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    Watch a new episode of Birdgirl on Sunday at midnight on Adult Swim.


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    Julkaistu Uukausi sitten


    1. spiritual proteins

      I can't believe they managed to make a harvey birdman spinoff so unfunny and bland. Did the creators of this even watch Attorney at Law?

    2. ColinFox

      Where was I supposed to laugh?

    3. Slikk

      This show sucks. I can't see this lasting more than 1 season.

    4. roachdogg jr.

      So they couldn't like, make a spinoff about Peanut and his shenanigans? And I dont see any classic Sebben and Sebben employees anywhere. They couldn't have all been bad, Judy. By the way, didja get that thing I sent you?

    5. Kameari Kill Screen

      I really dislike the new birdgirl

    6. Sean Carter

      Pretty funny show overall. Binged the first season yesterday

    7. Jackson Dale

      Wow people uh.. really fuckin hate this show. I guess you got a little smear of shit on their rose colored glasses.

    8. TF2 Pyro

      Why would adult swim ever put this out, adult swims entire brand is built on airing wacky and Goofy shows that think outside the box and don't fit any mold, this is just so bland and boring but worst of all it's just not funny

    9. Vesania

      Still trying to find the funny in this

    10. Malachi Constant

      Kinda feels like low rent archer.

    11. J Double C

      Can everyone shut up 🤐 this show is actually better then what y’all say it is

    12. TheCozyCove

      They really could have just ripped bird girl from the original but I guess we got this...

      1. BluJean6692

        Adult swim ruined the one strong female character from the original, no amount of optics can undo that tragedy. They broke her like dumb children playing with a vase...

    13. Alec Aquino

      What is this crap???

    14. Jake The Dingus

      still looks weird.

    15. DarkSlayer777

      Awful, just awful, wish studios would stop milking dry good old shows using nostalgia

    16. mchale20201

      This is like a really bad archer episode

    17. Mikey 1994

      I never watch birdgirl because it's so boring and I miss Birdman attorney at law that was a great show before they added birdgirl and they should just canceled birdgirl and never bring it back forever

      1. Mikey 1994

        @99 you need to go to the mental Asylum's man for likeing and watching that shit birdgirl

      2. Mikey 1994

        @99 how can you watch that shit

      3. Mikey 1994

        @99 no I'm straight

      4. 99

        u gay

    18. Michael Angelo

      And I don't want to be rude or anything but bird girl look like she's in her 30s or 40s it's been so long bring the show back

    19. shindean

      So Ventuure Bros. died to make room for this? Same business decisions that cancelled Young Justice the first time😒

      1. jayjay86443

        Wanna get even madder? Ballmasterz is low-key cancelled with a Hiatus. Toonami is gonna die. Family Guy and all other Fox shows are going to leave in Fall. All Tim and Eric Projects died (I know, but I'm making a point.) Basically every possible bad ending you can think of for shows over there, happened while they quickly made this. TigTone, YOLO, and Primal are still on break, but Birdgirl did eat chunks of their budgets. What's worse is that Birdgirl's VA begged you to watch it on Twitter. That's not a good sign, as it means it's already dead.

    20. Gopled

      Poor Birdgirl. She deserved better than this.

    21. KK Akuoku

      Tighten up the pacing of this show and 60-70% of the backlash against it will go away.

      1. Josh Makarenko

        @samspotz8r8s still feels like 30% as good as HBMAAL was at its outset...

      2. samspotz8r8s

        Yeah, I feel like they’ll figure their pacing out with time. I'm pretty forgiving with first seasons

      3. Josh Makarenko

        Right, feels like a classroom reading of a script where everyone has to do it cause the teacher picked them for the roles

    22. Frost Quake

      This is....what IS this? I clicked expecting to see what looked like a revival of Harvey Birdman or something. What I got was...I don't even know what to call this. Who are these people? Is this supposed to be comedy? Was I supposed to laugh? I very rarely ever hit the dislike button, but wow, no hesitation here. Is THIS what Adult Swim has devolved into? Makes me even more glad I don't watch anything but FIblock and streaming services for specifically selected films and tv shows anymore. You're not cool anymore, Adult Swim. Damn.

      1. Dr. Oofers

        When AT&T, and all that wacky yakky corporate stuff with buying studios, companies and all that. They killed Venture Bros, and Mike Tyson Mysteries for this...

    23. BluJean6692

      In B4 all valid criticism is buried by obvious spambot comments like "Awesome Birdgirl video" or "Great clip I laughed"🤖 .

      1. Slikk

        Yes, it's very obvious. It's not fooling anyone.

      2. Dr. Oofers


    24. BluJean6692

      Ooof I was excited about this but looks like another flop. Watch them blame it on sexism or something...

    25. ΔΣΘΠΛΞΦΩ

      I'm really trying hard to like this show even after watching ep 4 which was an interesting episode, still felt dry and boring. It really still doesnt hold up to Harvey Birdman. I really wished they brought back familiar faces and not the boring characters from this series.

    26. gude times

      This is absolute crap

    27. Frosty Gulag

      God I miss Venture Bros

    28. Dr. Eggscout

      Imagine Ad bombing this show to no ends, then decide to run a "catch up marathon" before the season finale, a Marathon of 5 whole episodes! Dead in the water

      1. Jonamonszx

        @Dr. Eggscout this is how ads work my dude.

      2. Dr. Eggscout

        No they're just trying to push it as hard as possible, because Adult Swim wants it to be popular. Either we actually like the show or not

      3. kankunation13

        They literally do this with every show at the end of its season no matter the length. Doesn't really say anything about it's popularity.

    29. evilmadeflesh

      RIP Harvey Birdman

    30. The Boneyard

      Oh my God, this is terrible.

    31. Turnil

      I remember when my employer left some USB sticks with a virus in the office to train us about computer safety.

    32. ShamahVisuals

      I'm sorry but this show is actually garbage compared to the original birdman ace attorney. It just seems more annoying, slower paced, and has shittier characters. Seriously i'm not trying to be that guy but why does every attempt at making some female reboot/continuation has to be done horribly lately? Did some feminist's rich daddy green lit this show or something? How did this get made?

      1. ShamahVisuals

        @Dr. Oofers Wait what? AT&T owns Adult Swim?

      2. Dr. Oofers

        I think they’re trying to throw all they can to get AT&T out of debt.

    33. Daniel Daniel

      🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢 Wow!!! This show is terrible.

    34. Cococrash11

      Awesome Birdgirl Video.

    35. Satoku

      And how does this affect the economy of Venezuela?

    36. Ryan Cooper

      Wow this show was garbage.... Doesn't live up to classic Birdman.

    37. AVCI 711

      -"You made me go to a wedding." Rick Sanchez

    38. Chuck Baker

      Gods, this feels so hollow without the Hanna Barbara characters... especially the attempted humor is just as hollow. the f** were they thinking trying to make a spinoff show?

      1. Josh Makarenko

        Bro 1,000% agree this shit feels so soulless and her redesign is terrible

    39. Marx14

      I mean who the hell is this show for?

      1. Daniel Daniel

        You know very well

    40. Marx14

      Cancel it!!

    41. Marx14


    42. Baby Playz

      Who gives a fuck about this give us Rick and morty

    43. konekotron

      Nice, very good. I mean not as good as venture brothers, the original Harvey birdman attorney, athf, sealab 2021, metalocalypse, the oblongs, home movies, space ghost coast to coast but easily in the top 50 series you’ve made. You should try adding in comedy and relatable characters to this one. Final space is pretty cool tho.

    44. KingJoJustJoking

      The character designs are trash.

    45. Bird Brain

      I just know this is gonna be another replace all your favorite characters with women show but I really have high hopes for this one. Setting myself up for disappointment I'm sure.

      1. Slikk

        ​@samspotz8r8s No, this just sucks. The writing, jokes, animation, everything about it. Boooooooooooo!!!

      2. samspotz8r8s

        @mrchicken08 the original was making fun of old children cartoons, but this one is focusing in more on making fun of cheesy superheroes. They just went with a different focus, and that totally changes the vibe so I get where the dislike comes from...bur honestly it's not that bad of a show. It's just not meant for old fans imo. It's Different spin on the same idea as Harvey birdman but made with a different target audience in mind.

      3. mrchicken08

        The other thing is that the original had the cartoon characters with their lawsuits, and this one has nothing…

    46. Bee Sod

      It's not a can, It's a choad. lol

    47. HIDHIFDB

      Just no, sorry but Harvey Birdman was joke afther joke rapid fire style this is just.., why dont name this "GUrL TIMe or PowerTime or No EGGs" instead of Birdgirl?. I still miss the bear and the clown car.

    48. hot superheroine fight MARVELvsDC

      very cool!

    49. El Breado

      Venture bros died for this shit

      1. Nas T

        Technically, it didn't died for this. The AT&T situations are the main reason why The Venture Bros got canned.

    50. Koby Haigerty

      nO hAnNaH bArBaRaH sHoW bAd I swear, half the folks here have notifications on just so they can show up and spit hate every time they post a new clip

      1. Dr. Oofers

        A lot of people criticize the writing and other parts of the show. The lack of Hannah Barbara characters is just a cherry on top.

      2. Koby Haigerty

        @BluJean6692 That first line was written the way it was to indicate a mocking tone, which is then reinforced by my comment about how annoying it is only see people complaining about specifically that every other comment on these clips

      3. BluJean6692

        I'm here because I was excited about the show but this clip is a rotten fish. I'm very sorry that reality/taste doesn't conform to your weird standards...

      4. Hot Rodd

        yEaH sO

    51. 2UNIEK

      So when do you plan on canceling this? The ratings are terrible and lower with each consecutive episode. Your parent company is in massive debt Adult Swim. You can't afford wasting money.

    52. Virus Video

      Hell yeah Adult Swim way to take one of your original shows, apply a political agenda to it, and make it as hollow and unfunny as possible.

      1. 25-Keys

        @Dr. Oofers it's not a good show i know. still nothing political about it.

      2. Dr. Oofers

        @25-Keys It may not be “political,” since most people haven’t explained that regard (I guess it’s the “everyone’s female for no clear reason”), other then that, most people hate it because of the writing and animation.

      3. 25-Keys

        WHAT is political about this you psychopath. leave this gay politics shit off here please save it for Twitter.

    53. knuclear200x

      Birdman: Red Bull Birdgirl: Decaf

      1. harizotoh7

        It completely lacks energy with oddly slow pacing.

      2. OuterRaine

        Decaf? More like potted soil.

    54. Moist Envelopes


    55. InfernosReaper

      I honestly can't figure out who this show is supposed to be for. It's clearly not for the fans of the original, so who is it for? This isn't even a criticism at this point. I'm now curious

      1. InfernosReaper

        @samspotz8r8s So, basically, what you're saying is "this show would be more successful if it had its own identity instead of trying to ride the coattails of a very different show?" Yeah, that's probably fair. The audience different does seem to be a very different demographic from the Harvey Birdman one.

      2. samspotz8r8s

        Lol I'm gonna be brave and say I like it. Harvey birdman got a few laughs out of me but it just wasn't my thing so I never really watched it. I like this spin off because judys manic energy is endearing and fun. It's nothing special, and it's probably best enjoyed without being able to compare it to it's parent show, but i absolutely don't think it's as bad as some people make it out to be. adult swim is branching out to different audiences, so I'm not surprised this is a turn off for some

      3. 23jakesmith23

        @BluJean6692 oh okay, so less than 1% of us

      4. harizotoh7

        It's created by woke progressive women for other women like them. They are clearly writing a live action sit-com as well, as you could easily do thsi show in live action.

      5. BluJean6692

        It's for 30-something year old women stuck in office jobs trying to pretend they didn't sell out...

    56. Husnain Naeem


    57. Malcolm Greene

      We just watch garbage and we all know that

      1. Nas T

        Let's not watch this "garbage", the safer word is the term..."spin-off of mediocrity"

    58. Michael Wildridge

      I'll stick to the original...

      1. Nas T

        Me too. I'll also stick to Rick and Morty, Final Space, Primal and Lazor Wulf.

    59. Luis

      I wonder if will see penut

      1. Kentrc11

        Peanut is getting rich doing real estate. He sold Harvey Birdman's house. And his stapler.

    60. Piotrek Suwiński

      Okay so who wants to make a bet with me? I say this show is going to get cancelled right after last episode of season 1 drops.

      1. Slikk

        Agreed! This won't run for more than 1 season.

      2. Dr. Oofers

        @2UNIEK You underestimate the detached realities of corporate entities.

      3. 2UNIEK

        @Logic Rules! Normally I'd agree but AT&T is in massive debt, they're in no position to waste money on something that doesn't pull in views. Any other time I could see them biting the bullet, but not now.

      4. Logic Rules!

        I bet it gets at least three seasons because feminism doesn't care about profits.

    61. Chris K (OverSalted)

      This show is akward and depressing. It might have been passable if it still had the Hanna Barbera toons going with it. Keep the old IP to original form or leave it alone.

    62. Fredrich Fernando

      That thumbnail is horrendous lmao

    63. Angel H

      My last employer did fake phishing emails, too. Everyone who didn't click received a "Congratulations!" email, while everyone that did click had to complete an online training session.

      1. Chris Hon

        That's actually really smart

    64. twelveth

      They are trying way too hard

      1. Nas T


    65. Rex Rivers

      Without the hanna Barbara characters this feels hollow

      1. OuterRaine

        @Andrew Falconer ok, but I think in Birdman universe she was inspired by him. There should have been an episode of hawkman and hawkwoman suing for likeness then.

      2. Andrew Falconer

        @OuterRaine Birdman and Birdgirl were inspired by Hawkman and Hawkgirl from DC COMICS. Hanna Barbara were borrowing or parodying Hawkman and Hawkgirl when they animated Birdman and Birdgirl in the 1960's.

      3. OuterRaine

        It doesn't even feel like it is in the same universe. No Hanna Barbera anything on the universe, no reference to Birdman who she was inspired by, a dumber personality. How did the company not have email, I'm sure it did in Birdman.

      4. Andrew Falconer

        Birdgirl was a 1967 copy of the DC COMICS character Hawkgirl created in 1940. What they should be parodying are other DC COMICS characters that are not seen all of the time.

      5. Logic Rules!

        just stop I basically made the same argument on the first bird girl video

    66. Eric Garcia Bernal

      This sucks

    67. Amboy Brony

      Wonder what happened to the purple hippo and Harvey Birdman

      1. Kentrc11

        @rhinobird Peter Potamus choked on the food supplement ginger. The life span of a hippopotamus is 40-50 years, at age 54 was an impressive feat on its own

      2. rhinobird

        @Kentrc11 on ginger? on Ginger? or on a ginger?

      3. Kentrc11

        Harvey Birdman is in jail for being a suspect in his wife's murder & Peter Potamus passed after surpassing a hippopotamus's life span at 54 years (1964-2018) before choking himself on ginger.

    68. sup bro

      Now they can get that thing I sent ya

      1. dougalachi

        See, now that is the kind of reference this show needs.

      2. Kentrc11

        lol that old gag was funny. I like Birdgirl's new gag: 'Hey...a group of us are getting drinks'

    69. KIM HAK BX

      Hello everyone how are you today

    70. eli64dd

      Man that wasn’t funny

    71. Iwo Danowski

      This.... This is terrible.


      👁️👄👁️ it's not funny

    73. Vincent Batten

      Whoops!, you got phished! All of the sketch emails at my workplace have been from the office security team.

      1. GoldenPantaloons

        _OR SO YOU THINK..._

    74. ThisPineappleLife

      Do you by chance have any funnier clips you could show us? That was kind of bland for a bird man spin-off.


      Is this supposed to be funny??? Are you laughing, if so at what???

      1. InfernosReaper

        @RandomStuff Even that needs to be sped up a peg to work properly.

      2. RandomStuff

        At bird girl crashing trough the window, but that's it...

      3. Malcolm Greene

        Im trying to figure it out!!🤔....should i....should i laugh now???

    76. Kentrc11

      I like this show. It's corporate.

      1. Dr. Oofers

        *Very* corporate

    77. Marnerbroman

      Play it at 1.25 speed makes the scene work better.

      1. smooth man

        @FINE yeah u say my grandma died then wait 3 seconds deliver funny line instead of straight out funny

      2. FINE

        Pacing is so important to deliver jokes and create a more placente less boring experience for the viewer.

      3. harizotoh7

        The pacing is just so slow for some reason. The whole show is like in slow mode.

      4. smooth man

        @El Breado reading lies is my profesion

      5. ScooterScooper

        It's crazy how pacing can really effect a scene

    78. Michael Brent

      Freakazoid,Captain Planet,Cool World(Brad Pitt) And Conkers should get there own Adult Swim Show!

      1. Logic Rules!

        Nas T not cool world

      2. Nas T

        Those are all kids and family cartoons right?

    79. Jakob Peabody

      Dog With Bucket Hat, is my absolute favorite character on the show😂🐶🎀🎩

      1. Jakob Peabody

        @Kentrc11 Yeah, Birdcat is one naughty cat🤣🤣

      2. Kentrc11

        Birdcat brings more shenanigans, though. I thought it was hilarious when Birdcat lived with that impressionable family, then walked away unbothered after committing arson to their house lol

    80. 99

      I like it... baby dum boom boom boom

    81. SomeKidFromBritain

      This looks shite

    82. Oxzide92

      Woke comedy with an art style that makes all characters look awful, please cancel this and rehire your writers from the early 2000s.. Yknow, the ones with talent..

      1. Nas T

        The comedy is not woke, it's just weak. And the art style isn't that awful, the art style is just...bland.

    83. Nas T

      I want more Final Space, not this.

    84. Randy Lahey

      Yo is that Jen Psaki!?

    85. Zane Daewoo

      Sooo this is... Comedy?

      1. Nas T

        Correction: This is bland comedy mixed with weak writing that makes you want to cringe your ass off.

    86. Michael Slusarczyk

      HahAAAA... Reboots on dowels....

    87. Xan Lyppiatt

      I don't think this is it.

    88. Gaia2022

      Wtf is this bye !!!

      1. Dr. Oofers

        @Nas T And Mike Tyson Mysteries and Venture Bros.

      2. Gaia2022

        Have u seen deep space 69 ?

      3. Nas T

        Final Space is a masterpiece compare to this.

    89. Celestail The Cosmos dragon

      Ello early gang

    90. B AsILayDying M

      Clicked idk why lol

    91. Michael Kelley

      Women aren’t funny

      1. Nazem zouhbi

        'N you're not funny !

      2. Dr. Oofers

        @Samir Toledo It’s literally the bottom pit of the enjoyment scale. It’s not, so bad it’s good. It’s not, outstandingly wonderful. It’s not even offensively terrible. It’s...forgettable.

      3. Clinton Sylvester

        There are not funny

      4. Nas T

        @Michael Kelley In reality, everyone can be humorous, including women themselves. I'm not saying I'm defending this show, (because I'm actually not defending it) I'm saying that some people can be funny and make a person smile. This spin-off series on the other hand, didn't make me smile.

      5. Michael Kelley

        @Nas T both

    92. Derpy Pikachu

      Bruh I misclicked and now I’m here

    93. Radm. Peso Skrew

      Man! This is trash! You don't have to be Mentauk the Mind Taker to see the future of this show! Keep up the great work, gang!

    94. glitchedgamer

      0:12 That elevator gag had some classic Sebben energy.

      1. roachdogg jr.

        That's about the only thing that has the classic Sebben and Sebben energy, and even it's a hollow shell.

      2. Maj Djinn

        @Dorkymations # It's not slow enough to hit or fast enough to hit. If it was a lot slower and you could hear her struggling to put on her normal clothes while everyone else waits ignoring the sounds. Could've also work as well. It has no rhythm.

      3. Bird Brain

        But it was too slow Put playback speed at 1.25

      4. Dorkymations #

        But it failed because the timing is slow af

    95. OmegaValwin

      where is the joke

      1. Dr. Oofers

        @InfernosReaper They still have the pilot up.

      2. InfernosReaper

        @ThisPineappleLife I don't know if they still have it, but they did have the pilot on the adult swim youtube channel and it was... If not, basically the show seems to be a bland slice of life that has random slapstick thrown in with no sense of timing that doesn't mesh well with the serious material.

      3. Richitsu

        @ThisPineappleLife Being a huge fan of the original, I've given the show a try. I've watched 3 episodes, it's mediocre, and not funny.

      4. ThisPineappleLife

        I watched and I’m wondering the same thing. Idk it looks like they just changed characters from male to female and toned down the whackiness of the show by a good deal. But I’m just saying that from this one clip. Haven’t seen the show but this didn’t make me want to watch it

      5. SMUGSLOTH69

        @OmegaValwin Watch Castlevania

    96. Osas “The SauceMan”

      People slept on this show

      1. Nas T

        A part of me slept on the show because the truth is....the show is so boring as f*ck.

    97. meat scarf

      cancel this trash please god it hurts ,my soul and eyes make the suffering stop

      1. Dr. Oofers

        @Kentrc11 I think most people say it doesn’t work since it will continue to recommend you similar stuff. I think someone explained that it takes a bit before it fully disappears from your recommended. No idea what the guy’s reply was goin on about.

      2. Kentrc11

        @Samir Toledo But 'not interested' works, making your issue avoidable. At this point you're just trolling & wasting your own time in a place you don't want to be at.

      3. Nas T

        I wanted to like Birdgirl but, there is nothing interesting about it. Just boring, mediocre crap. If I want to watch something more interesting and entertaining on Adult Swim, it would be Final Space or Primal.

      4. Kentrc11

        @Samir Toledo Sorry that you can't go on with your life without Birdgirl. Clicking 'not interested' for a FIblock video must be difficult.

      5. Kentrc11

        @Mason DeWald meat scarf is who

    98. Iskender S.

      İ am from turkey and car price is amazing in my country help us.

      1. Iskender S.

        @Dr. Oofers sometimes.

      2. Dr. Oofers

        @Iskender S. I hope you’re alright

      3. Iskender S.

        @harizotoh7 When I write in the comments, I feel as if everyone hears my voice. Because turkey life is so hard.

      4. harizotoh7

        This comment made me laugh harder than this show did.

      5. Iskender S.

        @Yumn Jame hahahaha yes i didnt see. 2021 mercedes a200 prograssive price is 61.000$

    99. Arturo Garza

      Crashing through the window shouting BIRDGIRL! is never not funny.

      1. harizotoh7

        The only half decent part of this clip and it's taken from the original show.

      2. Jake From StateFarm

        Except every single time.