Rick and Morty in the Eternal Nightmare Machine | adult swim

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    The simulation is corrupt - repair the core.

    Animated by Paul Robertson
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    Julkaistu Uukausi sitten


    1. Jake

      So much Bill Cipher in this episode

    2. Doom Eternal

      Make this video game

    3. Kaiser Nvtron

      omg I'm so happy that you did this

    4. Potzantre

      Мы все в матрице.

    5. Tang Old

      Take my money and make it real plz

    6. Zokium

      Shut up and take my money!

    7. Black hat

      rick and morty cant have a game cuz rick knows there in a game and find a way to escape and kill u or kill u and escape

    8. Mai Gyorek

      JESUS [bleep] CHIRST!

    9. The F0X


    10. Caleb Rayner

      There’s too many subliminal imagery here, I’m watching at .25 speed and the level of detail it’s just too crazy man

    11. otkjgjg

      This shoud be a game

    12. Marty Lefebvre

      So many references it even shows characters that were only hinted or referenced but never shown

    13. Shubhankar Dimri

      Katana Zero vibes

    14. Marilyn Woodburn

      This episode is literally exposing the govt

    15. The Boys

      What’s with all of the Satan stars and Illuminati symbols in the episode? Wtf

    16. Anonymous W!LL

      Damn this game for real, gona play this forever

    17. gekkokkid

      this is the internet animated

    18. Don't Hesitate to Meditate

      Did ya'll see Bill Cipher literally everywhere?

    19. Idk

      This is fucking amazing

    20. Quoise

      If this was an actual game, I'd play it.

    21. Loser Boy


    22. Payments Recived

      Love it love it cream pants worthy👍👍👍❤❤❤❤

    23. Mil Scheltinga

      this has to be a game

    24. filibertodelacruz727

      This should be like a Hidden game For Metal Slug!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    25. Kolokal

      1:45 fortnite

    26. Ronny R

      What’s the soundtrack for the boss fight at the end? Feeling Pretty nostalgic

    27. GiveYouOrgees

      I need a Rick and Morty Metroidvania, that would be SIIIIIICKK!!! Although this beatemup looks cool too

    28. Dokeshi The Jestor King

      I swear you guys would make bank making this a PC or Mobile game

    29. rukmangadan dhevadoss

      The ritzy step-daughter fourthly saw because owner compatibly paste beside a subdued slime. alike, somber step-brother

    30. Karri Rosenbloom

      Morty was a literal human shield

    31. Twenty-One Cloakhound

      now we know one use of the Plumbus: being a sick-ass weapon.

    32. George Gondas

      This video should become a game. It would be lit.🔥🔥

    33. ap-man

      8:31 Nice !pvc fight!!!

    34. ap-man

      I really want this game

    35. ap-man

      2:32 Nice!!! Morty is a tool!!!😔😔😔😔

    36. ap-man

      0:59 Yes!boss fight!!

    37. Dod

      Good Easter egg, check symbols which appear when enemies are defeated 🤣😀 (slomo) Religious nuts will go nuts 😂

    38. ТИМНОТА

      Где в это поиграть this is real game

    39. Gary wong

      What is the release date of this game?

    40. Nicole Randall


    41. Sebcrack07



      Отрицаю всё плохое в этом видео.

    43. Bondrewd Kryzhanovskyi

      I would like to play game like this

    44. Raw LAHiabetes

      Was that bell Delphine's bath water lol

    45. Raw LAHiabetes

      I wanna see his sprite animation sheets for this

    46. Raw LAHiabetes


    47. weget9

      3:04 gimmie this song pls

    48. Niels van Rijn

      This is one of the sickest things i've seen

    49. Jeffrey Hicks

      This is a pretty cool Scott Pilgrim mod.

    50. XER Hciv

      This reminded me of how Rick beat the Devil and I think the Devil wanted vengeance, thru all of Rick's and Morty's foes for what Rick did to him but somewhere down the line everything went wrong for the Devil and everything got out of hand even for him resulting in super powered mutations and new Gods coming after "Rick and Morty" which caused reality and simulation to become warped full of *ERRORS 404*

    51. Frater .Genus

      The author has done TOO much. If it was a short video, it would be funny. Otherwise, it just gets tired. Very talented and a lot of work, but very pointless.

    52. Ikemesit Etuknwa


    53. DJacob 1300

      Why the hell are there so many flashes of Illuminati symbols whenever an enemy dies?

      1. Dod

        For religious nuts to go nuts, maybe they will get heart attack and world will be better then 🤣.

      2. Hee Hee

        i think its bill cypher

    54. Feeling It

      Looks like Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

    55. J Digital

      Legitimately looks like it would be a better game than any of Roiland's other offerings.

      1. Asghard

        So brave and controversial!

    56. Retroark TV

      1:07 My god please make a metal slug-like for Rick and Morty. For the love of god please, I need this.

    57. HummDrumm

      If It came out in the 90's... Best selling game for years!

    58. Dewey Newgent

      Was that a Bell Bathwater attack!! Love it

    59. Sightes

      weon quiero este juego !

    60. hunter xenomorph

      The bath water part.....

    61. Chamusa HD

      2:34 Did rick just turned morty into a convertable??

      1. jan manuel

        Yes Edit: let's goooo

    62. Владислав Мишоловка

      2:48 ok Bill, WTF!?

    63. Fredbear Ent. (Jacob Parker)

      Someone went a level too deep

    64. TriceraSIL

      For the love of god this would be the most amazing game

    65. FinnON

      What?! Now I want the game on my phone like that

    66. Santiago Siquina

      The fact that there is still not a game of this is the only disrespectful thing

    67. PF1re


    68. samhouston1979


    69. Aho-Bot

      You get to beat up cops. 10/10

    70. victor chiappella


    71. ZaimON

      When is in Steam but is beatiful :0

    72. IceColdDarkElf RPG

      So you're going to make this a game right?

    73. CamalBak

      This feels like CupHead😏

    74. felipexxgamer

      This remember me to dan the man

    75. Sebastian .S.

      Morthy is a pokemon

    76. justin nunez

      I wish this was real

    77. Neo Dna X

      plz make the game!

    78. Alvaro Adrian

      Take my money

    79. ツDangerZone

      This feels alot like pixel gun 3D

      1. FickleDrop

        Because its pixelated?

    80. Vovan Bilo

      Жаль что такой игры не выйдет

    81. Samoletek

      This was awesome 😍

    82. Joel Robert


    83. Karie Bossa

      They needed Froopy Land as a bonus level with King Tommy as a boss to defeat.

      1. BrokenGlassShimmerLikeStarDust


    84. mth1022

      Sure, we all want this to be a real game but I'd also fully support this type of thing being an actual episode of the show.

    85. Juan Rossi

      Please, can you release a real Videogame based on this animation? Please, take my money.

    86. Blacker

      everyone's giving kudos to paul for the pixel art but none to brent for the music i really want an extended track of the system reboot part

    87. Zander

      Aye, atleast we have Fortnite now. 😂🤣😂🤣

    88. Mr moose Mr goose

      Make this a g a m r

    89. FREEPORT 7

      I mean, the artwork is done tho, this could be a game in 6 months eeeasy

    90. Хосе Полино

      Прям целая серия)

    91. Dorian Lyder

      Please make the game. A mash up of Marvel vs Capcom Engine and Metal Slug. There, I've pitched the tech, artists & game developers please make this. Thanks

    92. Dennis Fereoles

      Imagine if BioWare made a Rick & Morty game. Mass effect style.

    93. Felix III

      Thank you Adult Swim for giving us stuff to trip out on while we’re high! 🙏🏽

    94. Anto Rod

      We need this! We deserve this! Make it real 🙏

    95. Crazy Cheese

      Anyone know the name of the synth soundtrack running around 16:00? Or, if it's something Brent Busby created just for this video i'd love to hear some suggestions for stuff like it

      1. Brent Busby (BeeBuzzBee)

        Hey, thanks, Crazy. I made all of this music specifically for Paul's animation. So what's in there is all that exists.

    96. 86LARRIKIN

      This is deadset Marvel vs Capcom and Metal Slug crossover... What the actual fuck! They better be making this into an actual game! ASAP please! 🍒

    97. Mr.Sketch

      God a game like this would sell millions

    98. BigTrillin

      Are the flashing cabalistic symbols everywhere here for the woke culture or paying homage? 🤔

    99. Liamplayz_Roblox

      This looks like a game called Dan the man kinda

    100. Ark Rael

      Muinta referência a Metal slug