VOLUME SEVEN "Summer Vibes" | adult swim smalls

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    Settle in for some juicy summer vibes with this adult swim smalls compilation.

    (in order of appearance)

    Small Talk:
    Created By Chris Rutledge \u0026 Tom Goulet

    Opening Titles:
    Animated By Rebecca Shenfeld

    Bobo The Monkeys:
    Created By Victoria Vincent

    Scooting Song:
    Animated By Daniela Sherer
    Song By J. Christopher Arrison \u0026 Mason Brown

    Created By Robert Bohn
    V.O. By Nate Milton
    Music By Buck St. Thomas \u0026 Kyle Sawaia

    Grilled Cheese Soda:
    Created By Caleb Swyers \u0026 Ben Granger
    Song By Floor Plan

    Tucker Takes A Walk:
    Created By Hot Regards
    Music By Tom Mcdonald

    Chunky Chunk:
    Created By Scott Anderson \u0026 Lachlan Turczan

    The Non-essentials:
    Created By Brianna Pozner, Justine Lupe, Colin Lupe \u0026 Josh Duvendeck

    Created By Noah Malone

    Created By Jack Wedge

    Dress Is My Shirt:
    Created By Jess Ross, Rob Gentile \u0026 Kaitlin Thompson

    Song By Rob Gentile:
    Animation By Napoleon Chavez

    The Fae:
    Created By Abby Jame
    V.O. By Abby Jame, Cajai Fellows-johnson \u0026 Julius Myth

    We Are The Future:
    Created By Garrett Mcgale
    V.O. By Katlynn Millions

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    1. Ingsoc Puppet

      Who needs subliminal advertising when you have 'Grilled Cheese' indoctrination?

    2. depLOREable

      Glad Vewn got an Adult Swim!

    3. LuckyLuke 97

      Wtf am i watching?!, i cant stop watching though.. omg my brain feels like grilled cheese

    4. Lamont Godfrey

      19:43 increase my IQ by 2

    5. oli reid

      Good old fever dream

    6. Derek

      7:21 Sir

    7. Alien Lee


    8. mrdavid

      This is like, a longer "Off the air" Love it!

    9. Diego Vera

      Please tell me this is been please tell me this is vewn Edit: IT ISSSSSSSS, IT IIIIIIISSSSSS

    10. Kaiser Nvtron

      if all people on earth were watching this simultaneously. there would be no wars.

    11. 𝐦𝐫𝐬. 𝐤𝐰𝐚𝐧

      ommmmggggg vewn yaaaaayyy

    12. Soft Uvula

      Saw that thumbnail and was so excited to see Victoria’s art omg

    13. Chloe Mccoy

      Can we get a round of applause for Abby m Jame’s art? Love her weird quirky style

    14. Inside Aj Austin

      Y’all hiring???

    15. Samantha Applewhite

      And you can go ahead and stop watching at 23:50. You’re welcome.

    16. Andrea Reyes


    17. Robert Bohn

      Glad youre still diggin the Swams! Thank you all - youre all my biggest SWANS!

    18. klyton morgan

      I feel like I’m watching inter dimensional cable

    19. track meet

      vewns was def the best

    20. A R

      i knew it was VEWN yayy!

    21. Nina Awe

      Love vewn🥺

    22. jackie


    23. Get Schwifty

      You go to just love The Fae

    24. Brian Cows


    25. Erytez-_-

      A monkey became self aware

    26. mariangeles ortiz

      Watching this high was a great idea

    27. krunkle

      The thumbnail gave me brain freeze looking at it. Who bites a popsicle with their teeth?

    28. adora miller

      vewn!!!!!! yes!!!!!!

    29. Huge Duckie

      Whenever I see a new vewn video has dropped I start loosing my shit

    30. Pasquale Frabizio

      i love you adult swim

    31. K. Knievel

      Nobody is giving enough credit to the ice cream bit. yum yum

    32. Eric H

      Goose goose goose goose goosin away

    33. Conversations

      Just finished a long shift and a long joint. That was a decadent twenty-five minutes.

    34. alyssa


    35. djfhhf jdjfb


    36. Breadwinner 118

      This is cool

    37. ramen and milk

      1:40 he turned into sid from ice age

    38. The Sunshine Group

      Tom Goulet and his fuckin cereal man

    39. Joey Skar

      Scoot Scoot Scoot Scoot Scoot Scoot Scoot Scoot Scoot Scoot Scoot Scoot Scoot Scoot Scoot Scoot Scoot Scoot Scoot Scoot Scoot Scoot Scoot Scoot Scoot Scoot Scoot Scoot Scoot Scoot

    40. Hector Manuel


    41. UniversalFox

      I like Adult Swim Swams. I wonder though, is that C.G.I. or make up @ 25:25 because that's cool.

    42. NonToonz


    43. Alex Karax

      This juice was strange.

    44. Damien Smith

      What happens when you mix acid and dmt

    45. Unit 02

      This is what having adhd feels like lol

    46. TheRaymanFan


    47. А Р Т

      тут есть РУССКИЕ сука

    48. Fuck Face


    49. andthecowsaysmoo4

      I’m old, I’m realizing, because this all sucks.

    50. Taji2K

      I have never tried acid nor have I been on a MDMA trip... after this video... I can say otherwise😌

      1. Andrew Nevarez

        No you cant, the hallucinations arent what make psychedelics. You have to actually take them to understand what its like.

    51. Nature Imposter

      I don't know this is like watching adult swim without watching adult swim if that makes any damn sense 🤦‍♀️

    52. Jamal Kasule

      Damn this hood

    53. Vain Vaim

      my trip handled another video that's their goal (●⌓●)

    54. e v i e 牡牛座


    55. Rick Sanchez


    56. Leon Spiandorelli

      i feel like I just watched an episode of Love, Death + Drugs

    57. America!

      white boy summer

    58. Koa

      Istg I've seen the same animation style from the monkey one in some hulu show or book, all I remember is some girl swiping through photos on her tablet or phone, it's like some scary animation, idk I just can't put my finger on it...it's vewn's art style, can someone help?

    59. Omar Zabady


    60. C H

      This is like GTA5 tv

    61. epickie gry

      Netflix debest

    62. JiJi_Arts

      This how my brain feels except I don't see "that"...

    63. UmaFinleyOpal

      That grilled cheese is kinda scaring me...😲

    64. •w0bblegUm•

      Grilled cheese soda sounds good with a grilled cheese sandwich

    65. Obama

      Vewn LESS GOOO

    66. The New Avenger

      This...this is beautiful... :, )

    67. RA NAE

      Be on x or shrooms, wait for it to activate then turn this show on and thank me later! 🌟✨⚡️🔥

      1. RA NAE

        @HappyShowTV Fucking same!

      2. HappyShowTV

        This shit Giving My Psychosis and im not even High

      3. Mystic Mari

        @hhh I really didn’t need to see that last one 😭 LMAO

      4. hhh

        But stop at "the fae" you've been warned


      Victoria deserves all the praise she gets

    69. jotax94

      i want me sum grilled chees soda, i want what he's having

    70. milkcarton

      VEWN!!!!!!!! man her style is 👌👌👌👌👌

    71. o boi

      oh shit, it's vewn! both exited and surprised to see her land a part :))

    72. Noir

      so crazy to see vewn’s art on adult swim!! 🥰

      1. attackofthepizza

        @Juli ; he had a strok while writing

      2. Juli ;

        @Slunor what

      3. Slunor

        How is this vewns are she draws

      4. Juli ;

        she's been on adult swim before

    73. SIM SHI XING Moe

      What the fonp

    74. The Art & Adventures of Timothy Wright

      adult swim is miserable nowadays.. literally no jokes anywhere. bad animators drawing their hallucinations is not funny.

      1. UmaFinleyOpal

        It's creative and interesting. Better than most of the crap on tv nowadays.

      2. Mason DeWald

        Dude just unsubscribe. All you do is complain lmao

    75. MaD707MaN

      So Cake.... I like it.

    76. Mano Renthlei


    77. MrBdot47

      I need to watch this on acid lol

      1. Nelson Siwady

        Or shrooms. But I remember I was teetering from laughing to freaking out about reality when I tried binging smalls while tripping so be prepared

      2. UmaFinleyOpal

        Do you wanna share?

    78. Crow Clueless

      I could see vewns style from a mile away

    79. MoFi

      New memes have just been born

    80. Jacob Potter

      Damn I thought this was a 25 minute vewn animation

    81. MoFi

      I've online seen 3 videos from Vewn atleast 4 years ago, yet I'm able to recognize and remember their name easily.

    82. Klonoafan2012

      Reminds me of 90s mtv

    83. Daniel Revelo


    84. vaginal sex

      i recognized vewn from the thumbnail lol

    85. 15743 Hertz

      Time to dial back on the micro-dosing.

    86. Leo Alonso

      *i'm here only for the vewn animation*

    87. Papa's Scooperia Worker

      0:45 whats in his nose lmao

    88. alex kjsu

      Vewn ❤️❤️❤️

    89. Rich_Da_Prophet

      This whole show is an acid trip.

      1. Connor Ashmore

        Dude fr I'm so confused but so intrigued

      2. UmaFinleyOpal

        A very enjoyable one too 🙂

    90. Jason Delarosa 2000

      Adult Swim Smalls, only on Disney Channel!

    91. Aj_ loves_harpoons

      I automatically knew that was Vewns art on the thumbnail, I love her art sm =)

    92. Uncle Joe

      Don’t do drugs kids

      1. Nelson Siwady

        Maybe some

      2. UmaFinleyOpal

        Maybe just a few times?

    93. Fritz

      Dress skirt pants was my fave

    94. Insert Account Name Here

      Otacon's strategy never fails.

    95. Basest


    96. Tax Evasion

      holy shit i think trying to watch this high on a psych would genuinely fuck a person up

      1. Nelson Siwady

        Oh it would definitely

      2. SciberSpacer

        10/10 would recommend

    97. Clément Guillaumin

      Why did they cut out the beginning of the vewn vid ? The short starts with a harambe-like situation if i remember, they just deleted that scene.

      1. kjoter

        you are right. perhaps the video was too long to fit into the slot

    98. 716 TG

      Orange juice and cereal… that’s a YUCK from this guy !

    99. David Levin

      16:06 dont forget the propane accessories

    100. lych

      This feels like an elaborate fever dream

      1. lych

        Oh, I love it