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    Your time is up.

    Your Host
    Megan Koester

    Produced By
    Eric Lacombe
    Megan Koester

    Associate Producer
    Mason Ross

    Executive Producer
    Matt Harrigan

    Your Performers (In Order Of Appearance)
    Ryan Doolittle
    Anna Seregina
    Babs Gray
    Erin Mohr
    Max Beasley
    Allen Strickland Williams
    Marilyn Monrovia
    Natasha Mercado
    Alison Stevenson
    Sovereign Syre
    Tatenda Mbudzi
    Sammy Mowrey
    Ahamed Weinberg
    James Fritz
    Lindsay Adams
    Danielle Perez

    Director Of Photography
    Ruby Carlson

    Chris Polczinski

    Production Assistant
    Alex Seymour

    COVID Compliance Officer
    Ahamed Weinberg

    Edited By
    Max Simonet

    Assistant Editor / Graphics
    Eric Lacombe

    Production Director
    Danya Levine

    Executive Producer For Williams Street
    Walter Newman
    Michael Ouweleen

    Filmed On Location At Davis Bacon Material Handling
    Los Angeles, California
    Thank You, Judy


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    1. Click Clack Ding Dong

      Stupid people are going to die out, that's just nature. I can't make you study. Good luck in the future, I'm sorry to have to tell you this but it's looking pretty grim for you. I'm sure if you put on your thinking cap and use those problem solving skills mommy taught you, the solutions will come to you.

    2. StubVidMedia

      This is a fantastic way for new comedians to learn their craft.. A huge metal door operated by a harsh (but fair) dictator. Parking fines should also be threatened

    3. Danbot007

      Megan should host everything.

      1. Shannon


    4. Steve Barnes

      Couple more of these wouldn't hurt anybody

    5. Mr hacker Man

      I’m European, is this what an America is.

      1. Shannon

        All day

    6. Larry Glowacki

      I've walked into doors that were funnier than this skit

    7. RicardoMonté

      haha, Megan's look at 0:55

    8. Logan

      Everything’s tasting great MBK!

    9. C H

      Ive been working on some material, where is this?

    10. heyheyheyheyhey

      This is amazingly painful and I just started it.

      1. heyheyheyheyhey

        Seriously six minutes in and good God this must have been aggravatingly fun to film. Covid compliance officer saved it.

    11. 717euf

      I feel like these are just a bunch of characters I want to avoid being because they seem obnoxious. Not necessarily out of arrogance or knowingly, but still.

    12. 2-D

      that 9/11 joke was the first one to make me lmao. kudos

      1. 2-D

        sorry, that was mean. i feel like tony hinchcliffe now, ahaha... asians amirite?

      2. 2-D

        @Maxwell Beasley thank the editor. they made you a hack highlight

      3. Maxwell Beasley

        thanks :)

    13. Lindsay Adams

      The girl who thought it was a podcast is my favorite, she was great, she should be famous

    14. Travis Ralph

      Crazy Horses and they never die! Crazy Horses how they multiply...

    15. Traig jr's master channel

      Can you please make kid shows?

    16. thomas anderson

      More Anti Woke please

    17. TheAntManChannel

      The marriage jokes were funny to me

    18. bouteiller michèle

      Je sais que votre metier est dur pour vous tous Merci a vous tous et bon courage a vous tous et merci beaucoup

    19. John Doe

      Ard adult 🧑 swim 🏊‍♂️?! Lol 😂

    20. Sept77

      "I'm fat, right?" "Right."

      1. Chris P. Bacon

        I want her to call me fat...

    21. stave

      This is a mood. Trying to make people laugh, mostly failing, while the world burns

    22. Taevec

      They should have invited Tim and Eric.

      1. C H

        Naa, they're umm, TOO

    23. jsbmx

      Some of these were funny

    24. Let's Chat

      Even as a black guy, I was laughing at that Applebee's joke. Most solid joke in the whole video.

    25. Nega Preto NP

      The covid guy was actually the funniest one

    26. §luwig $

      Great job adult swim

    27. Butt Socks

      i want a mockumentary with the woman in the camper van

    28. Bricka Crick

      Okay, the guy backing up when he realized he was in the shot made me lol. I think I enjoyed this. It had allot of heart as everyone was technically alive except for that person who tragically committed suicide (possibly murdered). I'd say it has bones too as there was structure. Brains, but I wouldn't call it brainy , more like a low functioning brain like a vegetable. Would of liked to have seen more pe- *_"your time is up"_*

    29. Russ Ebert

      This was hilarious. Thanks! I needed that.

    30. Kevin

      Very good, reminds me of all the people who think they’re funny that you run into in life

    31. Multiverse1sreal

      Nice 👍

    32. Split/Scream

      I'm really sad these only get 7k views in the first day, the algorithm is mean

    33. Pane Solo

      This is better than I thought it would be 😂

    34. not a bootlicker

      I'm effing DEAD. Hilarious AF

    35. Daz72dan -.-

      bahahaha no u have to put the roof up first then ur mask 2:30

    36. TechNinja

      0:55 that ´no shit?´ look

    37. DAN MOLLOY


    38. Takura Dance

      Hie, can someone help me translate what this video is about? I felled to process it

    39. K T

      Stand up comedy really is dead.

    40. PiXePawz

      drove off a bridge lol. wizard of oz lol. southern man lol. family connected lol. we can all see. we can all hear. duhhhh!!!

    41. PiXePawz

      jajajaja you are are killin it!!! lmfao. jajajaajaja. I is dead but me is still alive! you know i know, you know. jajajajaja. i love this so much!!! lmfao. i am a fat chick with not a fat ass cuz i laughed my arse off lmfaooooo.

    42. PiXePawz

      jajajaja... there were 69 comments before i wrote this lmfao... this is too good! extra extra! EXTREME!!! Thank you Thank you Adult Swim for the Final Open Mic At The End of The World!!! ;-) I see you!

    43. Chewwy

      Just finished watching this air on TV and was surprised it was the first episode of a new show. Pick this up Adult Swim, holy shit this is great and would still work after COVID.

    44. jobflobad0by0b

      Most uncomfortable thing I've seen all year .. keep it coming 👍

    45. Kevin Danna

      This is freaking hilarious. Just saw this on Adult Swim.

    46. Carpe Imodiem

      And the winner is... Applebee's BLP

      1. Marissa K

        I chackled lmao

      2. Chris P. Bacon

        It seems like an Eric Andre joke honestly.

      3. Let's Chat

        Best joke in the whole video. Had to have been delivered by a white guy to make it work. Just made it all the more awkward but cool at the same time.

    47. Piotr Lipiński

      Really liked it! In spite of the abstractness of the concept the acting was spot on without exaggerating. Also felt like a perfect representation of the darker side of the experience of internet content (got the tiktok vibes) and the shift in numbers between content creators and the audience. Beautiful

    48. Skirt Dinkas

      I was really confused about the whole premise but some jokes gave me a chuckle

      1. §luwig $

        Don’t think too hard

    49. Logan Hall


    50. mattkidroske

      This was hilarious 😆

    51. diego rivera


    52. koshar44

      I prefer my lady piss chilled please.

    53. Thabang Nkopane

      The is No Action or zweepi..... This shit isn't just a game you 0lay zweepi with..... 2 People Actually owned that mall..... Then. You blackmail them and call it class.... My sister did it.... You thought... Bullshit

    54. Thabang Nkopane

      Teleport action and telepathy are simply inconvuence

      1. Thabang Nkopane

        Teleport action History Telepathy Physics

    55. Alex “WaterSlideTester” Contreras

      This sucked

    56. Monkey Madness

      These aliens are high of they're fokken asses mate!🔥🤯🦸‍♂️

    57. Mbcrunch87

      Face down mask up 😂

    58. Shawn Stover

      Morning is the first thing to "come"!!! I died laughing 🤣

      1. Get Schwifty

        The 99 is my life 😩

      2. not a bootlicker

        The ol' 99 hahahahaha

    59. drockjr

      I appreciated this more than Is socially acceptable

    60. JeepZJ 101

      The least insane thing AS has put out this year... The bar is low 👀🍿

    61. superhyrulean

      Eh,most of these jokes I've heard before.

    62. Brian Mesones

      I’m dead!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    63. Unhappy Attendant Ughh

      This is great. Host is the meaner, female nathan feilder

    64. The Cohesive Garage

      I like adult

    65. RedD_044

      😐 Me though out the video

    66. Maria Dolores

      Fun show

      1. Maria Dolores

        @Nas T Cool thanks anyway

      2. Nas T

        @Maria Dolores We never heard of this before. It's not a show, it's just an 11-minute special.

      3. Maria Dolores

        @Nas T I thought it was always a new episode.

      4. Maria Dolores

        @Nas T what?

      5. Nas T

        This is *NOT* a show.

    67. I'm the best

      Live action adultswim is way better than live action cartoon network, and I don't know why lol

    68. Sean Smith

      Well that was something to watch, the covid compliance officer actually made me laugh though

    69. Romulo Garcia

      And Now Wcw World War 3 1995

    70. short stACK

      I’m sorry meGAN

    71. Sound Wave

      I've never seen this episode before and this is funny weird

    72. short stACK

      A platter .. you say?

    73. UniversalFox

      I am genuinely interested in what the black lives platter consist of 😁 and this was more like open venting. Appeasing for snore. 😜 Chick's cute on the steps though.

    74. Sean Michael Carroll

      This is the greatest thing I've ever seen on adult swim.

      1. Sean Michael Carroll

        Also, the third cringiest comment I've ever made.

      2. Nas T

        @QB!K Uh, it feels like a knock-off of Tim & Eric. I'm sorry, did you just laugh because of the light bends around you? Maybe, you didn't read my comment correctly, I'm just tired of seeing the same stuff like this.

      3. QB!K

        @Nas T lmao how is this a tim and eric knock off?

      4. Nas T

        Bah! I am sick and tired of Adult Swim making shit like this. Yo, make something that isn't like the same! Something that might "wow" us! We don't want to see anymore Tim & Eric knock-offs okay?😑

      5. JFK Clone High

        Ahem. Opal

    75. AMINAL


    76. Barry Lyndon

      Face down mask up lol

    77. James Leverington

      Oh my f****** god

    78. Brady Bumpus

      Quality content

    79. Fredrich Fernando

      This was actually better than I thought it would be. The premise had me hooked. I'm glad [as] is still figuring out how to do cool things in the middle of a pandemic AND having their balls cut off with the [as] streams being axed.

      1. Fredrich Fernando

        @MALCOLM IN DA MIDDLE They've been gone since November 2020 due to WarnerMedia laying off almost everybody who worked on them.


        Are all the streams cancelled already???

      3. Nas T

        @websurfer #1308 I don't sit down and watch, I just that this feels like the thing and it's getting a little tiresome.

      4. websurfer #1308

        @Nas T Content creation isn't as simple as you think it is. Not every idea's gonna be a "game-changer", nor is that a reason to knock the hard work that goes into a production just because it wasn't "clever" enough for you.

      5. Mr. Bepo

        @Fredrich Fernando you got a point there...

    80. theboring moments

      I do stand up in my bathroom

    81. Seth Garrett

      Wtf is this adultswim

    82. Olivia Quezada

      This is great I'm so glad this happened

      1. Mikle “DayDreamer” Talalaevskiy

        Why is this funny?

      2. Nas T

        Yeah, well I'm honestly tired of seeing the same crap like this. I don't hate it, I'm just sick of Adult Swim constantly making the same "Tim & Eric/Eric Andre" knock off. At least make something different for once please, thank you.


      ᴵ'ᵐ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉ ᵃⁿᵈ ʷⁱᵗʰ ⁿᵒᵗⁱᶠⁱᶜᵃᵗⁱᵒⁿ ᵒⁿ. ᵃⁿᵈ ᵃˡˢᵒ ᵍᵒ ˡⁱᵏᵉ ᵐʸ ᵛⁱᵈᵉᵒ ᵇᵉᶠᵒʳᵉ ⁱ ᵘⁿˢᵘᵇ

    84. Scott Noon Creley

      So good.

    85. Drew Wiseman music

      This is weird

      1. Nas T

        @Drew Wiseman music I didn't say nor think it was bad, I'm just sick and tired of Adult Swim keep on making the same live-action comedy. I want Adult Swim to make something different like a live-action series with action and drama or a live-action series with comedy mixed with drama. That's what I wanted from Adult Swim.

      2. Malgeumi

        first time?

      3. Drew Wiseman music

        @Nas T hey I didn’t think it was that bad

      4. Nas T

        Hey, Adult Swim. I have a better suggestion for about you make more action-themed/dark themed shows instead of constantly making stuff like this. Because I am sick of the same weird AS humor in my opinion.

    86. Nas T

      What the heck did I just watched?😑

      1. Marina Capri

        Just a bunch of tomfoolery.

    87. Wolf Lauenroth

      Leider nein.

    88. F. N. Lorter

      It just hit me: if it weren't for ViacomCBS, Adult Swim would be a wonderful home for South Park.

      1. Barbaroja

        I agree

    89. Jamie Arrington


    90. Mr Boogieman

      Just saw this on tv they were all terrible

      1. Scott Noon Creley

        No u

    91. Ethan Thomas


    92. the baddie bingus


    93. Derp Pupper


      1. Максим Мешков

        In line for castration

    94. Plant Acid


      1. Максим Мешков

        In line for castration

      2. Plant Acid

        Y E S S I R

      3. Jamie


      4. ErectileReptile

        ay yo the pizza here