The KVN NET is Activated | Final Space | adult swim

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    Final Space continues on Saturdays at 10:30pm ET/PT on Adult Swim.


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    Julkaistu 27 päivää sitten


    1. Muhd Shah Hidayat

      Oh if only they were a few seconds fasterr

    2. Tim Schmidt

      Am I the only one who thinks he is Gary from another timeline?

    3. Cosmin Iulian

      I think he's the first Kevin he liked and missed

    4. Persephone The Queen of Underworld

      I need season 4 asap

    5. Saitama

      Wait when is Season 3 actually coming. Your giving us some bits of it but when? Am I missing something.

      1. Saitama

        @Noba “Noodles” but it’s not on Netflix I thought it was an original series

      2. Noba “Noodles”

        It's been out since march lol

    6. William Barragan

      so...did this matter at all? The KVN net was only mentioned last episode and was destroyed like wet one-ply toilet paper at the end.

    7. Portal master7

      ava season 2 episode 1 to season 3 episode 1 fox season 2 episode 1 to episode 3 season 3 clarence season 1 episode 2 to season 3 episode 9 Kevin van nutan season 3 episode 2 to 10 May they rest in peace we need a F


        No Spoilers but add a titan to that list.

    8. Ethan Sloat

      Can you make more bushworld adventures

      1. Nas T


    9. Siner666

      I knew Kevin would have a sad death. Fuck you Gary!

    10. Jose Soto

      Lol shit show trying to be deep......your not rick and morty

    11. Animezilla 44

      How do you think this season will end if the KVN net and the portal being destroy

    12. shark kitten gameing

      u know I,m planing on makeing a youtube show with the rick and morty style and a take on like adventure time if u mix the 2

      1. Nas T

        @shark kitten gameing Okay, fair point.

      2. shark kitten gameing

        @Nas T every season episodes I say warning this show is for 18 and up also this show is a mix of adventure time and rick and morty we are not trying to rip the shows off so half the creadit gose to both shows

      3. Nas T

        You'll probably rip this show off.

    13. Alastor

      This episode had me in TEARS!!!! I'm not mentally ready for the end of season 3. Fingers crossed for a season 4! 🤞🏻❤🚀

    14. Godren Rams head

      Rip Kvn

    15. The Inevitable Man

      [adult swim]

    16. Lukas Stratmann

      He invented and built all this but didn't build in some remote access? Even though he can communicate with people in other solar systems in real time?

    17. UHI GPP

      Final Space has greater "FEELS" than any other "Feels" cartoons. It is insulting to think people compare this to Rick and Morty because Final Space Killed Rick and Morty TO DEATH. REALLY REALLY HARD.

      1. Nas T

        @killswitch7469 Yeah. Respect!👍🏾

      2. killswitch7469

        @Nas T man I'm seeing you on all these final space vids. Respect.

      3. Nas T

        Could be true.

    18. i am a cat

      Honestly I was expecting him to be Gary from different timeline

    19. PtLeoJet

      You know, if he hadn't hesitated when the word "launch" showed up then the net would have completed in time

    20. Andrey Kirilov

      these were meant to watch when drunk or higfh

    21. Crow pizza

      Plsss renew Final Space

      1. marija marcelić

        If it Does well they prob will,this isnt infinity train

    22. PsychoLucario

      Wow did they invite Dan Abnett on as a guest writer this season? Haven't seen so many side characters killed off since the last time I read Gaunt's Ghosts

    23. Thêodøra 4k

      Pls don't let that this wonder ends :(

    24. Not RixAmoris

      I wish his last words are my betty or princess...

    25. caro

      Come on!! Renew Final Space!!✨

    26. b d


    27. Abbey Road 04

      "The kvn net was activated"

    28. ragnorock cookie

      Nooooooo 😭😭😭🥺 . Why he didn't deserve these

    29. Thunder comrade32

      Salvation comes in the blink of an eye.


      The animation, the music, and Tom Kenny’s delivery of his final line just make this scene so impactful

    31. Hbb Eks

      BUT I WANT TO SEE THE KEVIN NET!!!!!!!!!!!

    32. Ciaron

      Kevin Van Newton going out with the Jewish blessing is actually too cool for words

    33. Cococrash11

      Awesome Final Space Video.

    34. vonCaw

      Will we get this awesome Soundtrack someday? ;o

    35. Karlos Kolk

      That season broke my heart 💔 and f¥€k Kevin

    36. iNfam0usColors

      Wait did they release a new season yet?

      1. marija marcelić

        @iNfam0usColors its on hbomax,adultswim,kisscartoons...

      2. marija marcelić

        @Enderlynx Willoze it isnt comfirmed yet

      3. Enderlynx Willoze

        @Carbuncle from Puyo Puyo I heard it’s in 2022

      4. Carbuncle from Puyo Puyo

        @DB Carib Probably in 2023

      5. DB Carib

        so when is the next season 4

    37. twilymeeks


    38. John Starn

      A good captain always goes down with his ship

    39. cheesecake


      1. cheesecake

        @Carbuncle from Puyo Puyo that’s not the point of this. the point is that they can do simple tasks as no post a death clip of a new character and literally post any other clip from the episode other than this one but they didn’t. and that’s a problem.

      2. Carbuncle from Puyo Puyo

        Netflix has no control over the show because they do not own it, TBS is the owner of the show.

      3. Nas T

        Okay, just please calm down.

    40. Big Wig

      That show tries to be overly serious at some points.

      1. marija marcelić

        @Sagar Rajan yea he has,he realtes to character And was sad since he wont see him again,dont hate someone just cause he has emotions

      2. Sagar Rajan

        @marija marcelić damn so he has a reason for every minute he cries that's cool

      3. Sagar Rajan

        @marija marcelić I did watch

      4. marija marcelić

        @Sagar Rajan 1.dont be toxic 2.he cries for reason And prob for 10mins 3.u wanna cry go watch amphibia True colours,entire adventure time And steven universe

      5. Sagar Rajan

        @Big Wig well atleast I'm not crying every minute like u do🤷‍♂️

    41. Brandon Quarles

      too bad he died in vain

    42. panoh 123

      he was my favourite new character from season 3 NOOO

    43. XxIce BearxX

      Damn. Just when I thought I couldn't cry like a little baby anymore....

      1. DB Carib

        sad dude died for nothing kvn net legit died in seconds lol

    44. Joan Meun

      Malditos monstruos monstruos que buena serie

    45. Carbuncle from Puyo Puyo

      Me: *sobs from Amphibia finale and Adventure Time Together Again* Final Space: Had enough?

      1. marija marcelić

        And i just finished invincible 2 so to me its harder

      2. JJ LFC

        Yall some śįmpß

      3. Furion Max

        Me who is a JoJo fan and conquered depression: that all ya got punk?

    46. Abide

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      1. G0AT x GAMING


    47. Larry Ferd

      This is one of my all time favorite cartoons please don’t let it end

      1. marija marcelić

        @Nas T no creator wants to make S4 but its not comfirmed yet

      2. Enderlynx Willoze

        @Nas T yes I looked it up on google

      3. Nas T

        @Enderlynx Willoze Is that true? You better be telling the truth. Please tell me that's true. Please!

      4. Enderlynx Willoze

        There’s a season 4 coming out in 2022!!! It’s just delayed becuase of COVID

    48. Larry Ferd

      I was hoping the Kevin net would actually do something

      1. Larry Ferd

        @marija marcelić the titan destroyed the planet the Kevin’s did squat

      2. Larry Ferd

        @marija marcelić they did not destroy the earth the titan did the Kevin’s did absolutely nothing

      3. marija marcelić

        @Larry Ferd theres entire scene where they destroy earth,And somehow LC came to Titan before it

      4. Larry Ferd

        @marija marcelić keven net did nothing it destroyed nothing what were you watching

      5. marija marcelić

        It litearly destroyed planet,is that nothing to u

    49. knuclear200x

      _"Salvation comes in the blink of an eye"_ -Kevin Van Newton (blinks) "OH GOD IT WAS ALL *_FOR NOTHIIIIIING"_* -We, the viewers



    51. MundoJuanci

      The show is right now the best it's ever been, please give us a season 4! We want more stories like this!

      1. marija marcelić

        @Enderlynx Willoze me 2 but nobody can say when something that isnt comfirmed coming out

      2. Enderlynx Willoze

        @marija marcelić I bet they will make a season 4.

      3. marija marcelić

        @Enderlynx Willoze it still isnt comfirmed so dont say its comfirmed

      4. CaptShuvinStuff

        @MundoJuanci I see that, I re read that tweet. That’s why I deleted that comment lol

      5. MundoJuanci

        @CaptShuvinStuff he didn't say that either, he said IF this was the season finale He wants to make 2 more seasons

    52. marija marcelić

      It was sad but not much as avocado,clerance or nightfall,we didnt get much time to meet him,but still better then that weird White bear

      1. Tobi Garcia

        He's a Tiger Tiger

    53. Nas T

      Everything about this show is incredible and the show has more heart.

    54. geardog24

      R.I.P. Kevin Van Newton. You were the only Kevin that Gary liked.

      1. Tobi Garcia

        He shot at him like 10x haha

    55. (e) Atlantic

      Final Space ℹ️s pretty good sci-fi ℹ️ have saw it and previewed it 3️⃣times it's kind of underated in my eyes.

      1. pyrolee17

        The underrated status is due to the heavy stigma season 1 gave it

    56. LegendX

      It got even more tragic to think about since Kevin died for nothing, the KVN net was just destroyed and the portal is now gone from their reach.

      1. Portal master7

        @William Barragan if you rewatched the clip you can see some kvns get away

      2. William Barragan

        KVN net was ripped apart like 1-ply toilet paper

      3. golden lynx

        @Luca Dario Bützberger yes i already know that he died in season 1's finally and it was so beatiful to see him finaly die but when he came back in season 2 i was ready to suicide let's just hope that invictus kills kevin in season 3 cause he is so annoying .

      4. Portal master7

        @golden lynx he already died but now hes more durable and can sense Gary's danger and repair himself

      5. Luca Dario Bützberger

        @golden lynx That would be absolutely beautiful. We all know that is not going to happen :/

    57. mevan883

      I wonder is season 3 the last season.

      1. Nas T

        @marija marcelić Me too.

      2. marija marcelić

        @Nas T i hope,this is one of my fav cartoons

      3. Nas T

        @marija marcelić It will do well.

      4. marija marcelić

        Creators want 5 or 6 seasons,if it Does well we will prob get them

      5. Nas T

        No. Season 3 is not the last season of Final Space.


      The next scene is like the literal definition of a "nope" moment.

    59. Xavier 300

      Pero no funciono... maldito Lord Comander

    60. Francis Witcher Plays

      It was so painful to see him go. I really liked this character and his role as the last survivor from Earth. And don't even get me started when he quoted that line, and I just realized that since Quinn said the same line, it means he must have heard it from Nightfall. RIP Kevin Van Newton, you won't be forgotten.

    61. BIGGZ SHAN


    62. El Conde

      mission complete

    63. The Cosmic Freeway - Story & Animation

      Im so excited!! I love KVN

      1. Joshua Pacis

        Kevin or kvn?

    64. But First He Lit it on Fire

      What _ARE_ all these bot comments I’m seeing right here?

    65. Brandon Mchale

      When will this be released on Netflix

      1. Carbuncle from Puyo Puyo

        @The_Responder623 OP isn’t from the US, the only way to watch Final Space outside of the Americas is through Netflix. TBS sold the international license for the show to Netflix because there is no TBS outside of the Americas.

      2. Carbuncle from Puyo Puyo


      3. marija marcelić

        Prob when it ends,were now on ep10 we have to wait only 3left,we get 1 every week but dont worry there are other sites to watch it like kimcartoons

      4. (e) Atlantic

        ℹ️ think you can watch it on Hulu or ℹ️'ll assume h.b.o max

      5. Chimdindu Obidike

        @The_Responder623 exactly even free ones if he or she doesn't have the money to pay

    66. STILL

      Narrative of Self is the result of a feedback loop between “Separate Self” & Cosmos🎈

    67. Nick Abrahamowicz

      When your early yes i am 16th comment (: but i will get no likes) :

    68. Colgate


    69. Peanut

      the kvn net didnt do shit

      1. marija marcelić

        It destroyed entire planet,thats not big deal to u

      2. Nas T

        That's because The Lord Commander became a titan and demolished the earth, dude. Did you even watched the rest of this episode?

    70. Final Space Latinoamerica

      The disaster is coming

    71. Kyle Schneider

      Rest easy Kevin

    72. Jamie

      me and my dad are still waiting for the next season, also is that DAVID HAYTER?!

      1. astronomicalloser

        me and my dad are doing the same thing

      2. Corn Pop

        3 episodes left

    73. Lisa Jo Nicolo


      1. Максим Мешков


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    74. Kervin Massicott

      We will never forget what you did for them

    75. SwiZzL

      Ooh final space

      1. marija marcelić

        @Ray Gastrin *your fav

      2. Ray Gastrin

        best série (for me)

    76. Exploding Dust Rags

      ⁿᵒ *ᶜᴼᴺᴳᴿᴬᵀᵁᴸᴬᵀᴵᴼᴺˢ ᵀᴼ ᴱⱽᴱᴿʸᴼᴺᴱ ᵂᴴᴼ ᴵˢ ᴱᴬᴿᴸʸ ᴬᴺᴰ ᶠᴼᵁᴺᴰ ᵀᴴᴵˢ ᶜᴼᴹᴹᴱᴺᵀᵎ* 🥳🥳🏆

    77. Brandy Bardgett


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    78. Auto Hunter

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      1. Максим Мешков

        @Exploding Dust Rags is it jock?

      2. Максим Мешков

        Catch banning

      3. Exploding Dust Rags

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      4. Brandy Bardgett

        The same to you ♥️♥️♥️

    79. M Griwgard (Griwgard)


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