OFFICIAL TRAILER #2: Rick and Morty Season 5 | adult swim

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    No time to unpack this. Rick and Morty returns for season 5 on Sunday, June 20 at 11pm ET/PT on Adult Swim.

    Song: Diane Young by Vampire Weekend


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    1. Saphique Femme

      I appreciate Rick giving compliments but I low-key fear he's going to die. My friend's dad was a pain his entire life only to be nice as an old man about to die then die.

    2. Unusual gamer

      Who else is excited for the new season?

    3. Evil Eren jaeger

      Finally morty gets a chance with Jessica finally

    4. Red Room Krew

      Yo! Has Morty always been at the head of the table - or am I tripping lol 🤣 - For real tho?

    5. Joseph Carr

      Give us evil morty

    6. good shit

      5 OUTA 100 LES GOOOOOO

    7. Max Bruun

      Im from Denmark and i just woke up thinking the new episode was out but first 5 at Night tomorrow

    8. Gumball Watterson

      Where is morty second mom

    9. ポッドアメリア

      Voltron reference?

    10. El dios Seuz nenas

      Lo más esperado

    11. alexpanda 69

      Ayyyy morty got his whip he asked for last season

    12. Axel Garcia

      ITS TOMMOROWW as of today-6/19

    13. Communism

      I wish I could get stack tv and a personal TV box thingy... wait im communism

    14. Jesus The Wise

      Almost half of this video we’ll never get to see

    15. David Kanat


    16. FriendlySipher_

      me being absolutely stoked for this but not wanting to show that: bruh the rick and morty community: omg new season

    17. Jesus Ffs

      That looks awful holy hell

    18. MYTHIC

      Yes HBO max

    19. Aiden Tikalsky

      Seasons1to4 on hulu

    20. Aiden Tikalsky

      Can't wait

    21. Real Talk

      Captain planet!

    22. facundo caceres

      Deverian hacer un capitulo de fornite como estan en colaboracion

    23. хз кто

      оооооооооооооооооооооооооо да,мы дождались осталось буквально 18 часов до выхода

    24. Nightmare

      Why is rick so happy

    25. Green Diamond

      It’s happening Tm hell yeah

    26. are you kiddingme

      Me: Can I watch season 4 My mom: Why Me: 0:46

    27. Fxre Error

      Today is the day

    28. VinceDrawsstuff

      That is tomorrow

    29. PetrielloBoysk2

      I just bought the show season 1-4 never watched it now I may be addicted

    30. hot cheetos

      bruh watch an episode all about rick cranking 90s in fortnite

    31. Rico BS

      Girls in the Hood be differenttt thoo frr mannnnn

    32. Rico BS


    33. Rico BS

      Cornyy ass trialerr ofcc whenn finnnalyy nicee issssss atto badd tieme suchh happierrrr butt Narrassassitt andd meann thooo.!!!!!!!!

    34. Chicken_nugget

      Yay the family is back as one 😁🤩

    35. akira22

      0:27 i know nobody's gonna notice this but its kinda ironic how Jerry is the green lion since the green lion is piloted by pidge and she's the smartest pilot in the team

    36. keith is my husband aha

      voltron !! ❤️💛💚💙🖤

    37. ZadeML

      The new teaser is out now!!! Everyone go watch it, it looks great!! Mr.Nimbus

    38. Repartidor _inutilxd

      season 5: rick's arc finally seems to be partly compleate

    39. Favian Cardenas


    40. Artemysttr 27


    41. EnderManGamerMan

      I can’t wait

    42. Çŕinģę.føx.ÒvÓ

      Will it be on Netflix

      1. Çŕinģę.føx.ÒvÓ

        @Pedro Anthonio Damn

      2. Pedro Anthonio

        After it's finished airing on tv, yes

    43. Doge Poof


    44. AJP Reactions

      Fun fact session 6 won’t come out until 3 years from now

    45. HYZER

      That space dude looked like galactus, lol.

    46. Pablo Madariaga

      where do i watch this

    47. FrankieOnBeastMode

      3 Days to go!

    48. matias Leonel

      is understandandleboelfomkoskemgosmrg that it take like 20 years, do you see that animation man? i cant wait for the new eps of this serie it take YEARS

    49. B T

      1132 beers and 264 shots have been drunk for this season

    50. Bojle R

      Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay bhich

    51. KingAuthor7 official


    52. Jarosław Michalik

      Hello jest ktoś z polski

    53. SaunteRRRR

      3 more days bb

    54. анклавич

      Это тот дед из Фортнайта ?)

    55. Mr Awkward

      Just something cool: The song is called Diane Young by Vampire Weekend, which Diane is the supposed name of Rick’s wife from S3E1 _”The Rickshank Redemption”_

    56. ImOnA'SugarCrash

      whats the musics name

    57. Алексей Гаврилов

      да бля, ахуенно

    58. Tommeys23

      wait is this fr going to be out in the 20th ??? i just noticed this triler existed lmao

    59. Ping (ping69413)

      All this rick got em mortified.

    60. Callmeswaggod Balarke

      Rick is actually happy ayo

    61. W KEY ALPHA

      Yeah boy welcome seaon 5

    62. are you kiddingme

      1:08 Mr. Nimbus Doing his little dance 🤣

    63. CallfortheMedic

      That looks really good

    64. mobil king

      pickle rick !

    65. top 10 badminton

      It's that fortnite guy

      1. Tommeys23


    66. Dropped 123

      Isnt that the series voltron? (The lions in the trailer)

    67. Jam Jar

      No one gonna mention how much Jessica has been in this trailer? And the fact in the first trailer you see her in Morty's house?

      1. MotorBug2005

        All the clips of Jessica across all the trailers are from the first episode and unfortunately, according to advanced reviews of it, there's not going to be a positive outcome for her and Morty here.

    68. Nando Heemstra

      Nah you sold your soul when you got into fortnite

    69. schizo jones

      morty gettin some love interests?

    70. ItvinnyYT

      Will this be on Hulu on Sunday?

    71. Eyelash

      They look so complete?

    72. Shortcut Marketing

      I hope he makes a fortnite reference joke.

    73. M̷a̷x̷i̷

      I think this serie is so fucking funny

    74. Daniel Munoz

      I'm rewatching it again

    75. Dr Plague

      Good show and Rick finaly gets happy in this reality

    76. theonedudethatdoesdudestuff

      I thought Rick was gonna say, "You guys look really cool. Except for you Jerry."


      O M G !!!

    78. Elias Andrade

      So hype can't wait!!!😄👍

    79. Freakish

      They gonna act like clone Beth doesn’t exist

    80. FLOW WOLF

      20th of June omggggg

    81. User16

      When is season 6?

    82. Roberto TheSovietSlav

      imagine theres a episode where rick and morty go around fighting anime characters and one punch them

    83. Stauringa123

      Will it be on Netflix??

    84. Zack Uchiha

      But where can I watch it ? Free heh...

    85. Bora Dincli

      Can’t wait for Rick and morty season 5

    86. รีวิวเกม นะงับ


    87. ZetiBaze

      the family relationship seems better than before?

    88. Antonio

      Is rick and morty season 5 going to be on HBO?

    89. Diego Brando San

      Where’s other Beth?

    90. Samurai Genji

      0:18 megamind reference?

    91. Silke Vlaminck

      Omg can’t wait

    92. Anonymous Name

      it is only on netflix ?

    93. CGRG 8910

      Will it be on Netflix ??

    94. Mrcat209

      were can u watch it if u dont have the adult swim chanel ?

    95. Omega Leon

      Wait this came out a moth ago

    96. Just your average dude

      0:21 Highly relatable except thw door isnt a space car

    97. MOCOSIDA_666_ XD

      watafac evangelion

    98. Lucas Martins

      Vai lançar tudo ou semanal..?

    99. Boogie

      It wold be better if it wasnt in fortnite

      1. JDZLES

        Shut up

    100. Caitlin’s fitness

      When is it coming out on Netflix?