Tuca & Bertie (Official Season 2 Trailer) | June 13 | adult swim

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    Tuca \u0026 Bertie have a new home and we couldn’t be happier. New episodes premiere June 13th only on Adult Swim.

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    1. Albert Nuanez

      0:16 what's the name of the song

    2. fishy


    3. SnK Aron

      0:14 if you pause it that's tucas bf on the stripper Pole lmao

    4. renad

      I literally forgot this show existed like WHAT

    5. Zirdo Karlo

      [a s]

    6. daniel novak

      So glad as picked this up i thought it was in the Netflix graveyard for good

    7. Oskar Zieliński

      Will this be on Netflix

    8. whitney barone


    9. Szlendak


    10. simplykameya

      only here for the song

      1. Jesse Pena

        Do you know what it's called

    11. Robbii.x


    12. roryfitzpatric

      Unless you live in Canada then you don't get to watch it m

    13. Foxknot

      0:15 GO BOY

    14. Jonas Fringe

      Woah, it's alive!

    15. 🇵🇭


    16. ssunsspott

      Adult Swim once again being the love of my life, thanks babe

    17. Fluffynator

      This absolutely deserved a second season

    18. B LÜV

      I’m excited for this…. I hate that Netflix let it go but Netflix be letting go a lot of good shit…. And don’t get me started on all the recycled international shows and movies that they’re too cheap to remake…. Charging ass loads of money for basic stuff; nah nah; thank you Adult Swim for picking this up!

    19. Yosef Demby

      People say that now that it's on network television, there's going to be bleeping and no nudity on the show. But that's not much lost. I can't think of any network better suited for Tuca and Bertie than Adult Swim.

      1. Disguised Dv8ant

        Are you all some paid commenters to give positive reviews? No wonder Netflix didn't renew this. This show is GARBAGE!!!

    20. zacel

      Cringe 😬

    21. Anton Qvarfordt

      I thought the first season was effin great - what a bunch of donkeys at Netflix that they'd drop it.

    22. PC-88x -

      Tf is this garbage give pop team epic this slot.

      1. Disguised Dv8ant

        What are these individuals seeing that we're not seeing in this garbage show? It's not funny AT ALL.

    23. Benton Easter

      The snake around her neck reminds me of the snack I saw around a real-life singers neck once!!

    24. a glitchy pixel

      this year is now starting to get better

    25. Thomas Spettel

      The first season was really good ^^ glad we get to see more from the creators of "Bokack"

    26. Code G.I.R.L

      IT IS FUCKING HAPPENING! Thank you so much adult swim for stepping up! 😁😁

    27. Anna Safa


    28. Richard Alvares


    29. Alia Y

      I'm so excited

    30. cheshirecat452

      YES! This show is fantastic, I'm so happy it didn't die

    31. Julian Schlanger

      What is the sont

      1. Whatareyoumashugana???

        Bucky done gone -MIA

    32. shellman1 yt

      Tuca and Bertie season 2 in seven days

    33. VenReloaded24

      So happy AS picked up this show netflix lost an amazing thing cancelling this show only after one season

    34. Aixa Chavez


    35. Bloodymeatsack Wolfgang

      Who ever made the trailer legit knows how to make a hook. I want to watch it.....

    36. xplain


    37. Atlas Blue

      FUCK YEAH! This show is so damn good, I was pissed when Netflix canceled it. Adult Swim is the good shit

    38. Caiah King

      Oh thank god ♥️

    39. Jen Brooks

      Help I can’t close this

    40. MimiTheGShep

      Picking up Tuca and Bertie is one of the best decisions Adult Swim has made :^)

    41. Thabo Anthony Israel

      Happiest Day of my life

    42. cata


    43. PinkiePool GamerBrony30

      thank you Adult Swim for reviving this show first Samurai JACK then this Show feels good for Adult Swim

    44. Slushdog 101

      Tiffiany Haddish and Ali Wong are so talented, I’m glad they’re in this together.

    45. Scare Bear


    46. utubesuckbad


    47. Heckle the Hedgehog

      The first season of Tuca and Bertie is streaming on Netflix and we've been waiting for season 2 to arrive and now it's going to be on Adult Swim

    48. Yesika Narvaez

      0:38 For some reason I relate to what she says about the trying bra

    49. Aquarius Solaris


    50. paco ramon

      Wasn't this a Netflix show?

    51. Vocisoffaun shaw

      I did not just see speckle pole dance. I need to wash my eyes

    52. Ceci Leyva

      Hello, just here because I like the show :)

    53. # help finley save scrappy-Doo #


    54. Not Playing God Hand

      God exists after all.

    55. zg blanche


    56. Néstor Abreu Jiménez (Nestroll)

      Wait so no Adam ruins the show his gf made?

    57. Raqubor

      I'll watch it if it's not the feminist propaganda trash the first season was.

    58. Kristopher Walker

      What is the song that starts playing at 0:16? Is it a real song or made for the show? Also I don't fully understand the last two lines: They're coming through the window They're coming through the door They're busting down that big wall? And signing the (four? floor?)

      1. Kristopher Walker

        @Derek Kowatsch Thanks! Oh so it's "sounding the horn"

      2. Derek Kowatsch

        Bucky done gun by m.I.a

    59. Sara B


    60. TrollFaceLOL

      More epic.

    61. iorn


    62. cubert___


    63. Erica Sutton

      Thank you Adult Swim for saving Tuca and Bertie! Netflix was stupid to cancel this show

    64. Sensei Senseix

      👎👎👎why the fuck would anyone do that?

    65. caro


    66. Funky Giblets

      How did this even get made let alone get a second season? I have a steaming turd in a tuppaware container I'd like to get made into a TV show. Will a production company please contact me?

    67. Mic Clairity

      What song is that?

    68. Swalik Williams

      Soo anyone know the song?

    69. Andrea Passaglia


    70. bia cremonini (Ao Radar)

      thank you god

    71. travelingnome87

      Thank you adult swim!!


      All I ask is anything pushed onto Adultswims streaming app and website isn't censored.

    73. The Packing Pacjack

      They are back!

    74. maqui

      Doggy doggy what now?

    75. bad gamer

      thank u

    76. BurnEdOutOne


    77. piss boy

      Okay but what is the song called omg

    78. Jesus Gomez

      Tuca voice actress sounds an awful like lizzo.🤔

    79. SAM BIRD

      Adult swim once again rescuing a show that didn't deserve to be cancelled

    80. Platinum Dragonslayer

      I’m glad this show got picked back up but now my concern is how much they’re gonna have to tone it down because it’s not on Netflix anymore. Where the rating is free and wild. If only someone can pick back up Age of Resistance and Daybreak.

    81. Fallout76

      100% from Bojack But it’s like it’s viewing other people instead of Bojack

    82. Lil' hungry

      Please tell it'll be avalible on Netflix. PLEASEEEE

    83. Minh Lạc Bùi

      YES. Season 2 of Tuca & Bertie. Been waiting for this for so long!

    84. Red Hibiscus

      I'm still surprised at how Netflix dropped this masterpiece, and instead picked up cuties and the kissing booth🤨

    85. Calypso

      Thank goodness! Finally 🤩

    86. mr eyeons

      Oh no an excuse to binge the terrible show again...said no one ever i love this show so fliping much and i once binged it twice in one week im so glad there a second season

    87. Vulpes Ailurus

      I love this show. Tuca is me.

    88. Nothing

      I'm glad that the show is continuing and all but adult swim is not available in my country :(( any suggestion to watch this please I just love this show so so much and don't really want to miss out

    89. elpepino valiente

      Me encanta esta serie

    90. gabifox a furry

      hello, will the series be dubbed or have a subtitle in Brazilian Portuguese? I don't speak english and I don't understand

      1. 「ɐsɹǝʌ ǝɔᴉʌ」

        If it's being released over there, then it's most likely.

    91. jase276

      I hope the animation energy and quality is consistent with the energy of the promo from last year. looks like a really fun show

    92. cdemarzo


    93. Kim Elmi


    94. Kim Elmi

      Environment Minister Canada

    95. Kim Elmi

      Frazin Frazaneh

    96. Klara G.

      I'm sooooo hyped for season 2, thank you for making this possible!

    97. In Memory of Michelle


    98. Slurpee Good

      cant wait

    99. Jane Doe

      also not for nothing but y'all haven't had something this cultured on your network in a while if ever, y'all needed this

    100. Dominique “dmo” Allen

      Hell to the Yes! I'm am so freaking hype and excited to see more of my favorite birds gal pals and their wacky, insane, yet super realatble problems also adventures yet again. Tuca & Bertie is to me is such a underrated adult cartoon similar to how Final Space is pretty underrated compare to other more popular adult cartoons, which is a shame because both have a lot good things going for them except in different ways.