PLANET SPACE MAN “The Planet" | adult swim smalls

25 t. näkymät24

    Created by Dan Britt.

    Dan Britt is an award winning writer, director and animator working in London.

    Previous [as] Appearances:
    PLANET SPACE MAN "The Nothing":
    PLANET SPACE MAN "The Something":

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    1. Grime Green

      This what DMT looks like

    2. Mr kawa

      Adult swim ENA

    3. AretnaP 3

      It's Called a Rectangle... Mr.Octogon-Head-Space-Man.

    4. Patrice Mackle

      I came from tiktok

    5. Kenzie Keuning

      What is adult swim??

    6. Jakari Jones

      Adult swim is lsd friendly

    7. Leslie Johnson

      I want this to be a show on adult swim

    8. Herman Wong

      Space man is amazing

    9. lil thirti

      I never understood things like this until I started watching adult swim while I was high. Shit hits different

    10. Balentino Bonifacio

      Yay! Graham and Spaceman are back! RIP Richard :(

    11. Dalorath


    12. Ethan Cater

      I think everyone involved in this, is wondering wtf is happening

    13. Uglyprincw

      adult swim should know better than to encourage using pirate bay...

    14. Nemo

      Give me back my 3 min of life.. what hipster-ish shit is this..animation 100 but d fuck..

    15. Ogaga ugege

      My head still processing how simple this is to understand😑

    16. Fugitive Lemon

      *rect angle*

    17. Victor Pain

      Maaaaan...this is so good

    18. terrypussypower

      These Smalls always remind me of “Liquid Television” and “Alter Image”. They were great shows......

    19. terrypussypower

      He should’ve packed more oxygen....

    20. F low ➊

      it’s a free acid trip

    21. Damien Smith

      "Well i was taking the covids out when.."

    22. AdamC

      There's something about this series which makes me feel all cozy and nice :) (except for when the snail gets angry)

    23. adrienfourniercom

      I subscribe to the option for an alarm clock every day in my right foot. It's great

    24. Adam Chabot

      "yah.. I mean... Yes" Had me rollin

    25. oli reid


    26. John Titor

      walmart brand midnight gospel

    27. All knowing Entity

      You ever just get high as shit and see this stuff on adult swim at 3am ahh good times thank you for always making me have a good or weird trip adult swim

    28. Zenn Exile

      be honest, who's nephew is responsible for this?

    29. Ciber Sombrero

      The art style reminds me of Jesse Moynihan

    30. Jarek Nowak


    31. The Cosmic Freeway - Story & Animation

      This is kind of like watching interdimensional cable!!

    32. KAPALIKA Noisecore

      So gray ham DNA floating in space finnaly find spaceman planet , that's no coincidence

    33. Toon Link

      Oh good. No one had their brain devoured by parasites in this one.

    34. RIXRADvidz

      Hey ! that's my neighborhood ! we had a great time that movie night, because the move was very funny.

    35. The actual slayer Films

      You know when you are nearing the end of a dream and everything just gets more incomprehensible yeah this is that

    36. Armando Delgado


    37. Jonny Sizzle


    38. Life Is My Opportunity

      I’m wishing everyone who watches this channel a long life & prosperity💰☀️.

    39. Dripping_Poison

      Who’s dropping acid over there on adult swim? Keep it up 👍

      1. James Bond

        most of them

    40. Theacksters


    41. Chris Clinton

      Give me one of them watches you big stingy!

    42. Chris Clinton

      They watchin Kevin James movie!

    43. masterful

      Electing to get death note box

    44. Skooks IRL

      dmt is crazy man .

    45. Christian Gutierrez rufasto

      Hay version en español 🔮🎊🎉🎈😁

    46. Poma

      Watching this as 2:14am was the best choice

      1. Apazelper Xukamthia

        2:14am? UK?

    47. WolfLikeBeast (WolfLikeBeast)

      What a good series

    48. Ninjatoad 6

      The sphere has the same name as me and hearing him say my name like that was quite exhilarating

    49. jakei dreemurr

      i love smalls, i hope more come along some, Dan britt is getting alittle tiring but its all cool

    50. Steve Jobs

      Love this series! So fucking good!

    51. Carry Minati Gaming

      Cool ❤🔥

    52. Ze DeStRoYeR



      I cant tell if my dealer spiked me or not

      1. Courtney Brock

        No. I think ur good.

    54. Astrodex

      Well, there’s your word. “Longsquare”.

    55. iZZ! Y.N.D.

      Wtf did I just watch

    56. Cookietripp

      fever dreams ✨

    57. Nope

      100mbps? Well, I'm sold...

      1. Andrej Ristic

        And thats without cable

    58. PIZZA

      Thought that this was Space Ghost for a second :(

    59. SplendidCoffee0

      [adult swim] has always been made up of experts at making 3:00 AM fever dreams.

      1. PULCE.

        I like how he did the parenthesis

      2. ب_ب__ abdulaziz

        It's 3:00 AM in my country 😂

    60. KJ_ Nseluka

      His face reminds me of lemongrab

      1. dr. Ned


      2. Anime lover420


    61. spongehorchata


      1. Максим Мешков

        In line for castration

      2. spongehorchata

        @silverpugglestopmotions jeez i just said a single fuking word and your mad you acting like my aunt

      3. silverpugglestopmotions

        Nobody asked if you were first

      4. Anime lover420