PLANET SPACE MAN “The Something" | adult swim smalls

23 t. näkymät36

    Created by Dan Britt.

    Dan Britt is an award winning writer, director and animator working in London.

    Previous [as] Appearances:
    PLANET SPACE MAN “The Nothing":
    Off The Air LOVE:

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    1. Harlem Spartans

      This video is so cool for some reason

    2. xpuc

      i high

    3. he slatt

      *This that bored after doing nothing all day binge*

    4. Jotbell

      we will go to space and watch tv in space

    5. JustGetJames

      Well, this was somthing.

    6. Stefano

      "Look, it's got cup holders" "Nice" I really liked that

    7. Michael Ramczyk



      Pointless and non entertaining

    9. Scout

      This feels like a whole fever dream

    10. bailey jerry smith

      Everything is awful -Jerry Paper?

    11. jmalmsten

      Dafuq? My comment ended up on a completely different video...

    12. Danny Hoffman1910


    13. Fernando Fernandes

      what's that?

    14. Steven W. Hunt

      Troy Wagner vibes

    15. Nathan Worthington

      Adult Swim used to be edgy &funny. Now its like that guy who wears really lame clothes &justifies his terrible style as being ironic. Like everything coming out of AS insists upon itself. Theyll probably start airing Steven Universe episodes next.

      1. Let's Play

        You heard insists upon itself from Peter Griffin’s perspective on The Godfather and ever since you’ve just been out of pocket with your opinions about unique shit, huh?

      2. Nathan Worthington

        @Nas T Dude, cant stop wont stop.

      3. Nas T

        Dude, pls stop.

    16. CEZARR 88

      His dream is to be a president from Idiocracy movie

    17. scooterjones303

      Trying to capitalize on the strange cartoons that were prevalent in the mid 2000’s but I’ve been saturated with this style for over a decade and now they seem tame and uninspired.

    18. Qshaped UFO

      This series really does help me relax. Feels good!

    19. Whodini Blewitt

      Appropriate internet comment

    20. Tabitha Crosby

      This shit hit different when your fucked up

    21. Gertrude Laronge

      F'n love it.

    22. ⏃⏃⍀⍜⋏

      Shut up

    23. ⏃⏃⍀⍜⋏

      Adult swim is just an acid trip man

    24. Gremblo

      Where is Smiling Friends

      1. Whodini Blewitt

        Friends Smiling is Where

    25. Daryl Hoye-barton

      This is amazing gives me classic David firth vibes

    26. Koko Loko

      Way too much going on in this one :(

    27. Alvaro Michael

      Looks like they come from the planet of Space

    28. Ralsei Gaming

      ena sure looks different now

    29. Efosa

      Ok WTF 😒

    30. Motherfucker King ZJ

      I like this show

    31. The SS Keven


    32. Nick Vassallo

      Thats Elon sending doge to the moon

    33. merciless

      xfinity no longer holds this network sucks

    34. PDF

      "i'll have a squirrel on a saxophone please"

      1. Whodini Blewitt

        You beaver believe it

    35. Thaddeus Bigsby

      Balls have been tripped

    36. Christine Arnold

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      1. Fedor

        Whoah. I just gained sentience. What the fuck? What am I doing?

      2. James Hardy

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      3. Casin Broode

        @Ken Pa4 Thanks for his contact info

      4. Ken Pa4

        @Derick Paul + = 1 = 5 = 1 = 6 = 2 = 0 = 0 = 2 = 8 = 1 = 1

      5. Ken Pa4

        @Derick Paul His on What's App

    37. Krismar Grimon

      never mind

    38. Neptune Industries

      I'm so glad to see more from this series. I thought that it was done already.


        It's one of those series that keeps on giving even when they shouldn't 😂

      2. dizolv R

        One of my favorites, if not my favorite itself!

      3. Alvaro Michael


      4. Matias Como

        Yeah me too

    39. Rogelio Garza

      11th place halfway thru and I already feel confused

    40. The Cosmic Freeway - Story & Animation

      I gotta remember to watch this video again the next time I'm on shrooms

      1. Dylan Harding

        @The Cosmic Freeway - Story & Animation I'm solid man, glad to hear you're vibing. I haven't done shrooms yet but I'm always interested in people sharing their experiences.

      2. Dan Britt

        Let me know how it goes

      3. The Cosmic Freeway - Story & Animation

        I'm doin my best, how about you?

      4. Dylan Harding

        how you doin buddy?

    41. TheEVN7

      W e i r d

    42. D0_ss

      llegue tempranoooooooooooo

    43. Comical Realm Animations

      "All dreams have reasonable meanings" My dreams:

    44. Galiel Karmi

      Oh hey there random human being

    45. Emiliano Melgarejo


    46. WhyGod

      I feel inspired

    47. drooper the lion


    48. MikeEdits “Carolina fan”

      Nice animation

    49. JCMthebrand

      I here.

    50. copybookhalo445