An

        Fuck yea... this is what I live for... also why the one time I'm alone at night dies my dog find it necessary to act like there is someone outside

    13. Alex Le

      Too quiet? I don’t get it.

      1. Emily An

        Damn it I can’t wait two more months for fuck sakes!🤬

    14. Givench333

      Rick and morty should have a feature episode with Seth Rogen

    15. Capone Da Ghost

      Love rick and morty

    16. Sho

      Somehow this hiatus before the newest season was the shortest one yet in spite of the pandemic.. I thought we wouldn't see S5 for years. Then again new episode premieres are probably going to be monthly or longer again instead of weekly.

    17. ender wegan

      Well you guys are bad in trailers

    18. Luke Wennlund

      They gave each family member the Voltron Lion for their personality. Attention to detail.

    19. Bloodshot Red

      Most overrated show ever

    20. Shairmane UBAOS

      What if Rick went into another timeline and just...replaced theyre rick, might explain why the other beth is not there lol Just a random theory I have lol

      1. Horunge Som Gråter

        Shit theory

    21. Melly Park

      so when's the come out on Netflix?

    22. Lea Wilson

      When the alien is beating up Morty for 1 frame u see jessica by the doorway

    23. joshua cassell

      Shut up and take my money already

    24. Xinlou

      For the love of god please make an evil morty episode or something

    25. Lejla B

      Wait can you watch it on Netflix?

    26. 조댕

      와 드디어 드디어 나오는구나

    27. pickford 31

      Damn it I can’t wait two more months for fuck sakes!🤬

    28. emma

      Fuck yea... this is what I live for... also why the one time I'm alone at night dies my dog find it necessary to act like there is someone outside

    29. RoyalCaoCao

      Can't wait for the Hellraiser references

    30. Victor Aguilar

      Clone rick

    31. That Red Kid

      I still think Morty is going to be Rick.

    32. Monke

      Where do I watch rick and Morty seasons and episodes? What link? Or the episode will just come to Netflix...?

      1. Monke

        @Sage LastName where do I watch rick and Morty in hulu what site or link

      2. Sage LastName

        They're on hbo max, and I think they're also on hulu

    33. Lit Records

      Rick and Morty, and The White Stripes Aight say less

    34. BBgun Assassin


    35. Abstract0ne Videos

      It drops on my birthday! Dope

    36. Angry Noob

      ohhhh shiiiiittttttt

    37. Amber Kent-Zell

      I like the choice of music :)

    38. ANAS Mohsen

      Rick and Morty

    39. Isaiah.

      We're getting close to a movie... i can feel it!

    40. DarK AngeL

      Adam ya geldi adam geldi geldi

    41. Itsame Malario


    42. drideout30


    43. gustavo pedral

      I want to know more about evil morty 😭

    44. Rachel Keaveney

      Dam I been waiting for this

    45. Burstahh


    46. lil slatt

      season 6 for sure

    47. Cool Cool

      Can't wait

    48. ITCHINY

      The Sanchez Rangers

    49. Mano Velvet

      Ouiiiiiii !

    50. ll-vLeqenD-ll- 66


    51. Jet Black

      Let's just hope these morons from the [Adult Swim] don't screw up Rick and Morty like what they did with all of their other old [AS] shows.

    52. Janek Schmidt

      here we go again, this the good shit

    53. Mari j R


    54. Marinus Maucher

      What happens when Rick does a Rickroll

    55. Baddie MGrace

      6 seasons and a movie? 👀

    56. Ramon tii

      when does rick and morty come in german?

    57. Wi- Fi


    58. Nativepride905

      Lol were we Blade in that one?...thats tight 😂

    59. Rathe

      Lock it up morty!

    60. bright burn[Fm]

      I'm expecting to the new season 5 amazing Rick and Morty

    61. Kevin Eduardo

      evil morty? :(

    62. stormy on kbm


    63. Jayden J


    64. ItzShadow

      More Rick and Morty coming out 4 days before my birthday is the best gift I could ever ask for 😫

    65. Paged Prism


    66. Rahul Ratan

      Let's now ask them about season 6

    67. Jen Neva

      This looks so much better than last season. A girl can only hope


      The season 3 trailer was the best tho


      I'm rock solid rn

    70. Emir Saltık

      I,m wait

    71. xSlowDeath420x

      When are we getting the Chutulu episode I’ve seen in the Intro since season 1

    72. WRLD VIEW

      ... Dan . You stick this landing you bastard !! YOU STICK THIS LANDING

    73. Froyo Rex

      So rick sober here?

    74. Fred Yie

      Rick Sounds Different Waa But Another Reality 2 F***

    75. Tommie

      This is one show I didn’t consider dislikes wow 3,600 atm. I wonder what wasn’t good enough for them in the trailer 🤔

    76. myra shahzad

      Ngl looks shi

    77. Joe Jefferies

      I don't trust the dates. Is that ok to say?

    78. Corey Majtyka

      So what is Rick's status in the family after season 4? I felt really bad for him at the end and hated how the family was treating him.

    79. Rias Gremory

      I’m hyped

    80. CSGN

      Okay, now make season 6

    81. Johnathan Wendell


    82. unkowonldn unkowonidn

      Where is it going to be in so I can watch it and I wish life was like Rick and morty

    83. kijowskaa


    84. Trash Can

      Can't wait for all the new references.

    85. Hosam Fikry

      The intergalactic federation is not happy he finally made it to season 6

    86. Guilherme Castro

      HOLY SHIT, that season looks so good, but please tell me there gonna continue with the Evil Morty arch

    87. QuantenBot

    88. tim

      season 6 drop cuz ima watch that season in like one night

    89. tim

      yesss ssiirrrrr!!!!!

    90. the gg

      omg this looks like awesome UwU

    91. Natalia Bennett

      I cannot. contain.. excite. just in time for my birthday someone buy some of my art so I can actually fucking buy a bag and enjoy this reason for being alive.

    92. Denise mehmetoglu


    93. JubJub444

      I heard Christopher Lloyd is voicing a character this season. Lets hope the rumors are true!

    94. Joystick Jonjo

      This show died pretty fast

    95. Conf1dential

      This is dangerously close to april fools

    96. Akanksha Nanhet


    97. General Bacardi

      Next project already

    98. 9Nick


    99. MeeZy StudioZ

      Voltron: Defenders of the Multiverse

    100. Andrés XLA

      Let’s fucking gooo!!! This is my 2nd favorite show, it’s ALMOST tied with Mandalorian.