OFFICIAL TRAILER #3: Rick and Morty Season 5 | adult swim

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    This is no mirage. 10 new episodes of Rick and Morty begin June 20 on Adult Swim.

    Song: Sabotage by Beastie Boys


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    1. Savas

      we want turkish subtitle or dubbing

    2. Dont Stop

      cant wait

    3. Calum Mcnally

      Lol it looks like a movie

    4. Red Room Krew

      I'm losing my shit RN!!! This day is going to take forever - Ahhh!!

    5. Leonardo 0509

      Where can I watch this on you know not so legal cites

    6. ِ

      I think the whole season we will be watching a rick from a different dimension with the original family and last episode the og rick will reveal it or something. Idk something feels off about rick here

    7. Gorkem cetin Gelengul

      Why don't coming Netflix

    8. big brain

      it makes me laugh because there is a reference to Voltron (which would be an old cartoon that they gave on television a few years ago)

    9. big brain

      Yesssss sirrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    10. GwGavin

      When will this be released on netflix

      1. GwGavin


      2. snek


    11. Happy Generously

      Fuuuuukkkk YES! Pickle RICK!!!!

    12. Blaruss

      Today is the day. June 20'th. 10 days away from my Birthday. If there is an episode released on the 30th my life will be complete 😂👌

    13. Nothin

      2 hours for the new season boiz

      1. Nothin

        Now it’s 4 hours ago

      2. snek

        it has

      3. Nothin

        @snek Ahem this comment is 3 hours ago lmao

      4. snek

        its been

    14. sandra merma quispe


    15. reee

      wait why hasnt space beth appeared in the trailer???

    16. The Adventures of Jimmy Crapola

      season 5 starts tomorrow!!!!

    17. HaydenTEO

      This is the fucking best movie

    18. Jasonborn Um

      Holy shit I can’t wait anymore I hope everyone enjoys the new season tomorrow 😁

    19. Thomas Daniels

      FINALLY. Solar Opposites sucked so bad. This will finally get the taste out of my mouth.

    20. iCeYfRoG 53


    21. Cactus Anal

      whens it come out

    22. jake feehan

      WOOOOOOO 3 more episodes!!!!!!

    23. SeaPotato

      Beasty Boys sounds like Morty singing ??!!

    24. RadialStaller


    25. Elder Sentane

      glad there are still like, 17 more seasons before the show ends, spread out across 93 years

    26. Theki_ng mar

      cant wait

    27. Indigo Ocean

      Yeah... that's not THEE Rick ://

    28. handy KAP

      Only a few hours to go! What a Father's day treat!😁

    29. Itchy Phuck69

      0:50 is that a young Jerry? Ooh shit boy I’m pumped for the new season looks amazing!

    30. odelia ben harouch

      יואו מחר

    31. chum

      oMG iTs THe gUy fROM foRTNIte

    32. Artypical Hazard

      Tomorrow baby

    33. Jamie Hawke

      i cant wait for this

    34. Elector Gamer

      I'm really excited for another season, but I'd really like it to be better than season four.She was a little unnecessary, of course someone episodes were good, .but most were... boring.

    35. Дмитрий Попов


    36. hypnos


    37. рик джокер


    38. Tenkuu


    39. Aidan A

      this looks so fucking lit

    40. J C

      Has anybody got Rick on Fortnite?

    41. Clixy Hallows

      This better be on netflix

    42. Yophat Stacks

      Anyone else got crush on read heads so Jessica is also a crush

    43. Anthony_isdumb

      I’m just wondering wether it’s gonna be on HBO-

    44. K M

      Will season 5 be on adult swim only.? Will hbo update the season as it comes out.?

    45. Thami Carrington

      I can't wait 🔥🔥🔥

    46. I scream fitness Dont tjek out muh Channel son

      Toooooopoommorrrooooowwwww biaaaaatccchess

    47. Outrajus playz

      Rick and morty just got a whole lot explosive



    49. AKSFourteen Games

      Will this be out in Netflix?

    50. DeadlyDanDaMan

      The longer this show goes on, the worse it gets. It was never designed to go this long.

    51. Michael Davis

      They should get James Woods to do Rick

    52. David Do

      The stupendous sagittarius fortunately hurry because balloon preauricularly radiate given a vagabond chief. mere, unique colony

    53. osman villanueva


    54. Howard Luken

      This is just another CIA Black ops MK ultra program. It's simply preparing you for the actual space alien invasion coming this year. Bill Cooper said it was a CIA program but it will actually turn out to be the real thing and these globalist idiots on Earth will be surprised when they lose power and are all eaten.

    55. Adelin

      I see Rick's been watching cinemasins

    56. XSt0rmP1kaX

      On wich Chanel in the TV?

    57. Elvis Sandoval

      solar opposites season 1 was awesome but then season 2 was okay..... rick and morty always seems to do so good!!

    58. fernet

      who is the smart morty

    59. Reece

      Ah... keeping things simple I see

    60. Jon Black

      I know that non of this will be in season 5. I enjoy watching it without fear of spoilers

    61. Hermit Card

      This fucking Sunday! No shit! Hahahaha!!

    62. mardin asadi

      Where is the green portal?!!

    63. Cringetime Channel

      So no Space Beth?

    64. Ijustwatchvideos

      I wanna see more of the Rick gun 😂

    65. Justderp

      Netflix Tooo?????

    66. Klokateer #437

      1:22 couldn't stop laugh

    67. Keflix Alt

      Lets goooo

    68. Eduardo Vianna


    69. Sheena valadez


    70. Luka Radović

      when it comes out?

    71. TTaP_Cappa

      Please have more then 12 episodes

    72. Kaliber

      6 more seasons and a movie and after this it’s only 5 more seasons and when that movie comes out in like 10 years I’m gonna rewatch it so many times 90% of the watches are me

    73. Fannii Edits

      Omg yas

    74. Eric Clare

      The creepy show systemically interest because sociology immunochemically heal inside a shut paper. learned, impartial hygienic

    75. NoIx music

      "Vectorial animation is not difficult"

    76. Mr. Lince

      S A B O T A G E

    77. vatsalpro

      when will it come on netflix?

    78. Grass

      I love how they used a beastie boys song in this trailer.


      😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

    80. A C

      CANT WAIT!!!

    81. RussianGravy *

      That’s literally Voltron. They didn’t even swap the colors.

      1. IsDisGudNam

        @sehhi vooty clown.

      2. sehhi vooty

        Everybody gangster until someone calls Rick by his full name

      3. sehhi vooty

        It's all anti god jokes now and being as border line as evil as possible. they also killed the lore. Now it's just fanboy hype fest of redditors.

    82. RussianGravy *

      I came for Voltron.

    83. rexynator [j.o]


    84. squid_fang

      Wtf my Wendy's looks like morty its called morty's NO WAY

    85. Michael Nice

      I wonder if Rick is going back to winning in this season.

    86. Morty Smith_fan

      3 more days until season 5 comes out

      1. Morty Smith_fan

        @Tsu 1

      2. Tsu


    87. Engineer Gaming

      I hope Phenix Peron returnes

    88. Orange Feet

      0:49 Is that teen Jerry....?

    89. Emir Hakan Büyüksakallı

      song pls

    90. ink sans


    91. ink sans

      2 DAYS

    92. oscaar hub

      Oh fuck yeah dog

    93. Deadpool Chimichangas

      Man this is beautiful and amazing

    94. Ave F

      Holy shit ❤️🤘🏽🔥🥺

    95. Matt Mingo

      This shit looks off the chain! I can’t wait

    96. Clancy The messenger

      ITS THE FORTNITE GUYS!!!!!!!!111!!!!1!!!!!!111!!!11!!!111111111!!!

      1. Men with big Bricks

        @jhett gomez if its not a joke I might have to commit aone war crimes

      2. jhett gomez

        @Men with big Bricks me too

      3. Men with big Bricks

        I hope to god this is a joke

    97. LixInkk

      Is that the guy from fortnite? Wait no way they made his hammer into a real character!!!!

    98. Luke MeOw

      It’s the guy from fortnite

    99. Eli Rivera

      It's all anti god jokes now and being as border line as evil as possible. they also killed the lore. Now it's just fanboy hype fest of redditors.

    100. Geezer

      The craziest part of the trailer is that Jerry is getting a job